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  1. When he puts ball in play it results in doubles and homers. I think he will be putting the ball in play consistently over the next two months. He's hit at all levels and I believe he will continue to hit.
  2. Went back to check out Markakis’ first year stats. Mountcastle will end up doing better due to the power. Markakis ended year with .799 OPS. Think it’s safe to say Mountcastle bests that. He has already out homered Nick and is 2 doubles away from Nicks freshman year tally. Interesting note: Markakis walked 43 times rookie year for a 7.9% of PA. edit Markakis Walk rates: 2006 - 7.9% 2007 - 8.6% 2008 - 14.2% 2009 - 7.9% 2010 - 10.3% 2011 - 8.7%
  3. I fully expect him to hit like Markakis did the last two months of his rookie season. At least, that was my hope for him going into year. Take some knocks first half of year or so then go off the last couple months showing that he is a legit middle of the order MLB bat.
  4. I have to imagine he is more comfortable playing 2b. I hope he continues to hit cover off ball. He’s been fun to watch.
  5. Thanks for pointing that out. I should have written *trying to put the ball in play more. Obviously with the higher K rate, that's not happening at the moment. I saw an interview with him a little ways back about his approach on working to all fields & his work on hitting off speed pitches. Said when he first came up after hitting 30 hr in minors, it was just launch launch launch, and that this year he made major adjustments.
  6. What's so hard about finding someone with impeccable glove skills & a deadly accurate cannon who also happens to be the consummate professional?
  7. Tate has been quietly pretty fantastic as have the other 3 you mentioned. Obviously Mullins is the big take away from this season, but I'd say these four guys in the bullpen separated themselves from that pack and provided a glimpse of some hope for a solid BP. Once Wells is back and performing, I'd really like to see him get stretched and tried as a starter. If he could successfully start 2 or 3 games in September, that would be a big boon going into next year.
  8. "Informal demotion*"
  9. Not sure if you are joking or not. I played collegiate summer ball with a guy who had a lathe and made his/our bats for the team that summer. I didn't like them that much, but after my first half dozen of C271s busted I was happy to use them.
  10. Sign me up for Martin SS & Urias 2b for last two months of the season. Urias has earned the chance and Martin brings best defensive & who knows, maybe the bat improves. Let Jones continue to work at 2b in Norfolk unless his bat absolutely forces the issue.
  11. He did change his swing and is trying to put the ball in play more. He has also increased his Barrel %, Avg. Exit Velocity, & Max Exit Velocity. He struggles on off-speed pitches and it looks like he's making that a focus this year to work on. His foot speed and defense metrics are down a bit suggesting he may be playing hurt a bit. K rate is up a bit and BB rate down a bit which makes sense as he's gone through league a couple times now. It's time for him to make an adjustment. Will be interesting to see how he holds up these last 8 weeks.
  12. To me he looks a little beat up. If he can make it through this season, that will be a huge confidence builder. He changed his swing to get more contact this year. His doubles are being hit all over the ball park. I think he builds off this year and has a big year next year when he starts to hear the footsteps right behind him.
  13. I like this thread a lot. I assume you saw the piece on Britton and the Bowie team. Seems this is a focus. For me this is the nuts and bolts 101 class stuff. Hitting is so difficult. If you aren't giving yourself a chance by swing at balls you can't do anything with you are a dead man walking. I love that they have metrics and rewards in place for Pitch Recognition in lower levels.
  14. I'm excited to see what Martin brings. Kid had some tough luck. I imagine, at the very least, he must be stronger. I'd like to see him at SS and Urias at 2b.
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