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  1. i mean if it is between the O's and Jays this is the real reason he will pick the O's. There is no doubt the taxes in Canada are brutal! However, I am more worried about the Skanks or Rangers getting involved.
  2. Exactly! I really hate how we think our country is so much better than everywhere else! Yes it is true of most places but not all! Two of the greatest cities in the world are Toronto and Vancouver!
  3. Clearly you haven't ever been to Toronto, awesome city. I mean it's no Norfolk but...
  4. Says the Nats, no wait the O's fan, no wait which are you this year??
  5. I honestly hope the next Commisioner is inovative and willing to make changes. This sport is in such a need for a salary structure, not necessarily a hard cap, that would level the playing field. The disparity between the large and small market teams is rediculous.
  6. Do we need a ***** Fest thread after every free agent is signed? Don't we have a thread complaining about Angelos already? No way in hell would I sign Infante at this contract!
  7. Yeah that was definitely brutal, the crunching noise of the fork in the skull was sickening but I saw that coming from a mile away, Gemma killing her, not specifically how. Juice killing Roosevelt was a complete shock. There is no doubt in my mind that Jax will eventually kill Gemma and that will be the end of the series, with Wendy ending up with the kids. I believe next season is the finale and while I love the show, the storylines are pretty much played out and I welcome the end.
  8. This DA is an idiot! I am glad the sheriff sees her for what she is! Tara is really getting on my nerves this season, though I thought the scene where she screamed "What has happened to me!" was great and lead to Jax really understanding how F'd up his world is. However, if she takes the deal or betrays the club again, then I think it is time for her to meet Mr Mayhem! edit: While Clay getting killed was justified, I do feel like one of the best aspects of the show is gone! A great character is gone!
  9. Oh he is definitely Rhaegar's and Lyanna's love child and the reason for the deception is because he was afraid of what Robert would do. I know you know this already but thought I would put it out there.
  10. Yeah I don't know who is available. I find it hard to believe that Cowher would be willing to come out of his lucrative cushy TV job and I think a young buck may have problems dealing with Snyder. So yeah, not sure.
  11. It should be noted that his 2 SB's wins where when he had one of the greatest QB's of all time running his offense. His track record outside of the Elway days is average at best. He was not good at Oakland, although few are, and his record with the Skins hasn't been good, with the exception of last year. In 27 years his teams have appeared in 14 playoff games (13 with Denver/1 Washington) and outside of the 2 SB years when he had a combined 7 playoff game wins, he has only won 1 other playoff win (2005). I think his ability has been greatly exagerated.
  12. According to Joss Whedon Ultron is a creation of Tony Stark and not Hank Pym, as in the comics. So there is no realy reason to have Pym in their and he isn't involved in the new Avengers movie this time around.
  13. Like the dropped TD pass against Pittsburgh 2 years ago?
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