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  1. Yup. The Orioles also don't play in a mall stadium like our dear MASN business partners.
  2. Surprised. If they were going to do it, this would seem to be the year. I've grown to appreciate the (relative) cheapness of Camden Yards after living in D.C. and discovering that you need to take out a loan to go to a Nats game.
  3. <p><p><p>Happy Birthday</p></p></p>

  4. Yunel is scum, but if Lueke was ever in the Orioles organization I wouldn't watch or go to a game until he was released. What did Castro do? I must have missed that.
  5. Unless they're a wife-beater or a violent criminal, none really.
  6. "It's been real OH, but it's time for me to go." Meta.
  7. I actually feel bad for Bradley Jr. Arum said that Bradley himself thought he lost before the decision was announced. Now he'll be vilified.
  8. Oh, boxing. You never cease to amaze.
  9. Thought the matches today were fairly dull. Good moments in both, but I expected more from NED and POR. Guess I shouldn't be so surprised about Portugal, though. The idea of that team is always better than the reality. Thought DEN looked good, but they were lucky to get 3 points. If RVP is merely mediocre then its a draw at least. I still like my initial prediction of Germany and the Dutch advancing. The match between those two will be fantastic considering it will be a must win for the Orange.
  10. I think a team like the Royals would much prefer the old system to this one. Not to say it wasn't flawed, though.
  11. Basically, it just seems broken. I don't see how it solves any of the issues it set out to remedy. It seems like it just gives kids less leverage. Boras is obviously steamed for self-serving reasons to an extent, but his comments regarding scouts and calculators rings true from my perspective. All this being said, you know much, much, much more about the process than I do. More than willing to be convinced to the contrary.
  12. This article sums out some of my issues with it. http://www.baseballamerica.com/blog/draft/2012/06/new-draft-rules-create-confusion-run-on-college-seniors/ Also, the new system removed the one advantage (if they chose to do so) that small market teams had--spending massive amounts of uncapped cash.
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