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  1. Dave McNally. Well, to start with, there are many more right-handed people than left-handed people. So right off the bat, one would certainly expect to have fewer left-handed players who bat right-handed than right-handed players who bat left-handed. Add to that the game advantage to throwing right-handed at certain positions; and the advantage of batting left-handed (since there are more right-handed pitchers) and we end up with even fewer players who learn from an early age to bat right-handed and throw left.
  2. I seriously doubt if Aaron led the NL in HR in the 1970's, since he didn't play the whole decade. I would guess someone like Stargell, Bench, or Schmidt would be the guy. I'm guessing all 3 of those guys had more HR in the 1970's than Aaron.
  3. As I posted above, not according to MLBTR.
  4. Per MLBTR, Meyer signed for 6.7. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2020/06/marlins-first-rounder-max-meyer-agree-to-deal.html
  5. Number5


    That's the way he pronounced it. Although there is no "W" sound in there. Just say the 2 words "bra" and "bender".
  6. There were reports that Boras told the Orioles that they wanted #1 money from the Orioles, which would have been over-slot for the second pick.
  7. Are you saying the rule has changed and it is no longer allowed? I understand that you don't think that ownership will authorize the overage. That is not my question.
  8. OK. I wouldn't know about that issue. I'm just saying that my understanding is the amount that the rules allow the Orioles to pay Kjerstad without incurring a penalty (if Servideo signs for slot) is $6,218,865. If the Angelos family restricts Elias further than the rules do, I guess Kjerstad would have to sign for a lesser amount if he wants to play for Baltimore.
  9. Are you saying they aren't allowed to go up to 105% of allotment without penalty? Or are you saying that they are allowed to, but haven't in the past.
  10. My understanding is that they can exceed the allotment by 5% without penalty. If Weams' numbers are right in the OP, I believe that means the orioles can go up to $6,218,865 for Kjerstad if Servideo signs for slot.
  11. No, we didn't but that is the only way we could have drafted both Martin and an over-slot guy. We almost surely wouldn't have been able to draft two over-slot guys.
  12. Or you could draft a senior with no leverage in another round and sign him for a small amount like $20K.
  13. Not signing a draftee doesn't help at all. The slot allocation for the pick is lost if the draftee is unsigned. It cannot be used to sign another draftee over-slot.
  14. Number5

    Field of Dreams game

    Seems like Reds and White Sox would make more sense. They were the teams involved in the 1919 WS, and they are both in Central Divisions.
  15. Do the Orioles receive the advertising dollars? I thought it was the broadcasting companies. Why else would they pay the Orioles to air the games?
  16. Yes, I saw that, and when we did make the pick, he said it was a great pick and that the Orioles will have to replace a lot of windows in the warehouse with Kjerstad hitting!
  17. Gentile in 1961. The first NL player to do so, believe it or not, was a pitcher, Tony Cloninger, of the Braves.
  18. I'm not sure that angering your existing fanbase in the hopes that they will be replaced by more people that will suddenly fall in love with the game because of the new way they handle games in which the score is tied after nine innings would be a good idea. Seems somewhat similar to the decision to change the formula of Coca-Cola.
  19. I believe that lights increased the times when the game could possibly be played, but not really how the game is played. Just sayin'. Major change, no doubt, but not really a rules change for the playing of the game.
  20. Apparently Sig's model projecting the season did have Kjerstad doing exactly that.
  21. The discussion Drungo and Sports Guy are having seems to be based on the suggestion that fans want and like the runner on second to start an extras inning rule. I doubt that premise very much. I believe that the overwhelming majority of fans are against this rule change. MLBTR just ran a poll on this and the vote was 80% to 20% against the rule. Not close. So, if as Drungo asserts, they should go with what the fans want, then there is little doubt which way they should go. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2020/06/poll-a-major-change-to-extra-innings.html
  22. He was probably angry at one of your posts!
  23. When they traded for Trumbo, I thought that meant they were letting Davis go. Davis/Boras just were demanding too much. I still think that was probably DD's plan. I was surprised when Boras got directly with Angelos and we ended up signing Davis, too. I wasn't really angry about it, as I had no idea Davis would fall off a cliff like he did, but I was surprised.
  24. I can't find the NCAA game, but here is the story of a high school game where the pitcher lost a perfect game. Maybe this was the game I was thinking of and my memory fog had me thinking it was a college game. https://ftw.usatoday.com/2015/04/high-school-softball-pitcher-throws-perfect-game-strikes-out-23-still-loses Good grief, struck out 23 of 24 batters, and the one batter that hit the ball was an out. And she lost!
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