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  1. Our old friend Stephen Tarpley has been DFA’d. Doubt he gets past the Tigers though. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2020/01/yankees-announce-brett-gardner-signing-dfa-stephen-tarpley.html
  2. Ynoa has not re-signed with the Os as far as I can tell. Do you have a link from 11/8 where you saw that? Thanks.
  3. Great stuff. Thanks. Anybody have anyone to watch in the DSL or GCL?
  4. It's behind a firewall--can anyone post a blurb or something? Thanks.
  5. I always find it interesting to look at who's been bumped off the list (going by MiLB and not BA's list, so not apples to apples, but still): Ortiz Carmona Encarnacion Cumberland Pop Carroll Lots of guys we acquired in last year's deadline deals. Guys that were decently ranked in other org's systems. Guys that were in the teens in our system (heck, wasn't Ortiz like #9 when he first arrived here?) Now, off the map.
  6. Is he a prospect? I’ve never seen him on any lists but maybe I missed him.
  7. I think if we designate Wright for assignment right this very moment (16.88 ERA), there's a good chance he clears. Then he's off the 40-man and can languish in AAA, where he belongs.
  8. Ven6


    I would take a .750 OPS and decent defense. I realize it may prevent the organization from releasing him, but really, I would rather have him perform better. He's vilified around here, but I believe he is a decent human being and I don't wish failure on him. His level of record-setting underperformance has to be impossibly tough to deal with.
  9. Ok, ya gotta give us more than that. Please. Were any of the 10 or 54 Orioles or in the O's system?
  10. International cap money you say? So he's part of the Gausman trade now, at least for me. So I feel better.
  11. I first stumbled upon the Orioles Hangout during the prolonged losing, and it was a saving grace. There was actually intelligent, well-researched thinking and ideas that could give me hope. Then we won some, and the OH didn't disappoint as a trusted friend in good times. But I'm actually very much more interested in this community during the rebuild. And this community makes that rebuild all the more exciting and tolerable. Thank you, OH. Agree with the post on @Luke-OH being a huge addition.
  12. Yes to all the above. And winning usually means someone is doing well. When our young guys do well and win, I’m doubly happy.
  13. Plus this is probably a decent time to try to get him through waivers.
  14. I like your thinking. I think I'd prefer swapping Escobar out for another reliever (Bleier might be ready by OD). Especially with the positional flexibility happening. Not sure Rogers wins a job--could see Mike Wright getting his last chance. Or Yelfry Ramirez as a starter, and Wright as the BP arm.
  15. Back to the thread topic, do we know how much international bonus pool money we coughed up? Scanned through the thread but didn't see it.
  16. I always look forward to and appreciate your thoughtful work. Thank you in advance.
  17. Okay now that we have gotten all those side-bar conversations out of our system and we know who was left unprotected, anyone have a take on who looks interesting? @Luke-OH? Or we could go back to discussing the 2012 Red Sox ;)
  18. Gilmartin signed to MiLB deal.
  19. Ven6

    Luis Perez

    Struck out 10 in the home finale for Delmarva. Only 2 hits. Guess with the hit batters he was "effectively wild". @Luke-OH, I know he's a bit old for the league, but are you seeing any development in his pitches or effectiveness? Luis Perez pitched 6.0 innings and gave up a run on 2 hits with a walk, 2 wild pitches, 3 hit batters and 10 strikeouts.
  20. Be better to track it since the day of the trade. IMHO.
  21. Ven6

    How we feeling?

    Two guys that many have written off that could change our near-term prospects quickly.
  22. Ven6

    New prospect list?

    Whoa. Cumberland--is that at #4????? How do they justify that?
  23. Ven6

    New prospect list?

    Thanks. So our depth is comparable, but we're missing some of the impact players. I'd say a great start to the rebuild.
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