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  1. Came across this fantasy article this morning that has some good nuggets on some prospects we may not hear as much about. They even pull a Luke Siler tweet, so you know they know their stuff😉. References Drew Rom's embrace of analytics, which I found encouraging, and just some more information on some of our DSL players. Nothing ground-breaking, but always enjoyable to read. https://fantasysixpack.net/2021-baltimore-orioles-diamonds-in-the-rough/
  2. Looks like the guys and Fangraphs really loved the haul we got for Gausman, Machado, and Schoop. This is from an Eric Longenhagen chat yesterday: 2:03 Snooker: If you were to rank the various organizations based on player development, who would be up top, who would be at the bottom, and where would the Tigers fit? 2:06 Eric A Longenhagen: Top ones for me are CLE, LAD, NYY, hard not to put BAL at the bottom. Some orgs, and I think DET falls into this category, are tough to evaluate through this lens because their roster situations have made it difficult. I have a hard time believing this, even before the trades. I'd like to chalk this up to lazy writing, just giving the easy and typical answer without considering recent events and developments. It makes me wonder what is necessary to gain respect from the propsect writing community.
  3. The possibility of getting Broxton kind've reminds me of when we acquired Melvin Mora. That is, a late bloomer who was in fact 28 when we traded for him, and athletic. In fact, Broxton has even better minor league numbers than Mora had.
  4. At what point do, say, the Brewers just say, "enough with this!" and just pursue Brian Dozier, just to make sure they get someone. How disappointing would it be to be in the Manny sweepstakes, and not only not get him, but to get anything substantial to improve your ballclub for the stretch run.
  5. I think this gives you plenty of flexibility for the future. Goldschmidt costs very little in terms of his production, and again is under control for quite a chunk of time. This allows you to spend in other areas. This leaves a gap in the Orioles internal starting pitching timeline, but who knows how long it will take Harvey to make a solid contribution to the ML team, anyway? Like it was said, "If you want good pieces back, you need to give up good pieces in return."
  6. Paul Goldschmidt was on his way to back-to-back 7 WAR seasons, is 27 years old, and under contract for about 4/$30 mil with a reasonable option. That would absolutely be worth giving up 2 top 50 prospects for. Even if your "Top 10 Prospects List" is decimated, your ML team just got younger and more cost-controlled while adding a proven elite talent.
  7. Assuming the DBacks are looking for toward their future this year, I wonder if there would be a match for a major trade. Something like: Paul Goldschmidt (signed through 2018 for about $30 million with $14.5 option) Ender Inciarte for Dylan Bundy Hunter Harvey Michael Ohlman Chris Davis This makes the Orioles immediately better with one of the best 1B in the majors on a great contract, while snagging that LH outfielder. I'm sure the DBacks would want to contend before 2018 (when Goldy's contract is up), but this allows them to get a huge haul of pitching that could, in Bundy's case, be ready for significant contributions a year from now. Chris Davis would allow them to still have a significant power threat in the lineup while grabbing a draft pick next year from his QO. This would put a huge dent into the Orioles prospect sheet, but Goldy is still young, and if the O's can keep one of Harvey/Bundy/Gausman while grabbing a game-changer like Goldschmidt, I think it'd be worth it.
  8. I guess I have misinterpreted the reports regarding Wieters health. I wasn't under the suspicion that it was possible for him to not catch at all this year. I assumed that he would at worst be out a few weeks into April when he would then resume catching responsibilities. If there is legitimate doubt about him catching at all or even into the AS break, then I understand the lack of interest.
  9. Let me rephrase. I don't think Gattis will replace Cruz per se; but I do think this team needs another quality RH power bat. The team could fill this need via Delmon Young, or if they go this route I believe it would improve the team more, while adding to the long term success.
  10. Even though Wieters is not a guarantee to catch Opening Day, does not mean he will be shelved through May. If Markakis can get such a nice contract from the Braves knowing he was not a 100% guarantee to be ready right out of the gate, I think Wieters can be viewed the same way. Likewise, Justin Upton was brought into SD for quite the haul for just 1 year. I'm not saying Wieters would require the same haul, but there isn't as significant of a drop-off as many would think just because of 1-year control, perhaps due to the draft-pick.
  11. I think Wieters would have significant trade value. I just don't think Showalter and Duquette would move him at any (or almost any) cost.
  12. Gattis would be the primary DH in this scenario and would not be called upon to catch expect in emergencies and perhaps interleague if necessary. What I like about Gattis is that he has absolutely raked at every level he has played at. I think he will continue to get better and will be a .330/.525/.855 type of player regularly
  13. The impact for this year would be there although minimal, I believe, because I am not on board with the idea of Pearce replicating last year's success. This would be our opportunity to sell high.
  14. Gotcha, thanks for the feedback. The goal was to find an impact bat to replace (try to) Cruz, while adding to the long-term outlook of the team. Gattis isn't hitting arbitration until 2016, Sims is only 20 years old and is a top 100 prospect, and Castillo is more of a short-term catching solution to replace Wieters. I feel like this trade would minimally bolster the Orioles lineup for this year (trade Wieters & Pearce for Gattis & Castillo), while adding significant value to the future.
  15. Haha, nope. I just felt my statement conveyed a different attitude than what I was trying to communicate. However, if you'd notice where I live, some would say that it is a different country.
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