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  1. ^ Disappointing to hear, just hope he can rest, rehab, and recover fully. Guys that size tend to have health problems throughout their career. He can certainly be a contributor if he stays on the court. 7'2 players naturally affect a game. This team will rise and fall with Stix, imo.
  2. I think the recruiting class is what gives Maryland top 10 potential. As good as last year's was, this one might be just as good. The late signing of Marial is the sleeper. The fact that we didn't lose anyone significant other than Bruno was huge too. There is a love/hate relationship with Cowan, but he's a good player and I'm glad he's back. I never thought he was seriously considering going pro. He adds valuable senior leadership. I'll keep expectations guarded as I usually do with my sports teams, growing up in the DC Metro area will do that to you, but this could be a very fun team.
  3. Very wise decision by Jalen. With the addition of the Mitchell twins and Donta Scott, this team should be just as good or if not better. If Bruno decides to return then wow.
  4. Probably the best I've seen Cashner pitch in an Orioles uniform. Mixed it up tonight, pretty much hit all his spots. It helps he was facing the Blue Jays. I honestly think we finish with a better record than them this year. Literally no one in their lineup scares me. Maybe Smoak that's it.
  5. I think Villar is gonna have a big year.
  6. My only issue is that a no-hitter is special and Hyde should have given Hess the opportunity to decide himself if he wanted to go for it. At least consult him in the dugout before the inning started. I understand that Hess pitched on Thursday and it is the beginning of the season and all that. I was pretty upset when it happened but now I've calmed down and understand Hyde's reasoning. I still think he should've let Hess go for it.
  7. Bleier throws batting practice pitches.
  8. If we lose this game I'm going to sort of hate Brandon Hyde.
  9. Ehhh....don't like that move by Hyde. But hey it's early in the season. Gosh still...
  10. So glad DirecTV gave me this free preview. Loving what I'm seeing.
  11. I didn't think there was a foul on that one scramble rebound with a minute left, but whatever. Great effort, Turgeon gets credit for going to the zone. That one hurt.
  12. Horrible. Free throws, turnovers....we shoot a little better that first half we win. I seriously feel like Maryland should've won that.
  13. I'm sweating bullets over here.
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