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  1. This is all true but - purely from a record standpoint - we have a 9 - 6 record against TBR and a losing record against OAK (4-5) and LAA (2-7). TBR's pitching is great but we are far more familiar with them than we are the other staffs.
  2. Am I crazy for wanting the Ray's to surpass the Angels & A's for the 2nd WC? I think we match up with them better than Oakland or LAA. The west - with the exception of SEA - has really had our number this year.
  3. Jay's are building a nice fence.
  4. I don't see any problem with stockpiling middle infielders. They always seem to be in high demand once the season begins. We can let Izzy, Andino and Harris battle it out for the utility role and trade the others.
  5. Given his success in AA, I expect he'll be the starting 2B for Norfolk this year. Do you think Miclat will as well?
  6. Eh, I'm not concerned about the whole "When the market is set" comment. If AM and Co. have an idea of how much they want to spend, I wouldn't expect them to tell Roch at this point. If this guy's competitive advantage is his glove + decent HR power, why would he want to go to a home park like Safeco or Petco where HRs are harder to come by? He'd have much more value in a smaller park like Camden Yards. Does having Koji make it easier to sign Nakajima? Does getting Nakajima make it easier to re-sign Koji?
  7. Anyone have Insider access that can summarize this article? http://insider.espn.go.com/insider/blog?name=keating_peter&id=5600953
  8. Never any struggle for me. I grew up east of Richmond watching Cal, Brady & Co. on HTS. The Nats may be closer to me now (even in NC) but they'll never be my "local" team. Besides, it's easy as hell to jump on a bandwagon and root for a winning team. It takes a lot more character to root for a losing team.
  9. Anyone hear DJ on MLB - XM this evening? He was on to discuss the Strasburg debut as he is a special asst of some sort for the Nats. Anyway, Bowden asked him his thoughts on what Baltimore could do to right the ship. He did not sound at all happy that Jim asked him the question and refused to answer, saying only that Mr. Angelos is a smart business man and that he'll figure something out. He also wished Samuel luck. I knew that there had been some bad blood in the past between PA & DJ. Whether or not they patched things up...I don't know. But it doesn't sound like he's interested in coming back anytime soon. Of course, I may have mis-read his tone.
  10. [ ] Pretty Save [x] Save [ ] Blown Save It may not have been pretty, but I'm glad he got it done.
  11. For his career, Nick has advanced the runner 105 times in 182 chances (58%). MLB avg is 51%. After today's game, he's had 4 opportunities this year, and scored the runner once. http://www.baseball-reference.com/players/m/markani01-bat.shtml (look under Situational Hitting).
  12. Per Connolly - http://weblogs.baltimoresun.com/sports/orioles/blog/2010/05/reimold_to_be_demoted_to_tripl.html
  13. For as much as I like reading his stuff, Roch is not press...he's public relations. At the end of the day, he's part of the sales process. I think it's a source of internal tension for him, though, because he obviously is a fan and (like all of us) has become extremely disenchanted with this team. But...he has to keep selling.
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