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  1. Yeah, the AHL was never a "major" league in competition with the NHL. Strictly a minor league.
  2. They hid it the same place they hid that vowel.
  3. Predictable. Home run and double? Stay under the bridge. Two strikeouts? Come out and scream that the sky is falling. LOL
  4. Don't you mean Orioles Legend? 😎
  5. It has happened in fast pitch softball. Pitcher pitched a perfect game and lost! Softball pitcher throws perfect game and loses (fansided.com)
  6. Actually, once he clears waivers he is offered back to us for $50K. The original team is not required to take him back, although they do most of the time.
  7. Trouble with trying a trade for one of the rule 5 guys is the fact that we must first expose him to waivers. If any team claims him, he's gone. No trade possible.
  8. Tuffy Rhodes of the Cubs hit 3 HRs opening day, 1994, becoming the first player in MLB history to hit a HR in each of his first three at bats on opening day of a season. He ended up with 13 total HRs in his 6-year MLB career. He did go on to be a star in Japan, hitting 464 HRs in his career there.
  9. They mentioned during the broadcast that this is the first time since 1979 that the O's failed to hit a HR in the first three games, if I heard them right. Sounded a bit hard to believe, but if so, wow. And yet we won all three games! Interestingly the O's won the AL pennant in 1979. Karma? 😉
  10. AL EAST W-L PCT GB HOME AWAY RS RA DIFF L10 STRK 1 Orioles 2-0 1.000 - 0-0 2-0 7 2 5 2-0 W2 2 Rays 2-1 .667 .5 0-0 2-1 14 16 -2 2-1
  11. I'm hoping we see this headline often in the coming years!
  12. Number5

    O's @ Sox

    Wire to wire! 😎
  13. Yeah, thanks, I just noticed he was talking about Trey's at bat. My bad.
  14. Pitch looked outside to me. Not low. We are talking about the ball 4 that Joe West called strike 2, right? *EDIT* - Oops, sorry. I see he's talking about Trey's at bat, not Mountcastle's.
  15. Too bad Ruiz couldn't put the ball in play. Fly ball or even a grounder had a chance to score a run there.
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