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  1. Oh, gotcha. I thought the "nobody" was referring to the folks issuing the ratings, rather than the teams.
  2. So, we are definitely in the top 4 of the bottom 4.
  3. So he was laughing at the guys working out without using steroids? They must have been in the 10%.😲
  4. It was atomic. He hasn't got a clue. Here's a positive to cancel his nonsense.
  5. Traded to Phillies. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2020/02/phillies-acquire-kyle-garlick-from-dodgers.html
  6. Superimposing an "N" on a "Y" is worse!
  7. Seems like we should designate Davis as a two-way player. No downside if we have to keep him on the IL 5 more days.
  8. Actually, I think he forgot the score. The number of outs doesn't matter on this play.
  9. Yes, for pitchers. It will still be 10 days for position players. And, yes, if they are brought back before eligible to replace an injured player, that is OK.
  10. This begs several questions: 1. If you don't ever watch, why do you care what's on? 2. If you don't ever watch, why do you bother to gather statistics about what ESPN is broadcasting and formulate an opinion about it? 3. If you don't ever watch, why would you think ESPN cares about your opinion? 4. If you don't ever watch, what makes you think any of us care about your opinion?
  11. Dubroff seems to have forgotten about Nunez when discussing the infield/outfield roster. He says there are 4 openings for those reserve spots, but by my count there are three. I'm figuring the seven starting IF/OF that he lists, 2 catchers, 13 pitchers, and Nunez - which leaves 3 more spots on the 26-man roster. Now, if the Orioles decide to stick with 12 pitchers and make the 26th man an extra position player, there would be room for a 4th IF/OF utility guy, but I'm guessing that 13 pitchers will work better for this team.
  12. Well, it certainly can't hurt. Seems like it would both help persuade young kids to "buy in" to suggestions going forward, as well as boosting their confidence. Are those things plusses for future performance? I believe so.
  13. Like the kid from Louisiana that "signed" with Ole Miss and it turned out they didn't make an offer to him.
  14. Thanks for this report. I liked both your question and Elias' answer.
  15. As I understand the rules, the "codebreaker" system in and of itself wasn't against the rules. Teams are allowed to try to pick up on other teams' signals. Informing players of the opponents alternative signaling systems so that they can employ that information while on second base to pick up the catcher's sign and signal to your batter is not a violation. Please correct me if I'm wrong. The violation would come into play if monitors are being used real-time to learn and relay the information to either the batter or the runner on second base.
  16. Although there are some folks that believe the best measure of improvement in international free agency is whether every last nickel allowed to be spent is spent, I don't necessarily agree with that quantity over quality approach. Elias has impressed me sufficiently thus far that if he feels that the team is better served by acquiring other assets that he deems superior to those available by spending all of the remaining slots on those international players that remain in a given season's signing class after being picked thru for years by all of the other MLB teams, I would tend to believe he has a pretty good idea of what he's doing. It just doesn't seem logical to me - and I've seen no evidence to suggest - that he is leaving countless plus prospects on the table with his approach.
  17. Well, Beltran did lose his job because of this, even though there was no punishment imposed on him directly by MLB.
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