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  1. It’s at least a legit cover. Probably some truth to it as well.
  2. Trying to manage innings this year.
  3. It really makes Alonzo’s comments about the reasoning behind the ball changes make sense. Gotta suppress those FA classes.
  4. Presumably they care about young players being able to make the adjustment to MLB (after all they do get paid less). It would be like the GLeague using basketball goals that were 9’10”, then acting surprised that guys can’t shoot when the get to the NBA.
  5. I mean it could be Palmer saying I’ll say do more games if I don’t have to travel. I don’t know. But it’s usually correct to assume the O’s are penny pinching
  6. He hasn’t moved off CF all season. Why would he now?
  7. How much money are they saving by having the broadcasters stay in Baltimore for road games?
  8. Holy crap I didn’t realize he was Tracy Rocker’s son.
  9. Kremer needs to start the conversion to RP. He could be tough in 1-2 innings spurts. Lowther doesn’t have the command to get away with his mediocre stuff at the ML level in any capacity.
  10. I haven’t seen anything that suggests he’s more than organizational filler. Straight FB, low 90s, not great command. He hasn’t given them a chance to keep him in Baltimore because he gets lit up every time he’s out there.
  11. I’m always confused why Holt doesn’t just wear a mask for mound visits instead of covering his mouth with his hand. Gotta be a few of those lying around. Ugh Harvey is done. Career wise
  12. Oh I didn’t include Monday. Still GG defense in CF >> DH.
  13. Seems like Cedric’s .600/.667/1.083/1.750 slash line would’ve been the winner.
  14. That thing really carried or he’s got some 2013 Chris Davis power.
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