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  1. Ok the problem everyone keeps bringing up is the union. Why not call it like it is. Play your best team of minor leaguers, get a tv deal and call it what it is. Minor league baseball on TNT or whatever. Might as well play minor leaguers that you can pay like always and have some damn baseball. They need to play to get better, and your not stepping on toes of big leaguers...at least you wont be calling it major league baseball. The damn KBO is on tv
  2. Went to Munich American High School in the late 70's when 1860 was decent. Of course there is always Bayern.
  3. What about all those Vegas bets on wins this season?

    Farewell OH

    Ausgezeichnet Excellent opportunity for you!
  5. Is that Grand National in your avatar yours? :)

  6. Delmon Young...and the standing ovation for Joba The Hut.
  7. Yeah...Tho I got to see Vlady Junior for a game or two. We have a family cabin up there,
  8. Beautiful place to watch a game.
  9. It cost 555,000 a year to replace Davis. Non-tender Villar to pay for it.
  10. I love that attitude. I hate tanking
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