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  1. Oh completely agree. With the G League now, some of the top kids are skipping college all together. NBA has no reason to do what’s in the best interest of the NCAA. The NCAA has to get with the times and find out a way to pay some of these kids or college hoops is gonna look a lot like college baseball.
  2. Oh for crying out loud. This is still about you knowing who the GM should take better than he does? Has any part of you thought to maybe back down, or just heels completely dig in?
  3. NBA was one year, they’re about to go back to drafting straight out of HS because it’s a farce to force kids to go to college when they don’t wanna be there. Plus with the limited number of baseball scholarships, you’re just screwing over the kids that do wanna be there.
  4. Exactly. We’re so close now. Just play the damn thing. They could beat the NBA back by 10 days. If they blow this, the owners and players deserve each other.
  5. I guess my main question for you is why the overly strong conviction on this? Is it just because people you’ve read had Martin as the #2 guy? To me Martin is a good prospect. He doesn’t do anything well enough to make me say he’s consensus BPA at #2. There’s certainly room for differing opinions, and if our GM and former scout takes him, I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. The cynic in me says it’s the entitlement that comes from being a Bammer. 😉
  6. I mean that’s lunacy. Without one elite skill, it’s not hard to see why three teams passed.
  7. At least three teams didn’t have him as BPA. I wonder if Miami and KC qualify as lunatics.
  8. Someone mentioned that a Top 10 team planned to draft a guy who wouldn’t sign, in order to punt this year and get a second high pick next year
  9. Yeah I’ll pretty much be done if there’s no season. I’ll check in occasionally but between this and the “three true outcomes” style of play I’m not very interested in MLB. On the bright side, NBA got their act together and will be doing it right.
  10. Interesting point. I think I err on the side of caution when looking at such an early pick. It does make me a little less leery of a SP, but unless there’s a clear talent difference I prefer a hitter this high up.
  11. Is Tork a given at #1? If so, I’d go with Martin. Too unsettling using the #2 pick on a SP
  12. Based on Snell’s out of touch comments, I’d be surprised if we see a season with many regulars. I wonder if it’s possible to allow the people who want to play that opportunity and give guys in the minors a shot to come up and take the place of people who don’t feel comfortable with the risk.
  13. Yeah. Even the outs were loud. My first time seeing him so maybe just a bad night. However I didn’t see anything redeemable in his performance.
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