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  1. Roll Tide is correct that there are possible outcomes where the trade would appear in hindsight to have not worked out, and possible outcomes where the trade would appear to have worked out. I think that is pretty much true of all trades. What I'm in favor of is Elias having a definitive plan and sticking to that plan. Will every move he makes definitely work out? Probably not. I, for one, am going to try not to agonize over each and every step along the way. He said from the get go that it will be a process and that not every move will be easy.
  2. I think you are making too much out of your assertion that Elias "let the cat out of the bag" regarding a possible non-tender of Villar. With an estimated $10.4 million arb salary and free agency approaching next off-season, the fact that Villar was a non-tender candidate was pretty obvious. Paying Villar $10.4 million for 2020 certainly would not have brought the Orioles into contention. Given the Orioles' situation, I would guess that just about every GM in baseball fully anticipated the non-tender. If anything, it seems to me that Elias' actions leading up to the tender deadline probably pushed Miami into a trade offer, which enabled the Orioles to get something out of nothing. In any event, I can't agree with your opinion that Elias somehow bumbled the situation.
  3. The Astros have been dealing with this kind of thing. I wonder how the people we hired away from them feel about this issue.
  4. I don't believe the competitive balance pick was available. IIRC, competitive balance picks can only be traded in-season. I'm not certain about that, though.
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