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  1. I like this scrappy team of "who the hell is that". I'm living in the Philly market so my ability to follow everyday is very low as I'm bombarded with Phillies talk (BTW, they are NOT happy with their team). So with how fun and scrappy they are to watch. Is this a sign that our manager and GM know what they are really doing?
  2. Women trainers can be "workout Nazi's" in my experience. Honestly a direction more people should look if you're into no BS training programs with 0 remorse for your failures haha.
  3. I like how they tried to backdoor explain the Rey being a Mary Sue though. Remember, Kylo is kind of a Mary Sue himself with the dark side. They basically took some of the fan fiction versions of the force and things that appeared in video games, comics, and animated shows and ran with it. Issue is unless you're REALLLLLLLY deep into the Star Wars stories it seems to not make much sense at all. I don't want to give anything away so I won't explain further, but maybe in like 4 weeks or so I can express my ideas on to why it actually all makes sense in how they went about it in the movie.
  4. Haters are going to hate. I enjoyed it and I think they tied everything up nicely. I have my thoughts and opinions on many of the "issues" people are talking about with the recent 3 movies, including the whole "Mary Sue" thing. Honestly to me this boils down to Michael Jordan vs LeBron James. Old heads REFUSE to ever allow anyone else but MJ be better in their mind. No matter what happens in their life, MJ is the GOAT and NOTHING will ever change that. Same thing with Star Wars. These negative review people are so short sighted and stuck in the mud that the original three are beyond superior and will never be topped (despite their many many flaws). Is this movie without flaw? Of course not. Does it do what it needed to do? Yes, and it makes you have to actually think a little to fill in the blanks as to what exactly is happening. To bad we're in the CW age that has EVERYTHING over explained to the audience because no one feels like actually thinking about the meanings for themselves anymore.
  5. Appreciation posts because there were MANY created through the year with the number of players that came and went.
  6. These contracts going out, and being an Orioles fan, has me seriously questioning if I want to follow baseball anymore. I simply don't see a world where the Orioles can compete year in and year out in this environment. Don't get me wrong, that 5 year run was fun, but now we're back to at least 5 years of this before what, another 5 year run and recycle? Makes it really hard to stay invested into the sport honestly.
  7. To those saying Villar was given up for nothing need to realize they had already decided to give him up for nothing, and were able to get a scratch off ticket in the end. I'll take that over nothing.
  8. They are at a point that they only have to punt if A) penalties stall the drive, and B) They're up by so much the 2nd team is in.
  9. Being in various "quality control" roles in different companies, I can only imagine that a baseball quality control coach is basically the guy who makes sure the system's teachings are universal and accurate. So if they want player X to be learning skill Z from the A play book, the QA coach makes sure this is getting done. So basically someone who audits what the various coaches throughout the system are doing with their players and insuring it's on message with what the team wants.
  10. It's the situation of they wouldn't have Zimmerman if they had Mancini. Since they are "stuck" with Zimmerman then there isn't a situation where they would have Mancini or at least have given him a fair chance to play. It is what it is. Mancini has no role on that team with Zimmerman there.
  11. Ok, but there is no chance the Washington Nationals wouldn't play Zimmerman. Simply wouldn't happen. So he has no role on their team at all unless you're dumping Zimm. Honestly if the Astros had Mancini they wouldn't have Reddick. If though they had both I can see it being a R/L platoon thing in which if it's a tough righty like the Nationals have 2 of Reddick gets the first cracks at it.
  12. Means would have been the 4th starter for Houston and probably used how the Nats used Corbin. Straight bullpen guy for the Nats who probably only pitches when behind or up by more than 3. Mancini I would see as Platoon with Reddick on Houston, and no role at all on Washington outside of pinch hitting for the pitcher in games 3 4 and 5. Severino would slot in nice as Houston's back up catcher. Basically was the same thing as their starter by raw stats. Someone mentioned Villar but he has no role on either team. Nats have Turner and a rotation at 2B. Stros have Correra and Altuve. So I would guess back up for Houston and pinch hitter in games 3 4 5. Other than that maybe if you want to get into specifics about certain bullpen arms that wouldn't matter because as we saw the Nats avoided their bullpen problem by just going to Corbin into Doolittle and or Hudson. Houston looks like they might have a swap option but half a dozen vs 6 in one hand type of thing IMO.
  13. He will also be mostly a part time catcher and probably DH or play 1B more often than not the rest of this year. Focus is getting at bats in vs as many different styles of pitchers as possible since his catching is already well polished. I like that Mike already has a clear cut plan as to what to do with him. I imagine he has the same play with everyone he's bringing in. I'm just not use to the team actually having solid plans and then discussing those plans.
  14. Nite

    Why Not?

    I'm not as PC so I'm dubbing this year the F It Season. Whether they actually compete, play spoilers late, or just lay down dead all year. Either way F It and go play some ball for the future.
  15. Sorry, I forgot to reference I was mentioning Thorne and Palmer.
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