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  1. We drafted a 2-way guy in 2009. Mychal Givens.
  2. To take it a step farther, if a ball caroms off the wall and is caught in the air, is it an out? Of course not. Because once it hit the wall it was no longer considered to be off the bat. I just really think MLB is misinterpreting its own rule. In fact, Jose Canseco's infamous play where the ball bounced off his head and over the fence was ruled a home run, not a ground rule double. I remember Pat Kelly had a ball pop out of his glove and over the fence. Again, a home run, not a ground rule double. I just don't think the rule they are citing is meant for "over the outfield fence" plays
  3. Seems to me that, since the ball hit the wall first and had definitely been kept in play, the rule pertaining to a player throwing the ball out of play is more appropriate than the rule involving a batted ball deflecting off a player and going out of play. All runners advance two bases from the last base attained at the time the ball left the fielder's body. If the runners had not yet reached first and second, then they would be placed as they were in the game, but if they had reached at least first and second, the run would score, and the batter/runner would be placed on third. Once it hit
  4. IIRC that was the theme song to a TV show back in the 60's. "Here Come the Brides," I think. And Bobby Sherman acted in the show.
  5. What did you say? What was that word? Did you say Ute? What's a Ute?
  6. Number5


    Here is a picture of Pittsburgh's PNC Park at game time yesterday. You can practically count the fans. The announced attendance was 8,382, but there is no way there are 8,000 people in that park. Look: Embarrassing Crowd At MLB Game Wednesday (msn.com)
  7. I've got a collection of old cards. I was thinking about selling some on ebay. 60's mostly. Some older, some newer. A good number of Orioles and hall of famers. If you're interested in any particular years, players, or teams, pm me and let me know, and I'll check to see what I've got.
  8. Yeah, massaging the time at which the service time clock begins, or the length of the service time clock are things that could be done. I'm just not so sure that this is a big issue to the union., as I'm having trouble seeing their motivation to negotiate for players not yet in the union. It seems to me that the present system benefits union players by keeping more jobs open to them. Again, I'm no expert on the matter, so i could easily be missing something.
  9. I'm not sure if doing it by age, rather than service time, would be legal. Seems like it might be unconstitutional to do it that way. I'm no lawyer, though.
  10. Number5

    FCL happenings

    No place has everything. All in all, the DMV has a lot to offer and is a pretty good place to live, IMO.
  11. So is a stress reaction what we used to call a bone bruise? I don't recall a bone bruise taking so long to heal, though.
  12. Played for the Orioles.
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