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  1. The mound is 66’ 9” from second base.
  2. Would be nice to see him finish on a high note. He has great stuff. I think we will see a good bit of him next year.
  3. I hope Hays can learn to stop diving a balls 2-3' away from him that he has no chance of catching. Its great he plays all out, but hes a liability to his own future.
  4. I love Rickey Stories. My buddy (writer @ WaPo from San Fran) tells a story he heard from his mom who worked at Pac Bell. Apparently Rickey had overpaid his phone bill one month and his invoice showed an credit in (). He thought he owed more and continued to pay double bill for a few months until they finally called him and told him to stop paying his phone bill for a while.
  5. A lot of balls could have been strikes. Look like ump missed quite a bit. He wasn't missing by much. Will be interesting to see how dominant he can be if he can get ahead in the count.
  6. I would be astonished, completely astonished if there is a season this year. Frankly, I think teams are going to really struggle to stay afloat. No revenue coming in and they are on the line for an incredible amount of owed money to players, staff, and other obligations.
  7. Will try to figure out how to post the video from my phone. I was very impressed With Cole Wilcox. Big big boy. 6’5” 230 very well built. Sat 95/96 through 5 and hit 98 a few times. Only saw 94 a few times. Curve ball 86-88. Great command.
  8. Just got to Athens to watch my old squad (UR) Play my wife’s alma mater (UGA). Fun weekend for kids. We missed the spiders knocking Hancock around last night. Excited to get a good look at Cole Wilcox. Will try to get some video.
  9. US soccer is terrible because the best athletes play basketball and football. If Lebron James was a center back and (name a fast running back) was attacking forward we would never loose the World Cup. Any player in USA who plays soccer and is good goes to Europe at a young age. Thing is, those kids arent the elite American athletes.
  10. I played baseball in Europe. You don’t see 95. You don’t often see 90. The best players on euro squads are the 3 international slots they allow which are typically taken by Dominicans, Cubans, and Venezuelans.
  11. It’s the first time I can remember the national media talking about baseball in January.
  12. Every time I looked at the radar after a FB it said 96/97. I don't remember seeing many 95's and don't think I saw any 94's, but let's be honest I probably looked over at the radar reading 15-20 pitches or so. My guess is gun was a little hot, but man did he make the glove explode. We watched the first two innings behind visiting dugout, the kids came back after striking out shaking their heads and laughing. We walked out to the deck that goes behind the fence at shorebirds stadium and the sound the glove was making on FBs was unreal. I was most impressed by his curveball, it was missing bats by wide margin. I don't recall seeing many change-ups. It was very impressive. He is a big boy
  13. Kid looks unhitable right now. Filthy curve. Sitting at 96-97
  14. Orioles, Valencia CF, and any College/NBA team that has a DeMatha player on it.
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