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  1. The sun is reporting that Trembley met with Baez this morning to tell him he was no longer being considered for the rotation. Trembley encouraged to work hard for a spot in the bull pen. His start this Thursday has been given to Hayden Penn.
  2. "Thanks for all the people that have shown support to me. To the people that question my integrity, sorry you feel that way. God Bless, Belkast Why in the world does someone sharing what he has heard after stating it is only what he is hearing have to do with his integrity? Guys we scan the internet looking for rumors/inside info devouring every morsel. However, we know all of it is only what people are hearing. There will always be some that mislead and manipulate what they hear or what they are telling those who listen. Belkast has clearly been an upstanding member of this board that loves the O's,his family and God(not neccesarily in that order). He sounds like he has his priorities straight and understands what is really important. His information has been on target at times and completely wrong on other occasions. Again, he is merely a messenger sharing what he hears. I for one appreciate his passion for the O's and enjoy his post. I assume some of it will be accurate and some of it will be off the mark. Unfortunately, many have allowed their emotions to allow them to take these post as the Gospel according to Belkast. Did he overstate some things? Possibly, but if he didnt really believe what he was posting he wouldnt post it. Belfast, BB, Sonny, Peace and other insiders thank you for sharing what you hear. I love hearing from you guys and I hope you will continue. My family celebrates Christmas Eve by having Crabs shipped in from Baltimore for dinner, we go to church, read the Christmas story as a family, exchange one gift and share something we are thankful for in 08. I want the board to know how grateful I am for the OH and our insiders. Merry Christmas
  3. This team has major holes and instead of working on filling them we just screwed around with this Tex thing for the last month. I am bummed Tex is not coming, but do we know if this is true? How do we know that we arent working behind the scenes? We all know that many of the free agents have been waiting for the dominoes(Texeira)to fall. Heres hoping!
  4. It wouldnt adversely affect Manny if Texiera signs with the O'S
  5. Thank you. I appreciate your effort to get the info. to us. We are all wound a little too tight right now. Watching every other site for a nugget and poucing on anything that brings any suspicion. No one should have to defend family, charcter.... for trying to share some insights. Again, thank you.
  6. Are you hearing anything new that has led you to this bet?
  7. Thats to funny! Every body knows Ricky Bobby is a winner. Second place just means your the first loser.
  8. You obviously sound like an insider. Is that right? Are you able to say how you are connected? by the way,Thanks for your input.
  9. At the top of your page there is an icon. It usually has arrows going circular
  10. I still think we are talking 20 million over 9-10 years. I cant see the Sox going much more than that.
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