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  1. Number5

    Alec Mills No-Hitter

    He just out the last out to no-hit the Brewers.
  2. Yeah, I always wondered. 😀
  3. He has 3 sons named Derek, Mariano, and Arod.
  4. Worst trade the Cubs ever made. RIP Lou.
  5. LOL. This way, they can claim they didn't miss on him. "Oh yeah, we had him in our top 100."
  6. You must be married.
  7. Well, you do have to look at the ball to do that.
  8. Campaneris always seemed to be a thorn in the Orioles side. I don't know his stats vs. us as compared to other teams, but he always seemed to me to be a guy that hurt us.
  9. My understanding is that the 40-man roster in the off-season is what matters as far as the Rule-5 eligibility is concerned. The special 60-man roster for this shortened season has nothing to do with Rule-5 eligibility, as far as I can tell. I think you are reading something into it that just doesn't apply.
  10. Unlike you, I am not aware of every little transaction's details. If this has been done before, it was wrong then, too. There is a set procedure. Trading the guy for a dollar merely allows the receiving team to get the player without worrying that a team that has a worse record claims him. Favor to the ream getting the player, obviously. Favor to the player? How?
  11. Yes, hence the word "never." The commissioner should never allow this. Never. Apparently, you don't see why there is a waiver wire order.
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