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  1. waroriole

    BA Top 100

    Defense. All his value is with the bat, and it doesn’t appear elite.
  2. So we’re a few breaks away from being in the World Series next year? Is that what I’m seeing?
  3. Obviously it’s a stupid rule. The NCAA is full of them. I hope some team abuses it to the point where they have to change it. That said, it’s not the reason we lost. I’m proud that we hung in there against the best team I’ve seen all year. If our QB could get his nerves together on the road, we’d be 8-0 and staring down the playoffs.
  4. Are we still doing that thing where we can only project Oriole moves based on what Houston did? That’s really tired and illogical.
  5. I just added up his time in the Angels minor league system and got an average of .288 Trumbo also has the better walk rate, though it’s still nothing spectacular. Good points about age of level and hitters leagues.
  6. Trumbo was about a .285 hitter in the minors. There’s nothing wrong with being the next Trumbo
  7. No position. Doesn’t take a walk. Next Trumbo?
  8. Id probably say: 1. Rutschman 2. Hall 3. Rodriguez 4. Hays 5. Diaz 6. Mountcastle 7. Kremer 8. Harvey 9. Henderson 10. Lowther
  9. The O’s knew they’d never pay him 10/300, so why didn’t they trade him earlier? When they could get better value.
  10. I’m sure this has been settled but why would we be trading any of them? You don’t trade prospects for prospects, and we’re not looking for established big league players. Anyway, I’m sure this has been settled.
  11. I wonder if exit velocity and ground ball percentage could have been thoroughly looked at then. Also, a study failing to find a correlation isn’t the same as disproving an idea.
  12. It just seems intuitive. There’s usually a thin line between a ball missing a bat and hitting off the end or edge. Does fangraphs differentiate between a ball hit off the top of the wall and one hit weakly back to the mound? At least in an FIP sense?
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