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  1. The interviews I’ve seen of Astro players past and present today have somehow made my disdain grow. Can’t even just come out and say they messed up.
  2. Thanks for this, had some fun!
  3. Obviously a lot would have to go right but if you squint hard enough you can see a glimmer of sunlight. Let’s keep building.
  4. ^ Pretty much this. If I hadn’t seen Houston do pretty much the same exact thing, I would be a little more skeptical.
  5. Just continued progression. Winning is cool but I just want the young guys to continue to get better.
  6. I went through a twitter deep dive and only found fans speculating.
  7. He looked good tonight... A double and a single, showed off his arm a little too
  8. He crushed that ball tonight.. dead center, 430-440ish
  9. Yeah I was there, he would have spells of looking dominant and then walk a batter on 4 pitches. Rough outing for sure.
  10. Watching the Tides in Colombus for a 4 game series in June. Pretty excited to watch “the big 3”. Unless of course they are needed in Bmore.
  11. I try to temper my expectations but I can’t help but to be very excited. Even more than 3 out of 5 to pan out, I want a legit certified ace. A guy we trot out every 5th day and know we have a good chance to win that game. Haven’t had one in a while in Baltimore.
  12. I personally haven’t been impressed with Sucre behind the plate... A lot of missed balls from a “defensive” guy... Next man up
  13. I hear ya, just intrigued by him.. Like the defensive versatility and at points shown signs of being able to hit.. Won’t be hurt either way
  14. In an admittedly throw away year, I don’t see how it could hurt to give him a chance...
  15. If Crush can get starts against lefties, why isn’t Mullins? At least his glove (supposedly) is plus.
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