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  1. Well, by definition, the bottom 67% of lineups aren't there to pitch to, so that accounts for some of the disparity, all things being equal. That alone wouldn't account for a 2 runs per game difference, though. All I know is, Kershaw is a major reason that the Dodgers have played in so many playoff games during his tenure. He plays on my team.
  2. Even worse. Buck was the visiting team and a save was at least a possibility if the Orioles got the lead. Tonight the Dodgers were the home team. No save possible in extra innings.
  3. https://www.washingtonpost.com/dc-md-va/2018/11/30/couple-was-refused-dc-marriage-license-when-clerk-asked-new-mexico-passport/
  4. If you count other sports, the flukiest has to be Paul Hornung winning the Heisman in 1956 while leading Notre Dame to a 2-8 season.
  5. I went to a safety patrol game right around that time in which both Phoebus and the Kansas City A's pitcher threw one-hitters. Orioles won the game 1-0.
  6. Unbelievable really.
  7. Has any other team ever struck out 24 times in a game, regardless of how many walks? Seems like an incredible number of strikeouts. I suppose it's possible in a long extra-inning game.
  8. Agreed. Tampa/Oakland/expansion more likely.
  9. See Il BuonO's post above. Austin metro is over 2 million.
  10. Round Rock has a population of 123,000, and is close to Austin, which is the 11th largest city in the United States, believe it or not. Population 947,000. Austin is also 80 miles from San Antonio, the 7th largest city in the U.S (1,530,000). Seems to me the Austin/San Antonio area would be very viable for a MLB team.
  11. I've seen you mention Asheville before. I think perhaps you mean to say Charlotte. Asheville is the 12th largest city … in North Carolina. Population 89,000. For reference, Erie, Pa. is 101,000 and Richmond, Va. is 223,000. There are no other population centers in the Asheville area, either. Certainly not a media center. It is a nice place for tourism, with the Smokie Mountains and quite a few breweries, but there is no chance Asheville would ever be considered for a MLB team.
  12. How would they keep the Dolly statue from toppling over forward?
  13. The Astros are in town right now. 😊
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