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  1. 2 hours ago, murph said:

    So this guy throws a baseball across a lake and I can't hit a golf ball across a pond to save my life.

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  2. 12 minutes ago, DrungoHazewood said:

    A team that's a little lost to history is the 1929-30 Philadelphia A's.  You think of the 1920s and 1930s as part of a long string of Yankee dominance.  But those A's teams won consecutive pennants, beating out the Ruth/Gehrig Yanks by 18 and 16 games, respectively.  They took a dynasty with two of the inner-circlest of inner circle HOFers to the woodshed.

    And four of the key players on those A's teams were Orioles.  Second baseman Max Bishop was from an extinct class of players, the kind who'd hit .260 with 20 doubles, eight homers, and 125 walks.  He was a local kid, going to both high school and college in Baltimore.  Connie Mack bought him from Jack Dunn in '24.  The shortstop was Joe Boley, who played in Baltimore from 1919-26 and hit over .300 almost every year with 30+ doubles, double-digit triples.

    Of course on the mound was Lefty Grove, who still has a halfway decent argument for being the best left-hander or even the best pitcher of all time.  Grove was from Lonaconing, MD, just down from Frostburg.  And finally George Earnshaw, mentioned a few posts above for going 29-11 in 1925.  Mack pried him loose from the O's in mid-season 1928, and in his first full year in the majors at age 29 he went 24-8, leading the AL in wins.

    Jimmie Foxx was from Maryland, too.

  3. I've got two.  

    When Brooks was elected to the HOF he made appearances at Crown stations to give out and sign posters for fans.  My wife and I went and he was so friendly.  At the time he was announcing games with Chuck Thompson on tv and my wife told him he looks much better in person than he does on tv.  Brooks said "Yeah, those tv cameras sure make you look fat!"    Everybody there broke out laughing.  We still have the posters hanging downstairs.

    As a boy, the Orioles had a clinic at Memorial Stadium for Little Leaguers.  Two kids from each area Little league got to go, and I was lucky enough to be one of the two from my league.  Jim Gentile gave a talk on hitting and Milt Pappas on pitching.  I was the tallest kid there, so Diamond Jim chose me to be his guinea pig on hitting.  He knelt on one knee behind me and positioned my body, feet, arms etc.  As he was doing so he said, "When I say OK, you go ahead and give it a rip."  At one point, as he's getting me set up he inadvertently said, "OK, that ought to do it."  Well, when I heard "OK" I swung as hard as I could.  Gentile was barely able to duck out of the way.  There was a stunned silence for a moment and I was mortified.  One man there said "Wow, that would have made the front pages of the Sunpapers."  And everyone let loose with a relieved laugh.  Gentile was very nice to me, though.  He said, "Don't worry about it, you did exactly what I told you to do.  Good job.  Now, lets try it again."  Milt Pappas then talked about pitching and showed us various grips.  He showed us the curve ball and told us not to try to throw a curve until we were 14 years old.  Yeah, right.  You know what all of us were doing as soon as we got home.  Then we all had great seats for a Sunday afternoon ballgame.  It was a great day.  I don't know if they still do things like that.

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  4. Baseball.

    Not world news.  Not political opinion.  Not investment advice.  Not medical information or advice.  Not vacation travel planning.  Not concert schedules.  Not family counseling.


    If I'm looking for those other things, this is not the site I go to.

    Thank you.

  5. 2 hours ago, jakeraz said:

    Hi everyone, my name is Jake and I am an avid Orioles / Minor League baseball fan. I have enjoyed reading the forums here over the years but have never posted anything. My dad and I were in Sarasota the 28th-2nd and were the ones who met Eric at Twin Lakes Park Saturday.  I really enjoyed speaking with him and learning about the up and coming Orioles he has observed at camp. We have been going to Spring Training the past four years and have really enjoyed the experience and getting away from the cold! I live close to the Baysox stadium and try to catch as many games as possible throughout the year. I am looking forward to interacting with other Orioles fans and watching the team grow into a contender!


  6. 1 minute ago, scOtt said:

    GAH! Ties are like sex that....... doesn't work out for you...


    Still, Good pitching performances by everyone! Against a fairly decent TB lineup. Only a couple mistakes, not mass amounts of walks and picking and bloop hits and crap.

    Is there a blue pill for ties?

  7. 3 hours ago, murph said:

    You took the bait.  😁  Seriously, always enjoy your historical perspective.  But, tell me this was not all from memory and you had to look some of it up, at least the stats! 

    Ted Williams was probably similar to the Albert Belle snub I would guess.  Not loved by the media so I am sure that played into it some. 

    DiMaggio also beat out Williams for the MVP in 1941.  That was the year of Joe D's hitting streak.  For a month that summer, everyone in America was following the streak.  I'm sure that had a lot to do with his beating out Williams for the MVP.  Williams hit .406 and had the far better season, but Joe D's streak was national news at the time.

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  8. 1 hour ago, Oriole1940 said:

    While it is just Spring Training, nevertheless, Winning is a confidence builder, any game, any level.  It also can become a realistic  goal to aim for, after you have had a taste of it and feel the  real good vibes that winning produces,  and know that it is very  doable . 



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  9. 3 hours ago, scOtt said:

    Never heard that one. Because a sac fly scores you if there's 1 out?

    Yes, or other productive outs plus having 2 shots at a hit instead of one.  You really need to be confident the guy will score before you send him in that situation.  In this case, it would have taken a really bad throw for him  to have any chance at scoring.  Bad decision all the way around.

  10. 6 minutes ago, Aristotelian said:

    I don't think it's one specific guy. Hess, Milone, Shepherd, Bailey, Armstrong, Stewart, Fry, and Scott are all fighting for spots, bullpen and rotation. He could even bump Smith Jr to go with an extra pitcher. 

    Against the rules.

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