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  1. Still quite an accomplishment. This team was horrible in the first half and really turned it on to gain the spot.
  2. Moved back to the USA from UK in the early 70’s, went to an Orioles game with my Dad when we came home, and never stopped going after that. I had never seen baseball in my life, and I was hooked through the good and bad of the Orioles.
  3. Orioles, Navy, Loyola and Ravens. If Navy plays Loyola, Loyola. I do not really cheer for Maryland, they are hardly a real state school in my mind because of their admissions standards for in state kids and the greed factor. Towson has replaced them in this regard in my opinion. I apologize to the Terp alums on this site.
  4. Sometimes the best trade is the one not made. Obviously no teams were trading serious prospects for our roster, so no complaints.
  5. Nice to see. They are playing well right now.
  6. I made it to the end. What a game, but I paid the price. Now I have to drive my wife and company to Billy Joel tonight but that was weird and wild to watch. Wilkerson has a serious knuckler, and the Angels looked lost trying to hit it.
  7. My 10 am Friday meeting was cancelled, and I thank God for it. I watched the whole game, which ended late even by my insomniac standards. Dr. Poo Poo (and that is Stevie Wilkerson’s nickname) got the save. Sometimes you skip sleep to watch a bizarre game, and this game met that standard.
  8. Not quite, but the moves within the organization and how they are stacked currently is what makes this so new. DD brought in some decent prospects, but their development was always haphazard. It appears to be more smoothly organized and deliberate with Elias and company. The dividends are paying out as we watch.
  9. Great news for this organization. Long term plans have certain benefits.
  10. Hardy’s release was, as stated, really quick.
  11. Talk about a team that turned it around. They are playing great baseball right now. The pitching has really come a long way, and I am actually most excited to see the Orioles minor league system simply not sucking. They have three teams in first place in their respective divisions as of today. That is very nice to see.
  12. Fun game to watch today. Well played in all aspects.
  13. I want to see good fundamental baseball with a reduction in bone headed plays. It would be great for Means to continue in his development, and for the BP to improve to some level of respectable. I do note that they have played better baseball over the last ten days, so if that continues, I can live with it.
  14. Impressive win, no matter the opponent. Gotta take some good with the bad.
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