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  1. If Ayala can improve his shooting that would be awesome. Today was a good start. I think Wiggins needs to improve his handles and slashing game to be the scorer that would need. His catch and shoot game is pure. Gonna need Marial to improve his offensive game as well. We already know he will defend the rim (theoretically). Needs to work on his conditioning. Ultimately I think our lack of interior presence will be our demise, unless Smith and Scott really ball their face off. We have that Swiss guy Revas as well, I'm not expecting much from him though. The lack of backcourt depth also might hurt unless Dockery and Smart grow quickly. Can Ayala be the primary ball handler and distributor? Maybe. I don't think this team will fall off as badly as most think. Like you said, Morsell/Ayala/Wiggins will keep us in most games. If Scott and Hamilton (who was a top 100 recruit going into BC) can step up then I think we could surprise some people. I see us sneaking into the tournament as a 7-10 seed.
  2. https://247sports.com/Article/Maryland-Basketball-roster-Aaron-Wiggins-Eric-Ayala-Mark-Turgeon-Darryl-Morsell-147583123/ Good article about the roster heading into next season. Hoping we can land Both Gach, he is one of the top transfers still available.
  3. https://247sports.com/Article/Maryland-basketball-recruiting-Terps-make-Ike-Cornish-cut-Crystal-Ball-147226386/ https://www.fredericknewspost.com/sports/level/collegiate/julian-reese-a-four-star-forward-from-baltimore-commits-to-maryland-for-2021/article_06d54e0e-9eac-5b83-a98b-fae9e039c5dc.html Turgeon and the recruiting staff have been working hard on 2021. Signed Julian Reese, ranked #103 overall, a couple of weeks ago. Ike Cornish, ranked #85 (according to Rivals) and a Baltimore native, has the Terps in his top six.
  4. Yeah the transfer market has been a bit disappointing, sometimes that is just luck of the draw. I read yesterday (same 247 article, just updated) about Alabama graduate transfer named Galin Smith who has the Terps in his top 3. 6-9 forward. With him and Jarius Hamilton (assuming he is eligible) we should be okay up front. I just read about Aquan Smart yesterday, seems like a late bloomer, but solid recruit for 2021 class. There is a 6'8 SF from Milwaukee named James Graham, seems like just a verbal commit as of now. https://247sports.com/player/james-graham-46058803/
  5. By the way, Turgeon needs to step up his recruiting. Regardless of what you think he has done with the "talent," his strength has been being able to bring up high level recruits to at least make Maryland competitive. We only have Dockery coming in this year. Won't be able to field a full 13 scholarship roster at this point. For 2021, Benny Williams from St. Andrews looks to be the best possible recruit. Trey Patterson would be a nice pick up as well. I don't know why Lindo and Tomaic left, they would have gotten lots of playing time this year. I hope that a Morsell, Scott, Wiggins, Ayala, Marial starting lineup will at least get us in the tournament (maybe). Bench is going to be thin as hell.
  6. Damn I didn't know Lindo and Tomaic were transferring. Team will definitely struggle next year. Only hope is that Marial develops into a monster and Ayala and Wiggins up their games big time. Not having the conference and NCAA tournaments this year was devastating. Probably Turgeon's only chance to show that he could take the team really far.
  7. What's the over/under on total deaths in the USA from coronavirus? I say 6,000
  8. I hope so. If he came back along with Stix we would be one of the favorites to win it all. Jalen might be a lottery pick so if he left I would completely understand. Hope he comes back though. As far as I'm concerned, every senior on every team across the country should have the opportunity to come back. Doesn't matter what team or conference. They had their chance at glory snatched away. And that sucks.
  9. Yeah what hurts the most is this is a good team. They have/had a chance to win the B1G tournament and make a run in the national tournament. We have no idea what could've happened, predicting sports is an impossible task. Bottom line is this team is talented and has potential to make a run. NCAA tournament will be canceled, it is only a matter of when. This is my favorite time of year by far...another reason I'm sad. College basketball is my favorite sport by far (NFL a close second, MLB and NBA next). I think most of this is mass hysteria, but I can't deny the severity. Quarantine is the only effective way to contain the spread of the virus. Everything I've read is that the prognosis for people under the age of 60 is good, so part of me wishes people would stop being paranoid and just continue on with life. That's me just being selfish I guess because I want to watch March Madness haha. Be well everyone. Go Terps.
  10. Nooooooo. This was our year. So wack ugh.
  11. I really hope they don't end up canceling the NCAA tournament. If they do I will be incredibly disappointed, it is my favorite sporting event of the year by far. I think preventing fans from attending is sufficient enough to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
  12. Great job. I only saw the final 10 minutes due to sleeping in after a long night, but the defense was excellent. Nice to Ayala finally hit some shots. Gotta bring that intensity starting next week.
  13. Pathetic effort tonight. This team simply can't make threes. Plenty of open misses.
  14. If we lose our first Big Ten tourney game I'll be beyond angry. We need to win that tournament.
  15. Terps getting abused on the boards all game. Our lack of size aside from Stix is apparent. So is our lack of depth. Still some time to make a run.
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