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  1. Anyone putting odds on the Orioles showing up on the no-trade list?
  2. This makes perfect sense because it's the Orioles doing it. I'm also guessing they're going to select VVM showcase attendees based on height and/or fondness for the Oxford comma.
  3. If you're willing to sit on hold behind an assistant coach for the Elnora Eagles' Senior League Softball World Series team, I say go for it. Could be a long wait, though. And then there's the issue of explaining to DD that the D.R. isn't Spain, Mexico, and/or his podiatrist calling to reschedule.
  4. To be as fair as fair can be, given that this trade looks paint-sniffingly stupid, Brach's salary factors into what you've pointed out.
  5. Don't be silly. It's the Orioles, so he's worth 750K in international slot money. Totally unrelated, I'd like to change my Dan vote in the "keep Dan and/or Buck" thread.
  6. I'd be willing to bet that Ohtani's salaries in Japan were a tad higher than Mesa's in Cuba. Coming from something a bit further from nothing might make walking away from millions more tolerable.
  7. I said I'd like to see DD retained, but my vote changes if the international stuff doesn't improve dramatically.
  8. It seems like that's an issue that should be watched closely, then. DD talked up the O's intentions to earnestly invest in the international market, and he also referred to this week's impending Dominican and Venezuelan signings in ways that made me view them as evidence of that committment. If the O's don't wind up reeling in a VVM, and instead make a handful of signings of unpolished, low-dollar guys (as they've already done in prior years), I think my perception of this year's firesale will change dramatically.
  9. I never said that he should post information without consent. If that was the impression I gave by not expliciting saying that he could/should post information from anonymous sources if they give the OK, then that's on me. But notwithstanding the hollow distinction some people have drawn between "fan" and journalist/insider, the fact remains that what Roy has actually done is closer to what you inferred from my posts (providing insider information without any clarifications re: consent) than what I suggested (i.e., if you're going to include hints of insider knowledge, you might as well try to post complete anecdotes from anonymous sources who've signed off, rather than vague/amorphous hints that serve only to feed the rumor mill). TL;DR...I don't think anyone should post sourced information without the source's consent. However, when Roy references his insider knowledge of deals gone bad, etc., he is: (1) not posting as a casual fan, and (2) arguably worsening the gossip cycle that's haunted the Orioles for years.
  10. It just occurred to me that I don't have any Orioles on my fantasy team following the Machado and Schoop trades.
  11. Most fans aren't team owners, and we don't enjoy voting rights over internal decisions. Accordingly, I agree that the O's don't "owe" the typical fan anything. However, asking or wishing for transparency and/or accountability is not new, unique, or classless. Moreover, if some of those issues were addressed publicly, it would help to bring an end to the seemingly endless cycle of rumors and speculation that's followed the O's for 20+ years. Your response basically asks people to continue assuming/reading into perceived shifts in authority within an organization with a notoriously opaque and inscrutable power structure. I don't think it's unreasonable to hope that facts replace rumors.
  12. Weams, I'm not going to engage in a purely semantic argument about whether terms like "interviewer" fall under the umbrella of "journalism." Google his name and "journalism" or "journalist" and draw your own conclusions. Though I think the search results are overwhelming and speak for themselves. The point remains that citing insider knowledge to indirectly "confirm" nefarious suspicions concerning the ownership/management of the Orioles is extraordinary, and reflective of his career/connections as a source of sports news and information. And he doesn't need a press badge to provide more than the unsupported commentary to which I initially responded.
  13. The first sentence of his Wikipedia page (and his historical body of work) disagrees.
  14. I would never ask him to reveal sources. And that's not what I was suggesting. Citing anonymous sources who provide specific insights without being named is common journalistic practice.
  15. Apologies, but this really isn't helpful. It honestly doesn't say anything about what DD has actually done or attempted to do. At most, it implies that you rate his efforts, broadly, from "bad" to "great." And that's fine, but it doesn't add anything new to the conversation/perception of the Orioles' inner workings. It's basically just a vague agreement with what most fans already assume. Speaking as someone who would actually like to know more about what's actually happened/happening with the team, I'd encourage you to be more specific. You're a veteran, well-established member of the media, and I'm guessing you could obtain off the record, shareable statements from people inside the Warehouse if you chose to do so. You could also funnel your own off the record comments to people like Tony if you believe you have "shocking" information that's also valuable and informative. Ultimately. IMO, there's an important difference between voicing an opinion ("I am shocked" or "I am disappointed") and hinting at supposed, but withheld, "facts" that are designed to influence other people's opinions. Given your status as a respected journalist, I'd hope for less of the latter. But that's just my opinion.
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