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  1. Completely different second half. The Jalen Smith Show essentially, he played his but off. Only one turnover in the second half. Team shot incredibly well from the free throw line, 26-29. I love that stat. I'm convinced the ball needs to be in Cowan's hands every play. He's the one guy who can consistently get dribble penetration and open up other guys.
  2. So this Northwestern game is horrible so far. Down 14 at the half.
  3. Maryland won this game with amazing defense. A couple shaky calls against Purdue down the stretch, guess it evens out, finally on our side. Maryland missed a lot of open shots the second half.
  4. Stix is having one of the best games of his Terp career imo. That fadeaway as the shot clock expired was pretty. He's rebounding and playing great defense too.
  5. Wiggins! Wow! A little sloppy to end the half, but overall very nice.
  6. Scott is beasting offensively and defensively.
  7. So nice to see Wiggins hitting shots again. Loving Maryland's movement so far, they look energized.
  8. This Baylor/Oklahoma State game is taking forever to end...can't watch yet. Wow! 9-0. Nice. I like how we always get Dan Dakich. He said Ayala hit a 3? Wow again!
  9. Maryland at home vs. Purdue. Terps are 6.5 point favorites, which seems like a lot honestly, but I'm not betting against them. Important bounce back game.
  10. I'm so angry. I'm a broken record, but missed free throws. Jesus. Ayala had at least two critical turnovers that I can remember. Morsell was zoomed in on Cowan on that in bounds, didn't look anywhere else. At least Wiggins showed up finally. Gonna need him to make threes in order to beat good teams. This is a 4-5 seed that is primed to get upset in the first round sadly. Hopefully they can make a Big 10 tournament run.
  11. What a dumb dumb finish. Morsell, I really expect more from you. How do you throw such a bad inbounds pass, then just stand there out of bounds? The turnover the possession before was bad too. That was a road win we should've had. The refs didn't help us down the stretch.
  12. I thought Stix missed an easy layup there. The charge call on Wiggins around 4:00 was bullshit. Missed free throws... Wiggins! C'mon team.
  13. Hopefully he hits the free throw! I am typing this before the FT. Was very nice body control by him.
  14. I like this aggressive confident version of Anthony Cowan. Dribble penetration open up so much. See what happens when you don't turn the ball over? You actually get shots! Go figure. We are guarding the three much better this half. That is 50% of Wisconsin's game.
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