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  1. I got a fever. And the only prescription is MORE LEYBA!
  2. LOL. Thanks, I misread what he wrote. Apologies.
  3. Not according to the above article:
  4. Not according to this: Dodgers Expected To Acquire Max Scherzer And Trea Turner From Nationals For Four Prospects - MLB Trade Rumors Says one more year of arbitration for Turner. Edit -- Oops. I misread phatty's post. Please disregard.
  5. LOL. Just trying to have a few more days in the sun! Glory days!
  6. Bob, it isn't metal bats that they are protecting themselves from, it is the composite bats, especially the "senior bats" that have a 1.21 bpf.
  7. Don't you mean loom small? LOL
  8. The bottom hook of the C in that spider logo makes it look more like a scorpion to me.
  9. So, Round 14 pick Daniel Lloyd is the only pick that hasn't been reported as having been signed as of now, right?
  10. Rock and Roll HOF is in Cleveland. Should have gone with the Cleveland Rock or Rockers or Rollers. Something like that. I don't know. I guess people in Cleveland really like those Guardian statues. Whatever floats their boat, I guess. Missed opportunity, IMO.
  11. This post shows exactly how much you know about the draft.
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