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  1. He will also be mostly a part time catcher and probably DH or play 1B more often than not the rest of this year. Focus is getting at bats in vs as many different styles of pitchers as possible since his catching is already well polished. I like that Mike already has a clear cut plan as to what to do with him. I imagine he has the same play with everyone he's bringing in. I'm just not use to the team actually having solid plans and then discussing those plans.
  2. Nite

    Why Not?

    I'm not as PC so I'm dubbing this year the F It Season. Whether they actually compete, play spoilers late, or just lay down dead all year. Either way F It and go play some ball for the future.
  3. Sorry, I forgot to reference I was mentioning Thorne and Palmer.
  4. Sweet! The commentary has already gone sideways! Looking forwards to these LONG off topic conversations this year.
  5. I dunno if they'll be good enough to not get the first pick, but I know they'll be better than last year's record.
  6. I think the age of monster 10 year contracts are over. Look at the piece ESPN has out today. Why on earth would a team do that to themselves anymore with ALL of the evidence that it will backfire and screw you over WAY more than it will ever help you. Big money sure, but only 3-5 years from here out I'm guessing. At least if I was a GM that would be my mindset.
  7. If he goes in with the O's hat, does 35 get retired? I mean every other HOF player the O's have had have their number retired and put out on Eutaw Street. Statue as well in center right? Or would he be the first O's HOF player without this honor? I'll assume no if he goes in with the MLB or NYY hat. What if he picks the O's though...
  8. He makes sense for the Phillies. They won 80 but that was due to a Sept collapse. They were well on track to win the east before that terrible end. They added Cutch, and Segura already and have a promising pitching staff and a decent young core. He would be that extra bat for them to seriously compete with the Braves and Nats this year.
  9. Such a slow off season I forgot about that even though when you said it I instantly remembered.
  10. Funny that the ChiSox get Alonso and Jay. I do if they need a 2b but signing Schoop would be the ultimate message to Manny.
  11. I wish he would just sign with the Yankees already and get this MLB off season moving already. Since I have to watch MLB as a whole over the next (please only be 3) years I'm annoyed at yet another off season not moving because the top two players haven't set the market yet.
  12. One season of JuCo before real life needed actual attention and my shoulder started to just be done. I really feel if I had better coaching and a great push in the right direction from a training and practice stand point I could have been D1 talent. I just didn't have the self motivational drive or knowledge to do what it took, and I had NOTHING around me for guidance or the push. I just relied on natural talents which were pretty decent for my age IMO.
  13. Going be directly involved with working on Chris Davis.... OOOOH please tell me his people know the freaking answer!!!
  14. The man, if you will, inspired everyone in the Baltimore area that you should always have hope. I know after 14 years of what we saw, we never actually thought we would see what we saw the past 5 seasons with Angelos as the owner. Yet he did it, he gave us the impossible. The ALCS was played in Camden Yards with Angelos as the owner. For this alone, Thank You DD and best of luck to you going forwards. I just wish that dark cloud named Angelos didn't stop you from truly turning this team into the long term contender I'm sure you dreamed of.
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