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  1. Yeah, the original one with Fred MacMurray was much better.
  2. What was I supposed to do - call him for cheating better than me in front of the others?
  3. What if they asked him his role in the Astros' pending cheating investigation during the interview process and he denied any involvement? When the report later came out, Beltran was named in the report as a participant. Wouldn't being shown to have lied in the interview process be sufficient grounds?
  4. OK, Mr Altuve, just one more test, then you can bat.
  5. What if they had a trash can under their shirt? 😀
  6. I hear ya, but that just seems way too high to me. Seems like .6 runs would be closer to the number for the entire half inning, not one out. That would be 5.4 runs per team per game by simple math ( 9 X .6.) I'm sure the formula that whoever came up with .6 runs per out came up with is far more complex than that. I've found in life that there are times that more complex isn't always better. It would be nice to at least be given a reasonable explanation of how they arrived at the number and a reason that the actual number of runs scored versus outs made would be an incorrect way to do it. Again, I'm no mathematician, but I do like to be able to at least have something make some kind of sense to me.
  7. I'm not a mathematician, so I can't back my opinion up on this, but .6 runs per out seems extremely high to me. My common sense tells me that there isn't an average of 1.8 runs scored every half inning, even with juiced up balls. Again, I have no training or experience in this field at all, but it just looks way off to my simple mind. Can you explain this to me in terms that I can understand?
  8. Yes, Cora noticed that whenever the pitchers caused loud banging sounds to emanate from below the stands that they then threw an off-speed pitch.
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