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  1. Sims signed for a little under slot I heard. Like 1.6m.
  2. I said all along it's a risky pick, no doubt, but there is a LOT of potential involved in that risk too.
  3. Never said he was as advanced as Bundy, actually said he wasn't. This whole thing was predicated on IF HE WAS HEALTHY, he wasn't so you can't use what happened as a retort. Apples to Oranges. And either way Stotle and I don't always agree, there were a couple players we disagreed on yesterday, but way to cherry pick to try to prove a point, you are crossing into JTrea territory. Again...trying to twist words, if you'd have read you would have seen, his own coach called him a senior on MLBN and that's what confused me, as I said. Did you play the game? Or did you read a lot? If you don't like what I have to say, don't read it. I don't care if you agree or not, but you don't need to argue it and be a jerk because someone doesn't agree with you. If you disagree so much, then just don't read my posts, you can happily have this amateur forum to enforce your video watching and article reading comprehension. Enjoy. Don't really need to come on here and listen to you be cranky just for the sake of being cranky, it really drags down conversation.
  4. That's the thing, you have to go on what other people say, I can look at him myself and see it. So disagree all you want, but go ask Goldstein or Law or Callis who would have gone #1 if Gio was healthy this season, I bet every one will tell you he is in the mix. His curve is plus plus in addition to his plus plus FB as a HS player, and his change is average already. In that sense you could give his stuff the nod over say Gausman who has two plus pitches, and one below average. Not to mention the fun thing about his curve is that it has two different looks to it so it's almost like two different pitches. Oh and he's 6'6 230.
  5. That clear for lots of people, and once again, if you don't respect my opinion I don't understand why you are constantly entering dialogue to find it.
  6. Could be right, I think this year is a learning process for Boras and he's gotta learn things are different now. Instead of avoiding contact and not talking much numbers before the draft an extorting them after, he's going to have to work with teams in that top 5 fast and furious to secure a spot to stop a free fall. If he had worked out a pre-draft deal (which he's never believed in) with say BAL for $4m or something, that would have given him an absolute minimum to shop back to the 1,2 and 3 teams and say look I have this at 4 already, beat it and we'll sign tomorrow. It's just a change in his philosophy for sure.
  7. Well not "signed" but advised by him is on the way to it. He still has senior year leverage and I expect him to use it.
  8. Yes it is, healthy or recovered from an injury, he is heads and shoulders ahead of all 3, and not too far off from that Strasburg/Bundy/Verlander territory. That's what people are missing because he got hurt before he really started getting talked up, but yeah, he's that good. He's good enough that I (and apparently WAS) would take him regardless of injury risk and just ride it out as they did knowing there was a good chance Strasburg would get hurt early in his career.
  9. He could have stepped in and told HOU he'd take $5m, that's his own fault, no sympathy here. Appel was #1 on their board from what I've heard, he went for the full $7m and they started shopping around to other picks to see what they'd sign for. I guess we'll see the final #s, but I know Gausman offered for $5 and they wouldn't have taken McCullers if they didn't work out a deal for some money. He overplayed his own hand when he signed with Boras, he knew what he was all about and did it on his own. But like I said, you don't get to choose where you go, and no one else was whining about where they were picked. His choice, his actions, I just can't rationalize feeling bad for him, he's still going to make more than ANY of us here.
  10. Yeah WAY too early to judge, much different class than Coffey and Berry and like I said different injury concerns. Gio doesn't have mechanical problems, he strained his ucl, which could have been a freak occurrence and never happen again, or it could lead to an elbow surgery down the road, both safer than messing with faulty mechanics or shoulder concerns. Lots of people want to minimize the risk there, and that's fine, it's one approach, but then you can't complain when other teams have all these top 100 prospects that we don't have, because that's the flip side to playing it safe.
  11. Sometimes you have to take risks to get the best players. Other teams have been doing it for years and getting better while we are mismanaged. Giolito is THAT good that the risk is probably worth it, but that's been lost this season because teams wrote him off a while ago. I HOPE he signs because I think he's going to make the Nats an amazing team for years to come, their drafting the past few years has been amazing.
  12. He's about to be a millionaire, I don't have much sympathy for him not knowing how to act in public. There are plenty of kids there who thought they'd go higher and didn't act like 7 year olds. I'm thinking he goes back to school he was so unhappy, but we'll see.
  13. Yeah I guess, I just always find it interesting when guys just throw away that good guy cover and act like D-bags in public.
  14. Yeah ride it out for sure, once you get into the story it's amazing. The good thing is it's broken up into smaller sections, so it doesn't get repetitive. One of the funniest moments in VG history is in that game.
  15. With TJ, it's VERY likely, there's a very high success rate, it's the shoulder injuries you want to stay away from.
  16. Didn't have to read into it, blowing off your first conference call is bad enough, but then to give a no comment when asked how it feels to be a Pirate, that's pretty bad.
  17. Ah, makes much more sense now. Thought I heard his coach call him a senior when he talked about him coming back this year.
  18. Can he? He went back last year but I thought he just finished his senior year? Yeah he blew off the media conference call and no commented one guy who asked how it felt to be a Pirate.
  19. Well don't get it wrong, Gausman has a straight FB too, it's just straight down at a good angle and harder to square up on. Neither of them has Stroman's FB which moves like CRAZY at the end at the same velo.
  20. Yeah it's like we were talking about a couple weeks ago, now that you are actually getting to it, it's starting to kinda clear up. Who do you think Appel had a deal with that he was THAT upset about PIT taking him?
  21. Yeah I had the same idea, thinking pre-draft deal with Gausman to save $2m for later.
  22. Yeah he's gotta figure out a third pitch in the minors, but he's got two great pitches to start with.
  23. Nothing wrong with this assessment.
  24. Yeah much more talk lately that teams will take the Machado approach with him, but he's going to bulk up real quick. I think he'll end up closer to 6'5 220.
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