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  1. What an accomplishment! Congratulations John!
  2. I can't knock Wiggins for leaving, I suppose his stock is as about as high as it will get. Perhaps he could come back and play even better, elevating him into first round territory? I guess there is always a risk of injury. If he wants to go play overseas and make some money then more power to him. I think he needs to get stronger and work a bit on his driving game, plus make that jumper more consistent. Very talented young man. Jagwar, I believe you are correct, I also would love to see Morsell come back. Not sure what his basketball plans are, I am sure there is a league out there that he could play in. Dude gives 110% every game. I am excited about next year, I think there could be some serious talent and depth on the squad. All depends on how Turgeon develops and utilizes it though. I have not written him off as a legitimate coach yet, although my faith is waning.
  3. Qudus Wahab and Fatts Russell committed to Maryland today in the transfer portal. Two amazing additions by Turgeon. Interested to see if Ayala, Wiggins, or Scott leave. I don't see any of them getting drafted. It seems like there is always a transfer on every team every year, so we will see. If everyone returns this team will be stacked.
  4. Couldn't defend Alabama plain and simple. They were too quick and shot the lights out. They also dominated rebounding. Terps need to recruit some big physical big men to guard the rim and rebound. I'd like to see Marial develop next year, it is pointless having a player with his size on the bench. Also hoping Julian Reese comes ready to play immediately. Finally gonna need a primary ball handler who can distribute. I like Ayala and really liked how he stepped his game up, but he's more of a 2. Ike Cornish is billed as a SG as well. I don't hate Turgeon like most people but I agree the results have been lukewarm at best. I am fine hiring someone else after his contract expires. I think he has done a good job recruiting talent, developing that talent and coming up with game plans to get the most out of that talent is another story.
  5. I totally missed this thread. I agree the officiating was horrible. Giving up tons of offensive rebounds in the first half really annoyed me. Gonna have to box out and crash the boards against Alabama. Keys to victory are defense and three point shooting. I liked some of the cuts to the basket, those back to back slams by Scott and Wiggins were a thing of beauty. Wiggins has had several rim rattlers this year.
  6. I said if the Terps played solid defense they could win, and that is precisely what they did! Amazing defensive intensity! About the only thing they didn't do well was rebound, if they did they could have won by 20. How good has Eric Ayala been these past several weeks? He has been driving strong and shooting amazingly well. Him and Wiggins were sharp from beyond the arc. When they shoot like that and play lock down defense they can beat anybody.
  7. Oh I didn't know Bouknight was questionable, that is a critical factor. I don't really feel great about the matchup either, I was looking at the stats and UConn is good defensively as well. We all know Maryland has times where they are completely stagnant offensively. It all comes down to the 3 ball imo. If we are hitting them we are good. Then it will be up to Morsell and company to wreak havoc defensively and get some turnovers. Alabama may be beatable (every team is), but I actually like them to make the Final 4 believe it or not. I watched them earlier in the year as well as the SEC championship game against LSU and they absolutely light it up from beyond the arc and elsewhere. They run up and down the court too. I think they are dangerous. They do have some limitations defensively though, so...anything is possible!
  8. Playing #7 Connecticut. I only saw them play a few times this year, Bouknight is a dangerous scorer. They have a couple big dudes that can bang down low. They seem to shoot the ball fairly well, but that can change if Maryland plays solid defense. We'll see.
  9. Well they played really well for about 16 minutes, then they let the game get away from them. Stopped hitting 3s and stopped playing defense. Michigan took advantage of our lack of size and abused us inside. Juwan Howard and Turgeon had a little tiff and Howard got ejected. Maryland responded but then Michigan just started hitting every shot. They are a dangerous team, I expect them to win the Big 10 tourney and make a run to the Final 4. On to the NCAA. If they can win a single game I will be impressed. The fact that they are even there is impressive.
  10. Maryland making it look easy! Playing with tons of energy, hustling for every rebound and outmuscling MSU. Ayala and Wiggins are being aggressive, Wiggins has shown some amazing footwork near the rim. Impressive win! Bring on Michigan!
  11. Ayala with a huge step back 3 at the buzzer to end the first half. He is leading the team. Hamilton hit a couple of big 3s too. Team is doing work at the free throw line. Stepped up the defense after a rough start. Defense is their calling card! See if Turgeon can keep them focused. Must win.
  12. Good point. I am not sure the stipulations of the contract or if that money is guaranteed. If it is then they would probably ride out the two years. Then again if alumni and program boosters are mad enough then the AD may feel pressure to act.
  13. Extremely disappointing. A loss at Northwestern I can somewhat understand, but not at home to Penn State on senior night. I believe they will need to beat Michigan State to make the tournament. Game could be for Turgeon's job.
  14. Team is playing incredibly well right now. Ayala has upped his driving game, really strong in the paint. The entire team is shooting the lights out. Incredible defense. Dangerous team, leading MSU by 11 right now.
  15. I don't think they are a great team or anything, but there is clearly some talent there. Saying they aren't a tournament team is simply not true, they have several good wins this year. They don't have to win the Big 10 tournament, they could go 2-1 in their final three regular season games as mentioned above and still make it. I agree the Terps offensive sets are sometimes ghastly to watch. Turgeon doesn't have the best gameplans. Lots of hero ball. But if you watch a lot of college basketball you would see that many teams rely on 1-1 moves to score. You need those players who can create their own shot. Turgeon needs to recruit a big man who can score down low. That is a major weakness. We will see if Reese can provide that next year. Anyway, this team will probably make the tournament as a 10 seed and lose in the first round. I definitely don't have any high expectations. Anything is possible in March though!
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