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  1. I won't argue with you there. My "field" has seen heroes and legends that I have too much humility to even utter their names. I'll just say that I take a lot of pride in what I do, and in my accomplishments, and I would rather do what I do than do ANYTHING in any other "field," including baseball, my favorite game. But like I said, that is irrelevant. You're the one who decided to bring up DT's college career, and you're the one who decided to compare him to me.
  2. I'm not going to give you my resume, and I'm not going to try to criticize Trembley's life (like I said, he's a nice guy). I'm just saying that he's not sharp enough to manage on the fly. And I'll take my accomplishments (by a lot) over his, not that it matters.
  3. Howard, no question. Leaving in BB was questionable, but considering that he didn't have anyone warming (he never does), he didn't have much of a choice.
  4. :rofl: A degree in phys. ed, and a graduate degree in education from "SUNY Brockport."
  5. LOL at all the people saying "our hitting with RISP cost us this game." Well, yes, if we had scored 3 more runs, we'd be winning. But hitting or not hitting is a physical act. Sometimes you're clutch, sometimes you're not. DT's error was a DECISION. That is, simply making the proper decision in that situation completely changes this game. He has done it OVER AND OVER AND OVER. He's a nice guy, but you can tell both from his managing, and his press conferences, he's just not very smart.
  6. Because despite our anti-clutchness, we had the lead. And we had 2 outs and the pitcher's spot due up.
  7. Hmm, who would I rather face, Ryan Howard, or the pitcher's spot? DT costs us another.
  8. That was a superb (unhittable) pitch and a questionable call. What's the O's record for LOB? What's the MLB record?
  9. 16 year old Americans aren't eligible to be drafted. There are 16 year old phenoms in the states, but you only start hearing about them when they are 17-18, when teams start talking about drafting them. Bryce Harper only started to gain mainstream fame when it was reported he might skip the last 2 years of HS. You start hearing about kids when their pro-turning day draws near, regardless of where they are.
  10. Gamecast had those balls to Martinez right in the strike zone. Did they miss by much?
  11. I have to believe he'll get his feet wet at Bluefield. No rush here.
  12. Excellent news. I'm sure it will be nice for AM not to have to have this hanging over his head for months like previous years.
  13. Bryce Harper. Stephen Strasburg. Bryce Harper. Stephen Strasburg...
  14. Tonight (and all other nights) would have been a good opportunity NOT to start Zaun.
  15. The weight/conditioning does not concern me at all. I've seen a lot of big guys who will shock you with their conditioning. And as we know, pitchers often benefit from that bulk. Also, knowing how scouts tend to drool over tall, wiry, Rick Porcello bodies, it makes me wonder if the reason that he wasn't seen as a top 5 pick by many, had a lot to do with his body type. If that's the case, then I'm glad the O's were able to look past that. Here's a more recent pic.
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