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  1. Jeep on winning!! Just think if we hadn’t got swept by Miami
  2. Not sure. I picked it up in the 9th when I posted this. I’m blacked out for this series. A pitcher would likely be better than Davis. Maybe this is a failure of Elias too. Even if we’re not a contending team, it’s wide open this year and he owes it to the team to shoot for the playoffs. I think Duquette takes advantage of the taxi squad.
  3. No excuse for not pinch running for Davis last night in the 9th. Tying run in the 9th inning. Davis is the slowest runner on the team. Lucky it didn’t cost us because almost anyone should score on Alberto’s double.
  4. I haaaaaaate these cutouts. It’s so creepy looking and the horns for the crowd noise are awful. I actually love being able to see these empty stadiums. Makes you appreciate the beauty of Camden.
  5. It’s part of the long game. We come in at #30 on the first rankings, which makes our meteoric rise to World Series champs all the more amazing.
  6. That was my turning point game too. Nothing will top the don’t throw it away, don’t throw it at all game though.
  7. It’s kind weird that baseball is fun again. The fact that these guys aren’t hitting now just means they’ll be there to pick up Ruiz and Alberto if they fall off a little. Hopefully Mountcastle replaces Stewart’s ABs soon. I’ve seen enough.
  8. Don’t think they could do it at the Arizona spring facilities? They’re all within a few miles of each other.
  9. Bubble seems mandatory for sports. NBA outdoes everyone else again.
  10. That was my thought. Maybe not 48 hours but Davis is deciding whether he will play. After reading about his daughter’s condition, I’d be surprised if he plays.
  11. If it’s your business, they’ll tell you. Just because it’s a public job and he makes a lot of money doesn’t mean you get to know what his reasoning for not being there is.
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