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  1. It sounds like the graft of his old ACL injury tore - I don't know if that's good or bad, but I have to think having that much scar tissue in the knee is pretty bad. If he tore his ACL and his LCL - I honestly think that he's not back before Week 5 minimum, and that he starts to become a pocket passer. He's still a very good QB in that regard, probably top 10, but his speed is what really made him elite. Also, if your Cousins, on one hand, you have to be happy that you get to start (clearly not happy about the circumstances it's coming from), but on the other hand, aftwer watching how Shanahan did his best to murder RGIII, there's probably concern there too.
  2. Also, kudos goes to the coaching staff for doing some great coaching with their personnel, on both sides of the ball (the way the defense was playing with basically no secondary was brilliant). I will fully retract those kudos if RGIII's ACL is torn and he misses time next season. Shanahan acted more like he had a personal vendetta against RGIII instead of someone who wanted to win the game.
  3. The Ravens made it to the playoffs in spite of Flacco, not because of him. The Redskins made it to the playoffs because of RGIII, not in spite of him.
  4. I actually think that they'll blow it up as well. It all comes down to Romo and whoever the backup is next year. If they proceed with Romo / Orton, they clearly still think they have a shot, but I could see them going for one of the QBs next year and hope to groom him to start once Romo hits FA. They need to face the fact that while the team doesn't have a ton of holes, they lack good depth and now that the walking Satan impression known as Mara stole a bunch of their cap space, they don't have the ability to get more depth this year. They should suck it up, take advantage of the penalty, and prepare to come back in 2014-2015 with a new QB and playmakers they can turn to when their starters get injured.
  5. The really promising thing is that while our secondary is giant hole, it really is the only obvious one going into the offseason. The team, operating with less cap space of course, can focus getting a good safety to bump the other guys down the depth chart, and that might be good enough - Josh Wilson is good, and Hall is a good #2.
  6. I'd rather put a mirror out there on home plate.
  7. This. Aside from blocking Machado with an aging player and adding a pitcher who isn't noticeably better than our starting rotation (Buehrle). Johnson and Dickey would have been nice acquisitions, but would have cost too much.
  8. I've already gotten my popcorn ready for the "2013 Super Fun Last Minute Trade Deadline Toronto Sell Off Hour". To recap - they got an aging SS who, while still good, is not nearly as good as he's been in the past. They got a pretty good starter (Johnson) and a slightly mediocre starter (Beuhrle). They then traded for the reigning Cy Young winner who also is also 38. And they got a pretty bad manager to coach all those guys. They'll be decent enough, and might make the playoffs. But they could also hilariously implode too.
  9. Just to recap the OH for this offseason and last: 2011 Offseason: Blah blah blah, DD and Buck won't do anything! Angelos hates us! THE BASEBALL GODS HATE US!!!! 2012 Season Result: 3-2 loss to Yankees in Divisional Round. 2012 Offseason: Blah blah blah, DD and Buck are the WORST!!!! WHY CAN'T WE BE LIKE ALL THOSE OTHER TEAMS THAT DIDN'T MAKE THE PLAYOFFS BUT SPEND SO MUCH MONEY BECAUSE THEY CARE! This team did something that hadn't been done here in 15 years. They should get some leeway when they decide to continue doing exactly what got them success in the first place.
  10. If by "great" you mean terrible, then yes, indeed, it was a great deal. They just paid $125M for a guy who can't stay on the field, and who quits on his team when the going gets rough. Have fun with that, LA.
  11. We have the easiest schedule, and a lot of tiebreakers in our favor. As well as Seattle and NYG have played, they both face somewhat tough schedules here on out. The best chance I think we have is if Chicago completely implodes, which is looking more and more likely with Cutler potentially out. Chicago also faces a tough schedule. I think you'll see the bottom three seeds as 4: NY, 5: SEA, and 6: WAS.
  12. I'm 100% against Hamilton. I think if you can get him for 3 years under $50M, then you do it, but he'll get a lot more than that, and it will be hilarious in a couple of years watching that backfire for them. As for spending - I agree that so much more can be done to improve the organization - especially in the player development and international spending arenas. But for the first time, we have actually started to invest in that. I think we all understand that wins are the most important thing - but getting the most value is also important - even if you are NY or Boston. I'm not against throwing heaps of money at the top free agent, just as long as it doesn't hinder our ability to continue to contend. If we sign Hamilton at market value, we'll be giving 30% of our payroll to a player with a track record of injuries, cold spells, and quitting. Not exactly a top formula for winning. That said - I'm pretty disappointed that we eliminated ourselves out of the Grienke sweepstakes. While I think he also won't be worth whatever contract he gets, I do think that he'd at least be worth the risk.
  13. Not if your rush defense can't get RG3 and Morris off the field.
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