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  1. I don't think the decision to let Nunez go is related to this flyer at all. This is merely a low-cost, no-risk flyer IMO. Nunez was gone before Elias even knew Shaw would be placed on waivers by the Giants, so there is no reason to think the plan was to release Nunez and replace him in the lineup with Shaw. As you said, Shaw is left-handed, has an option, and is cheap. I don't think it is any more complicated than that. There's a good chance IMO that, as other moves are made, Shaw ends up DFA and we try to pass him thru waivers and outright him to Norfolk.
  2. Hard to agree with any of this. We aren't loaded with LH power. We have room for him in AAA. He has an option and if we need the 40 man spot, we can try to DFA him and pass him thru waivers. And a .947 OPS looks pretty good to me, even in PCL. Or are you focusing only on 72 MLB at bats in 2 cups of coffee? This is a minor transaction that could bear fruit at little to no cost or risk. Why get distraught over this?
  3. Eshelman isn't lost yet. He was DFA, not released.
  4. So, you think some weasel will go for Pop? I know, I know. Sorry.
  5. While there may be a 3B worth taking a cheap flyer on available, I seriously doubt that there will be a solid 3B there. If one is surprisingly left unprotected, I'd say one of the four teams picking ahead of us would almost surely grab him. Solid isn't exactly a normal description of rule 5 guys. Perhaps there are the occasional solid middle relievers there, but that's pretty much it for the most part. Rule 5 draft is really about taking flyers and I don't think Elias will be focusing on a certain position to fill a need. I think he will grab the guy he sees the most upside in that might possibly be able to stick with the big club for the season, regardless of position, but that's only my opinion. Fortunately, our system is improving and taking multiple guys that are clearly better than the guys we have in our own system is no longer all that easy to do.
  6. So, you're thinking that maybe you'll get a free beer out of it if we sign him? Sounds good to me! 😎
  7. I'm not going to believe any of these Bauer rumors until he's spotted at a Ravens game.
  8. I'm surprised by this comment, Tony. I'm not sure how you can blame Elias for Yaz coming out of nowhere to perform as he has for the Giants. You really think there was reason to expect that Elias should have seen that coming? Wow.
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