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  1. Not to mention our competitive balance pick this year is basically another first round pick. Opportunities are there, let's hope we capitalize.
  2. I think Sedlock debuts this year for whatever team takes him in the Rule V draft
  3. I've never seen you this optimistic, are you feeling okay?
  4. What is your basis for calling the 3 pitchers non-prospects? Also in response to your Rule 5 analysis, would you have used the #2 pick on him? Would he be available in the second round at #2? Do you think he is worth keeping on the O’s roster the entire year? I’m not sure what facts in this trade are upsetting you.
  5. Why is anyone upset about this move? This isn’t the Villar trade, this seems pretty smart to me.
  6. O’s and Elias’s mistake was that Villar never should have made it past the trade deadline this past season. They didn’t like the potential return and gambled on trading him this offseason, it didn’t pay off. I have no insider information so its possible the return was weaker than what we got but I highly doubt it. I like Elias and what he’s doing but he will make mistakes, Villar would have probably been handled better by a more experienced GM. With all of that said, all I care about is that Elias works to improve the organization, and I believe he will.
  7. Looks like Profar got traded, granted not for much. Still hard for me to imagine O’s got 0 offers for Villar.
  8. Whats the deal with Zack Brown on the Brewers? Bad stats One year in the PCL and they don’t protect him - I dont get it.
  9. Dudes about to turn 27, watch him get traded and we watch Arrieta 2.0 unfold.
  10. Oh I’m with you, no shot he improves and I think you described it exactly right. All I’m saying, if that was my money I’d hold out as long as humanly possible as long as we aren’t in a roster crunch or actually threatening to win games.
  11. They arent really giving up a roster spot, they seemed to have more than enough spots to cycle sub-par players in last year. Once they truly need that roster spot, Davis will be gone.
  12. I never thought I’d defend the Angelos’s but if I had that much invested in one player and was fielding a 50 win team I’d hold off as long as possible to see if I could recoup even $1 back off that bad investment.
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