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    Farewell OH

    Ausgezeichnet Excellent opportunity for you!
  2. Is that Grand National in your avatar yours? :)

  3. Delmon Young...and the standing ovation for Joba The Hut.
  4. Yeah...Tho I got to see Vlady Junior for a game or two. We have a family cabin up there,
  5. Beautiful place to watch a game.
  6. It cost 555,000 a year to replace Davis. Non-tender Villar to pay for it.
  7. I love that attitude. I hate tanking
  8. Stan Charles on the mid-atlantic sports report is horrible.......That is all
  9. Hey. Anyone know the motto or whatever, for the chainsaw motion they are all doing when getting hits?
  10. Is this the batting version of the yips? Like being unable to throw the ball back to the pitcher?
  11. I have a cabin in Bluefield. I miss the Orioles playing there terribly.
  12. Damn, someone else read " You Know Me Al"...I ordered the book specifically to read on a plane flight to Germany to visit my son stationed there. Oktoberfest was the big bonus!
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