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  1. I’m going to the game in Akron. Gotta see the baby birds.
  2. Too soon to tell but on paper I feel we got a significantly better return. Vavra alone makes it worth it and Deson is an interesting lottery ticket.
  3. I selfishly like IL play only because my wife and I are trying to see the Os play in every MLB stadium. I don’t know if we ever will be able to complete it but it’s fun trying. I can also see the argument against it as well.
  4. I can’t speak on the blackouts as I live in Ohio but all the Orioles farm teams are represented. It’s a nice alternative to the big club.
  5. Yeah I’m super embarrassed about having a top 5 farm system which will only be enhanced come draft and now building an awesome complex in the DR that will only help continue the pipeline. (I get the the criticism about the on field product right now but this was stated long ago to be a lengthy process. We are almost there!)
  6. One of my all time favorites. Enjoy retirement!
  7. Gunnar is currently my Oriole darling. I have bought a lot of Gunnar Henderson baseball cards lol
  8. It was certainly a lot of fun watching Kremer, Scott, and Harvey all pitch today. Looks like the plan is slowly coming together!
  9. Was looking forward to watching the Os in Cincy this year and now they don’t return next year. Guess the family and I are traveling to Cleveland.
  10. His name jumped out at me immediately. Also Javier Vasquez. Great list, great post. Thanks!
  11. It looks like 12 of their top 40 Elias has acquired by draft/trade/rule 5. Also a couple names he acquired in the prospects of note portion. Keep stockpiling ME!
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