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  1. First outing, didn't have the movement on FB yet, shame he can't be extended in his pitch counts because that is what a number 1 SP looks like, 4 pitch mix with all quality pitches. Best pure stuff of any oriole pitcher I have seen in a long time, just hope he avoids the injury bug, he is a stud.
  2. Only my 2nd time actually seeing him pitch, was impressed, has LR and spot SP in his future, good fastball and good break on slider, changeup needs some work and used more. Love that he can throw to back foot om RH batters, a pitch that every LH pitchers should have, are you listening Atkins.
  3. Seen him in 3 games so far, what I see is that he not going max effort like last two year, same thing that Tiger is doing in golf, 80 percent instead of 100. Like Tiger, age is not your friend, and trying to out drive some new young player is not going to work, being shorter to the ball with less effort does, making solid contact where the ball is pitched is better. Last year Davis approach was to hit the long and over the fence, he would take the outside strike and K, this year he is hitting the ball to the opposite field more instead of rolling over and hitting into the shift, I credit Gentry for his transformation. Gentry was never a great hitter but he realize that you have to use the whole field to hit in the majors. Here hoping that it continues and Davis keeps it up!!!!
  4. Big different when your facing 90/92 and faces MLB pitchers 95 and up, need to see more, couldn't hit velo the last 2 years.
  5. Nothing to get excited about, they were playing a AA team.
  6. I have always envisioned the orioles having the OF with 3 CF, like we had with Brady, Devo, and Finley before the Davis trade, that would be my dream of a great OF.
  7. Not on topic, but I play golf with someone who has the same disorder as Chris Davis, I have worked with many players to help them improve, many getting them down in the low 80, I have tried everything with him to help, nothing works, he even went to the doctors who gave him the drug Davis used after Adderell, it didn't work. I can get him to play well for 3/4 holes at a time, but not 18, and he doesn't want to change, I changed my swing to the Chamblee swing, probably the easiest swing to use and I have great results, he refuses to try it. It is very hard to change people who have this disorder like Davis.
  8. We both are missing a relative point, just like the NFL, the pensions are grandfather to certain points in time, I would bet that Johnson pension is far less than current players with 3 1/2 years. I remember this because of John Unitas problem before his death. The CBA changes every time it comes up, players formally in it sometimes don't apply to the new rules.
  9. Same as me reaching the age of 65, I qualified for Medicare, but I still have to pay for it, qualified doesn't mean I get it free.
  10. Defensive stats in analytics are great to look at but are generally wrong, especially when range and burst and reaction are taken into question, even Kinney knows that defensive stats have a long way to go. Now if Paul Blair was alive and evaluating OF, I would be more incline to believe them, but some of these people have actually never played the game and most of this data is by still using the old eye test, just not by qualified people.
  11. Not the way that Dave Johnson explained it on MASN, the way he explained it is like social security and medicare, you can buy health insurance through your pension, and pensions are not fully vested until you have 10 years in, there are no more benefits after serving 10 years. Dave had 3 1/3 years in MLB, he said his pension is small compared to a fully vested pension, he didn't get into their healthcare system because he already had one he liked. Don't get confused about active MLB players who receive healthcare and start their pensions and retired MLB players, the rules are different.
  12. I know that Roch likes to push Mullins, but really, all I see is a maybe 4th or 5th OF in the majors, who doesn't have a major league arm, has great speed but takes bad routes and gets bad jumps and can't hit very well from either side of the plate.
  13. Doesn't work like that, pensions work on years and months accumulated and healthcare is taken out of their pension per Dave Johnson, the ex oriole pitcher who had 3 1/2 years in MLB. Wilkerson has far less , and it takes 10 years to be fully invested.
  14. Still watching the former White Sox SP, Covey, he has elected free agency, could see the orioles sign him, fits the rebuilt better. He is not on your list.
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