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  1. It costs $7m a year to get 6 bad innings from one guy now?
  2. Exactly why we need to get our SS THIS year. A 3B would be nice too.
  3. For me it's not the player or money but the message. Another punt year is the message. Now something huge can still happen but I've seen this show before.
  4. Right but wouldn't it make sense to have something of a functional team and future players on the roster already when they come up? Odor 1 year so it's just a patchwork job and another punt year. Joy...
  5. I can't see them keeping these guys down in the minors for another season. So that means a early as this year they could be here and then making an impact in 2022. Rather have something around them from the start is all I'm saying.
  6. Also logic. If you're building a team With the complete faith and belief that your top farm system is ready to go as early as this year and then really ready in 2 years then you need a 5 year plan. Getting a 27 year old star now falls into that 5 year window. Waiting until year 3 just means you possibly lost a golden chance in there and might be forced to make a stupid trade to shore up an exposed hole that could have been filled years prior if you had a real 5 year plan (ERod as example). It's not the losing. It's the no clear foresight to attempt to stop the losing. This team needs a SS
  7. The 29-30 drop can be attributed to the 25/26 jump imo. Some guys hit their physical peak early, but regress first as well. Also not related would be the mental. Most of these guys get their big payday here and probably slack year one as their their life has changed.
  8. Pretty sure Segar and Semien are going to be really good players still in 2-3 years. We can argue about the pitcher's signed but when it comes to position players you're good with consistency and those guys have it. I'm not asking for much. Bring up the kids that are ready, bring in a legit SS and 3B, patch work a prayer signing with some starter and see where we are. Then when we see where we are reassess and go from there next year. This perpetual stuck in neutral is exhausting. What if Adly and Grayson are the real deal? I'd rather have something around them when it matters and
  9. Watching other rebuilding teams fill their holes with solutions that should last into the future while we're slapping duct tape on ours and giving the thumbs up.
  10. Update on how Philly rolls. Larry Anderson who is their radio color guy for home games basically laid into the entire organization right in the middle of the game. This was sparked off a Harper double where he was barely safe because he didn't run right away after hitting the ball. His rant continued into his frustrations with the organization in general the top of the next inning after Hammer walked another guy and had thrown 4 strikes and 8 balls. It was honestly what ever Philly fan up here thinks about their team and it was beautiful to listen to him rant. Live during the game...
  11. I moved up to the Philly market 6 years ago and I'm in love with their radio here. WIP holds Philly sports feet to the fire. Even when the Phillies were on that 8 game winning streak they were just waiting for the bottom to drop out. They go hard on all their teams, and it's something I always wished I got when I would listen to 105.7 when I lived down there.
  12. Like the NFL with London, it's about who is willing to give up a home game gate vs if they'll be good or not.
  13. Worst team I've ever seen. So bad I'm actually intrigued to see how bad they get beat on a nightly basis. So I mean they're doing something to get me interested in at least checking the box score.
  14. Maybe because I have to imagine a work stoppage could kill the sport. Is that a risk either side is actual willing to take?
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