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  1. Anyone tracking from Roch? Looks like Carter Baumler signed for 1.5 mil. Roch Signing tracking
  2. Anyone care to share some of this content for those of us who don’t have access?
  3. MarCakes21


    Any thoughts on what to do with the ball? Or who here might?
  4. MarCakes21


    This is slightly off topic, but watching this game reminded me. My dad and I (well him) caught Brady's home run during 2130. We still have it. It's probably worth more to him than me, but I don't know what to do with it. Anyone have thoughts? Or maybe @Tony-OH or @weams or someone else may know how to get in contact with Brady.
  5. Pretty good. I did the same thing under my own evaluation on my tear #2. Said, didn't hurt as bad as last time, so two weeks rest then play basketball again. I played another game, it was ugly and painful, and I couldn't even get 2 inches off the ground for a layup. Decided at that point that it probably was my ACL. Stubborn.
  6. Yup, I'll second that. It's instant pain. Then feels like you re-tear it every time you make that same move. Torn both mine, both playing basketball, and then opted to hold off on surgery to play baseball with a brace on. The push moves you make at 3rd are really tough on a torn ACL.
  7. Can I assume this has been canceled?
  8. I've never been to this event before, so I have a few questions: - Can myself and my family just walk around, to some degree unobstructed, or will we have an usher with us at all times and try to be sold? - Is this a widely populated event or fairly sparse? - Is it worth taking younger kids with me with things to look at/do or am I better off on my own?
  9. Theres actually a really good article in my opinion on the ringer about this exact ask. https://www.theringer.com/mlb/2019/12/6/20998574/free-agency-mike-moustakas-zack-wheeler-yasmani-grandal
  10. This is awesome. I'm not sure exactly what the take away is yet, but as a numbers junky, it looks like a crap shoot. Maybe once age and some other factors are built in theres more to gleam from it?
  11. So I just got done reading a funny article about Jason Heywards little brother getting ejected by arguing balls and strikes with a robot called strike. https://www.12up.com/posts/jason-heywards-brother-ejected-for-arguing-with-robot-umpire-video-01dqbcx5rggk/partners/40030?fbclid=IwAR25qYr7VAn2BLEnr-QHsSB_VM5720WzhMhqbILPPjTUi1cLGAqTzOIDy74 But this got me thinking about another question. Is there a mandate that teams play with a catcher? Because in reality, with no one on base, and less than 2 strikes, legitimately no one even needs to frame and present pitches for the umpire to see anymore. With 2 strikes you need him for drop ball 3rd strike. With men on, obviously for steals. But you could get an extra defender somewhere with less than 2 strikes. Has anyone in the rules committees thought about this?
  12. MarCakes21

    Rusney Castillo

    A name I had forgotten about, but SI just wrote an article on him. He's 32 years old, so probably wouldn't be worth a ton to a team like us, but what would a team trade for a player like this, assuming it had to also take on his salary so the red sox didn't push into the luxury tax. Or really just wait another year when he is a free agent, and another year older?
  13. I guess the real question is, does it matter where they play if they can cover for a league average CF in the corners some? And does some magical WAR number (oWAR and dWAR) make their deficiencies look better in one spot over the other. Like say today, you played Mancini in CF, knowing he was below average, but had above average COF, does his ability to hit at an elite CF level balance the dWAR number given you may plus dWAR numbers in COF?
  14. I considered starting a thread, but wanted to ask this question. Assuming all of Hays/Santander/Diaz become big leaguers of quality, who would play where? All three seem to be fringe CF, maybe debatably league average, but all seem to have above average bats for CF, and potentially average to below average bats for RF/LF. Does it matter in the long run or since one is next to the other, an above average fielding LF/RF could potentially make up for a average/below average CF.
  15. Anyone see what Corban Joseph is doing at AAA and now he's getting his cup of coffee in the bigs? May have been a fun asset, even though old, to keep this squad together here for minimum salary.
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