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  1. Gunnar is currently my Oriole darling. I have bought a lot of Gunnar Henderson baseball cards lol
  2. It was certainly a lot of fun watching Kremer, Scott, and Harvey all pitch today. Looks like the plan is slowly coming together!
  3. Was looking forward to watching the Os in Cincy this year and now they don’t return next year. Guess the family and I are traveling to Cleveland.
  4. His name jumped out at me immediately. Also Javier Vasquez. Great list, great post. Thanks!
  5. It looks like 12 of their top 40 Elias has acquired by draft/trade/rule 5. Also a couple names he acquired in the prospects of note portion. Keep stockpiling ME!
  6. On a winning team, he would be much better received IMO. But since we’re not and are in dire need of arms, it’s a whatever move.
  7. The interviews I’ve seen of Astro players past and present today have somehow made my disdain grow. Can’t even just come out and say they messed up.
  8. Thanks for this, had some fun!
  9. Obviously a lot would have to go right but if you squint hard enough you can see a glimmer of sunlight. Let’s keep building.
  10. ^ Pretty much this. If I hadn’t seen Houston do pretty much the same exact thing, I would be a little more skeptical.
  11. Just continued progression. Winning is cool but I just want the young guys to continue to get better.
  12. I went through a twitter deep dive and only found fans speculating.
  13. He looked good tonight... A double and a single, showed off his arm a little too
  14. He crushed that ball tonight.. dead center, 430-440ish
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