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  1. I was a little nervous to click on this thread.
  2. Tyler White. Sorry. Lol. That's who I meant. Travis Shaw is on my fantasy baseball team.
  3. Travis Shaw is their DH. That's why I suggested it.
  4. Houston might have interest. Ellis also knows their system.
  5. Check out Phil Bradley's career. Specifically '84 and '85. https://www.baseball-reference.com/players/b/bradlph01.shtml
  6. Only the O's could possibly screw this up. EDIT: They didn't.
  7. There is absolutely no one on the left side of the infield.
  8. Hard to believe this team will lose 100 games with stats like this. My guess is the stats won't look like this at the end of the season.
  9. It's quite amazing that they might end up with a better return for Archer than we got for Machado.
  10. Tampa got Meadows and Baz in the deal. Even if they got lucky, they still made out like bandits. With that said, Glasnow was a mega prospect with only control issues. If he was considered a throw in, that's a steal. We ended up trading Gausman for lottery tickets anyway.
  11. The Pirates were interested in Gausman and Archer according to rumors. If that was true, I would think that Glasnow could have at least been acquired because it seemed as if the Pirates were down on him at the time. Now, if the dealbreaker was taking on O'Day aswell, then the Orioles messed up in lowering Gausman's value. I still think we could have acquired Glasnow for Gausman straight up and maybe acquired another piece(s) in the process. Glasnow's issues were only in control. His stuff was still top notch at the time. His control issues have seemed to have vanished. To be able to acquire a pitcher with his ceiling and pedigree for Gausman is a deal you make. It wasn't as if Gausman was lighting the league on fire at the time.
  12. We should have jumped in on Brian Goodwin when he was released by the Royals...Hindsight is 20/20 though.
  13. I think it's worth a shot. It's not like we have a wealth of bullpen arms, especially considering three position players have already pitched in the first month of the season. Anyone with even a hint of potential should be looked at.
  14. I think it's a better exercise to look at the pitchers of the other teams that will probably be in our position at the deadline in determining what Cobb's demand will be like. He won't be the only one available and most certainly won't be one of the better options, imo.
  15. I think Hyde still wants to win games and Givens has been overly extended due to 1) our starter's inability to pitch deep into games and 2) a lack of other reliable arms in the pen.
  16. nate22

    vs. TWINS, 4/28

    They could run all day on the noodle arms in the outfield. They can't even make it close.
  17. nate22

    vs. TWINS, 4/28

    Maybe send Martin. Runs could be hard to come by.
  18. nate22

    vs. TWINS, 4/28

    A HR by the Twins. Don't worry, they'll be more.
  19. nate22

    vs. TWINS, 4/28

    It's strange because Bundy has had the least hard contact % between him and Cashner/Hess/Cobb, but when they make hard contact.....they make it count.
  20. The Braves may need a back of the pen guy. Brewers too. Both have suffered major injuries to their pen.
  21. It's debatable whether that would be playing a guy out of position.
  22. Maybe they figure that an extra OF would only come into play if he sat in the bleachers.
  23. We might actually be better served with a 2 man bench.
  24. nate22

    vs. TWINS, 4/27

    So which position player pitches today?
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