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  1. I like what I see from Ruiz by my eye test, a really nice swing, just needs to make better contract and hit the ball more to the opposite field instead of trying to pull. Good defensively, good hands, and a decent accurate arm, will improve with age. See a platoon with Nunez some this year, if Nunez can control his throws because accuracy is his problem, he has the arm. Both could work on tempo of their throwing motion, they rush their throws to many times.
  2. The answer to the actually question being asked is yes, Mountcastle is a better hitter than Mancini at this stage of his process, you don't make top 100 lists in MLB with his defensive trouble if you can't hit and have that bad of a arm. He has elite bat speed that few prospects have, he will hit in the majors, be it at DH or 1b, but he will never be a great defensive player at any position in the majors because of his weak throwing arm. The orioles are very lucky to have him, can't wait till May to see him play.
  3. The best option for the orioles and for Joseph is to offer him the bullpen coaching job, start his clock to become a MLB skipper in the future.
  4. I don't expect you to agree with my opinions, by I have studied and seen a lot of baseball in my 66 years, but even if your trying to lose, you still need to fill in the holes on your team with players. The orioles, KC, and the tigers are open opportunities for SP today. Baseball has always been about finding and uncovering gems that other teams always give up on and release, its the different between being a successful and a unsuccessful GM, Its goes to heart of scouting in the first place, you can see something that nobody else sees.
  5. We had probably the worst pitching staff in baseball, Elias has already stated the none of the kids are going to pitch until they are ready to stay, there is only one option to improve, sign minor league and major league free agents. They would be sign to one year non-guarantee minor league contracts and the scouts and the new tools can make an evaluation on them, there is nothing to lose in this situation, you can cut the one who don't have the skills. All teams have done it for years.
  6. No . it will be dumpster driving all the way, but people won't complain because its Elias doing it. If he was serious about improving the problem, he would have already sign every major and minor free agent SP out there who would take a minor league contract. On the other hand, if I was a major or minor league pitcher, Baltimore and the Rockies, are the last place, I want to pitch for, even when the opportunity are unlimited. But if I was a hitter, its the exact opposite.
  7. Of course they are projecting but this is Villar walk year, he will be trying to put up better numbers.
  8. Really shots a hole in the value of WAR, doesn't it, a 4 WAR player asking for 10 million and getting cut. Brian Kenny is going to be disappointed on Monday with this news.
  9. In my opinion, Hall is the better prospect, G Rod fastball is too straight, he need to develop more movement, Hall fastball has movement and will play better against MLB hitters. Hence, the different in control of both, much easier to control a straight fastball then one with a lot of movement.
  10. Just another pitcher you pick up, wait till a busy time, and put back on waiver hopping you can sent to Norfolk.
  11. Doesn't really matter who they cut, 40 man has to be redone after the current year for the rule 5 draft.
  12. 2nd round pick Gunnar Henderson has signed according to MLB Trade Rumors, nothing about what he signed for.
  13. As reported by MLB trade rumors today, he has signed, they didn't know the price.
  14. What I see is two studs at the top and a lot of really good baseball players with tools, can't go wrong picking CF and SS in the draft, their the best players on the field. He pick the strength of this draft which was position players, which means the players in the international signing period that he says we have already have in the bag may be mainly pitching prospects. I have great respect for our new GM, I trust him to do what best for this organization.
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