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  1. Is Palmer healthy now? I remember he had some issues last year.
  2. The fewer wins you have, the higher your chances of winning the lottery. Also, you can only drop a maximum of 3 slots based on where your record projected you.
  3. NBA has 16 postseason teams and they’re the poster child league for tanking. Not sure how this helps.
  4. Good SS prospect might elude us for a while.
  5. Yeah that’s acceptable. That Reds hat is fire!!!
  6. You mean for their AA team?
  7. Because of height and reach? Height is why I thought someone like Lebron would be unstoppable on corner kicks. How could you move him out of his location and stop him from heading in goals?
  8. This is why I visit OH. Shows how important the second phase of finding serviceable back end SP out of the mid and lower tier prospects actually is.
  9. I think you guys are dreaming if you believe Davis is getting cut as early as 6 weeks into the season. There’s just nobody pushing down the door in AAA to warrant writing that money off yet. I think we see his playing time dwindle to once a week unless there are injuries, but with an extra bench spot this year they’ll continue to see what happens. I don’t see a Davis roster spot having any determination on a Mountcastle call up.
  10. I don’t know a lot about soccer, but wouldn’t a guy built like Lebron excel in soccer? Or would he likely lack the required finesse
  11. Yeah Baines is one of the most egregious choices I can recall.
  12. Yeah there’s a lot of guys I’d like to kick out, and then replace with greats who aren’t in due to writers trying to impose punishments the Commissioner wasn’t strong enough to impose.
  13. I think we see Mountcastle when we get our first injury.
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