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  1. Debatable. I've always agreed with your sentiment, but my 6 year old son likes and enjoys baseball at his age. They're taught to be hitters and put the ball in play. As head coach, I gave homework assignments to watch some of the Champ Series that was on after practice. We watched, and his takeaway was that the pitcher was throwing a lot of pitches that the hitters didn't swing at. Again, I'm not saying that this isn't advantageous for both the hitter and the pitcher, as we all know Ks and HRs are up, but not having the ball in play and a lot of activity makes the game boring for th
  2. So let's back up. Is he worth an $8mil or 2/$15 type of deal if we could get quality for Mullins and let Hays play CF?
  3. At least at SS. I think Elias is aware that he has several SS prospects that he needs to have pan out to support the Orioles rise. If they all pan out, then you also have a 3B, and maybe a 2B. SP and RP on the other hand....
  4. That's an intruiging one. What about Eddie Rosario as well? He made $8 mil on a 1 year deal. Not sure he can play center, but Hays probably can, and then we could trade Mullins for a decent haul on the pitching side. Or Mancini/Santander.
  5. Maybe I'm missing it because I don't follow other teams prospects, but what do you see in Turang other than a top pick and he's still young? He's got a mediocre OPS, poor SB%, and yes he's a MIF at AA. I figured many would say the other way around on Mondesi vs. Marte. O's say no on Mondesi, yes to Marte.
  6. Hays for Mondesi or Ketel Marte. Who bites?
  7. Because we need to take some risks to acquire talent to maximize our window. We can't buy a lot of FA in 2023. I'm sure KC is thinking the same way, but potentially have a bad taste with the health concerns. Same concept as @Sports Guy has with Champan and Glasnow. Good thoughts, acquire them if the price makes sense. Spend some of your capital now to maximize 2023-2026.
  8. Really? The guy is making 2.5 mil right now, and the GM says he likes him, but can't trust him. Sounds like lip service. Assume he makes something like $6 mil and $9 mil in arb 2 and 3. Seems like a potential non-tender. Seems like it might not even take a top 10 prospect, and if healthy he's way better than anything we've got. And if he hits, then we've got ourselves a possible extension candidate next year.
  9. While we're targeting guys that may be available, one I thought of was Adalberto Mondesi. He is playing in his first arb eligible season, so he has 2 more before he's a UFA. He missed a significant amount of the season, but is one of the more polarizing players in terms of performance when he's on the field. What would it take and do we think he'd actually be available?
  10. I'm simply stating that the old school catchers are what is visible to the eyes of the game. The pitch framing and WAR/win probability/strikes gained is done by computer after the game. The two players still exist.
  11. Which is done in turn by the catcher or someone in the dugout and the catcher relays.
  12. I think there's differences to "catcher defense" concept: 1. The older school concept, which is related to throwing, blocking balls in the dirt, positioning his teammates correctly, calling pitches 2. The newer school, which is related to pitch framing, getting additional strikes and therefore additional outs, adding to team win percentage, etc. Not saying either Sisco or Severino is good at it, but the first guy doesn't count as much for WAR as the second guy
  13. What about buying out 2-3 years of free agency now (assuming you can assess how he'll play against big league pitching). Take him out to age 32-33 but not out to age 36 like a next deal likely would.
  14. It's an outfield camp, hence the word "mini" and not full camp See this thread
  15. I'm in this camp. Guys who have been good, but are way down right now and may accept a minor league deal. I like Archer, Folty, Jimmy Nelson, Ray
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