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  1. 24 minutes ago, interloper said:

    I like the enthusiasm, but I didn't like his voice when he got enthusiastic. Just kinda grated on me. Super nice guy. I really just don't enjoy his broadcasts though. I do enjoy how he paused and let everyone boo Tex that one Opening Day. Respect. 



  2. 1 hour ago, Mr. Chewbacca Jr. said:

    What many of Cincinatti's moves have been puzzling to me personally, they are a legitimate team with a serious shot at a wide open NL Central. Despite Colorado's struggles last year, they still have plenty of talent to compete. And, Seattle, while in a rebuild, isn't completely useless.

    That leaves Kansas City, Detroit, Miami, and Baltimore amongst the tanking bottom-feeders.

    Personally, I think the O's are the worst out of the bunch because their starting rotation is an abyss of darkness and their bullpen is a black hole of despair. The lineup might be slightly better - but that depends on Hays/Mountcastle outperforming Villar's contributions.

    You won't find a single knowledgeable baseball writer who hasn't pointed out that Means' numbers last year most certainly point to serious regression. Cobb is injury-prone and not dependable. If anyone in the bullpen besides Harvey performs well, they'll be traded.  

    So, to answer your question, I think the Orioles on paper are the worst team in baseball.


    So, we are definitely in the top 4 of the bottom 4.

  3. 4 minutes ago, Frobby said:

    I haven’t seen Baltimore projected at 66 anywhere.    BP’s PECOTA projected standings have us at 63 wins, with nobody else lower than 66.     The three Vegas sites I looked at had the Orioles’ over/under between 55.5 and 57.5, in each case the lowest, though tied with Detroit in two of the three.   

    Bottom line, on paper we’re the worst team in baseball.     But I won’t be surprised if one or two teams out-terrible us, because baseball isn’t that predictable.   Don’t ask me who, but the Reds don’t belong on the list of possibilities.   BP has them winning the AL Central and some of the Vegas sources have them over .500.

    Did you mean to say everybody?

  4. 21 minutes ago, atomic said:

    Canseco bragged about walking past players working out with weights in team training room and laughing at them for wasting their time when they could just be taking steroids. I  hardly think he ever tried to make himself look less bad by saying other people were using too. And he actually named names of players on the Athletic's who were also using steroids who all denied it.  


    So he was laughing at the guys working out without using steroids?  They must have been in the 10%.😲

  5. 17 minutes ago, scOtt said:

    I agree totally. That being said, I guess there are MANY other teams' hats that are just as bad. Take 2 logos and superimpose them on top of each other and only chaos ensues.

    Superimposing an "N" on a "Y" is worse!

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  6. 17 hours ago, SteveA said:

    So designating a guy a 2 way player (like Ohtani) has positive and negative aspects:

      Positive:  You can get around the 13 pitcher limit by having 13 pitchers plus one or more 2-way players.

      Negative:  A player designated a 2 way player stays that way all season and if he ever goes on the DL (or is optioned), the minimum stay is 15 days rather than 10.

    Seems like we should designate Davis as a two-way player.  No downside if we have to keep him on the IL 5 more days.

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  7. 2 hours ago, atomic said:

    I don't ever watch ESPN.

    This begs several questions:

    1.  If you don't ever watch, why do you care what's on?

    2.  If you don't ever watch, why do you bother to gather statistics about what ESPN is broadcasting and formulate an opinion about it?

    3.  If you don't ever watch, why would you think ESPN cares about your opinion?

    4.  If you don't ever watch, what makes you think any of us care about your opinion?

  8. 1 hour ago, weams said:

    Dubroff seems to have forgotten about Nunez when discussing the infield/outfield roster.  He says there are 4 openings for those reserve spots, but by my count there are three.  I'm figuring the seven starting IF/OF that he lists, 2 catchers, 13 pitchers, and Nunez - which leaves 3 more spots on the 26-man roster.  Now, if the Orioles decide to stick with 12 pitchers and make the 26th man an extra position player, there would be room for a 4th IF/OF utility guy, but I'm guessing that 13 pitchers will work better for this team.

  9. 1 hour ago, atomic said:

    I would like to go back to 4 playoff teams total.  If you play 162 games that should be enough to pair it down to 4 teams.  I don’t see a need for a wild card and bigger divisions would be more enjoyable so you aren’t playing the same team 15 times a year.


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  10. 4 hours ago, Pickles said:

    A philosophical question I would like to have answered is this:

    Does providing "analytics" to prospects to improve their performance in the MiLs, actually translate to improved skills/abilities and better ML outcomes?

    Well, it certainly can't hurt.  Seems like it would both help persuade young kids to "buy in" to suggestions going forward, as well as boosting their confidence.  Are those things plusses for future performance?  I believe so.

  11. 6 minutes ago, Carllamy said:

    I went to the O's Caravan at Turf Valley Resort today at 11:00 A.M.

