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  1. So, he's a free agent if he passes thru waivers? Why wouldn't Houston be able to outright him? These waiver rules confuse me sometimes.
  2. Jeffrey Hammonds falls into that category, too, IMO. I really thought that he would be a superstar.
  3. Different rules made it a completely different game. Defensive backs could hit the receivers all the way down the field until the pass was on its way. No 5-yard illegal contact penalty. Offensive linemen couldn't use their hands. The standard way if blocking today was holding back then. Heck, the officials today don't even call holding under today's rules most of the time. (Unless the team I'm rooting for scores a touchdown. 😲) The quarterbacks weren't protected from hits the way they are today. Even throwing the ball away took skill, as a receiver had to be in the area to avoid intentional grounding. No "outside of the tackle box." For that matter, even encroachment was called differently. If a defensive player jumped and got back before the snap, he was OK, as long as he didn't contact anybody. If he caused an offensive player to move, the offensive player was called for a false start. Those old rules favored the defense and today's rules are safer in general. We really can't compare statistics between eras when the rules and conditions were so completely different.
  4. I think this was the intended outcome when we claimed him.
  5. LOL. Yeah, sometimes I feel like I'm reading one of those literal translations from Japanese. 😀
  6. Geez, Tide, pick your battles. Hard to see any reason to complain about this move.
  7. Wait a minute. Being sober is a requirement? Holy cow!
  8. No, you're not the one making assumptions.
  9. Former Angels Staffer Alleges Widespread Use Of Foreign Substances - MLB Trade Rumors I have zero knowledge on the subject. Just going by what the article says.
  10. There was no reason to quote me and call me a douchebag. Really poor act on your part. If your aim was to piss me off for some reason, you succeeded.
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