    First, for anyone who might want to see pictures, I've posted some on the Orioles Hangout Facebook page.

    Turns out the O's caravan was just about autographs. There was no Q&A session or speeches. They were doing a few giveaways and ticket selling as well.

    Today it was Mike Elias and Hanser Alberto. Brian Roberts was also supposed to be there, but he couldn't make it.

    I met a couple of friends there who got there 20 mins early and who told me at that time the line was out the door and into the parking lot. I got there just at 11:00 A.M. You were handed an autograph voucher and told that, to be assured of an autograph you needed a voucher, but that you could always just stand in line and hope. I only got one voucher, but the lines moved so quickly that I got both autographs.

    I got to Elias and said "I know baseball organizations are really large. But they all can't have everything. Is there one thing the O's organization doesn't have that you would like to have?" I thought that he would say some kind of physical training equipment, or some techie video device. He said "A good shortstop prospect."

    I might go to the one in Frederick tomorrow. I haven't decided yet.

    Thanks for this report.  I liked both your question and Elias' answer.

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  12. 15 minutes ago, mdbdotcom said:

    As we have now learned, Astros management didn't just know this was going on, they spearheaded the effort by using the Codebreaker app to decipher opponents' signs. Codebreaker was introduced to Luhnow by an intern. Luhnow put it into use. Luhnow reportedly would go into the video room and ask the personnel there if they were codebreaking. It was a top down scam. I don't think the league (which is the owners) want to punish players for doing what their management told them to do. 

    As I understand the rules, the "codebreaker" system in and of itself wasn't against the rules.  Teams are allowed to try to pick up on other teams' signals.  Informing players of the opponents alternative signaling systems so that they can employ that information while on second base to pick up the catcher's sign and signal to your batter is not a violation.  Please correct me if I'm wrong.  The violation would come into play if monitors are being used real-time to learn and relay the information to either the batter or the runner on second base.

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  13. Although there are some folks that believe the best measure of improvement in international free agency is whether every last nickel allowed to be spent is spent, I don't necessarily agree with that quantity over quality approach.  Elias has impressed me sufficiently thus far that if he feels that the team is better served by acquiring other assets that he deems superior to those available by spending all of the remaining slots on those international players that remain in a given season's signing class after being picked thru for years by all of the other MLB teams, I would tend to believe he has a pretty good idea of what he's doing.   It just doesn't seem logical to me - and I've seen no evidence to suggest - that he is leaving countless plus prospects on the table with his approach.

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  14. 17 minutes ago, Eric-OH said:

    The deterrent effect of this punishment is minimal in my opinion.  In fact, it doesn’t exist. In the future, a player weighing cheating on this level vs a complete non-punishment and total lack of responsibility is an easy call.  
    If any of the players who did this continue to get away with it and face no penalties, why would anyone not commit this act if they see it as providing an advantage?  
    None of them got punished even minimally so it’s hard to say that they didn’t fully get away with it.  
    Reading Astroball and Darvish’s quotes it seems even more selfish that Houston wasn’t willing to compete and damning for their future, but MLB showed they barely care with their inaction.  Also, a reminder that the Astros were warned specifically several times to not misuse the video or the video room and blatantly ignored Manfred.  Still, no player faced a punishment.  

    Well, Beltran did lose his job because of this, even though there was no punishment imposed on him directly by MLB.

  15. 20 minutes ago, Frobby said:

    Nelson. Cruz.    I’ll have to think if there’s anyone else.    

    I had a look at the ten biggest position player contracts in history that either have been completed or where the player is now 37 or older, and compared those 10 players’ age 26-27 seasons to age 36-37:

    Alex Rodriguez: 17.2 rWAR vs. 2.5

    Albert Pujols: 17.2, -0.6

    Prince Fielder: 6.0, 0.0 (out of baseball)

    Joe Mauer: 13.7, 0.0 (out of baseball)

    Derek Jeter: 9.8, 3.1

    Mark Teixeira: 9.0, -0.6 (retired after 36)

    Manny Ramirez: 12.6, 8.2

    Matt Kemp: 10.8, 0.0 (out of baseball)

    Adrian Gonzalez: 10.4, -0.6 (retired after 36)

    Carl Crawford: 7.5, 0.0 (out of baseball)

    Average for the ten: 11.2 rWAR at ages 26-27, 1.2 at ages 36-37.

    I left two guys off my list because technically they’re not eligible.   Miguel Cabrera was worth 11.6 at ages 26-27; he was worth 0.0 at 36 and will play his age 37 season this year.   Jacoby Ellsbury was worth 8.2 at 26-27; he’s not technically out of baseball yet but it would be miraculous if he was playing at 36-37.   (He’s 36 this year and hasn’t played in 2 years and was released from his contract).    

    Barry Bonds.

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