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  1. Please notice that there are many possibilities around the league other than the Cubs, and that keeping Roberts all year is not really a bad option, either. There are two years left on Roberts contract. There is no reason to rush to trade him for the first offer that comes along. The offer rumored to have been made by the Cubs is not one to make us drop everything and jump. There is no reason that I see to believe that we can't get at least as good of a return at the deadline or even next off-season. Time is on our side. The Cubs are in a situation to want the deal done now. We can wait. If they want it done now, with two years remaining on Robert' contract, they need to pay a premium. If they want to stick with their current offer, fine, they can wait and see if Roberts hasn't been snapped up by someone else at the deadline or after the season and see if the Orioles will take their offer then. Haste makes waste, and the Orioles have no reason to be in a panic to trade Roberts.
  2. This is the opposite of what AM has said. He said that we have gotten the quantity we needed in the Tejada and Bedard trades and we are now looking for quality above quantity.
  3. So your answer to what the price of tea in China is that it is irrelevant. Thanks, just asking. No, I wouldn't necessarily trade Roberts for the same five players that Tejada brought. I guess we agree on that.
  4. Excellent, Shack! Kinda shoots down all these posts that Roberts can't be a part of the Oriole's plans to compete in 2010 and beyond, doesn't it. Reps to you!
  5. We did not trade Roberts to the Astros. We had not already received 10 players for 2 in 2 other trades when we traded Tejada to the Astros. Roberts contract is nothing like Tejada's. Roberts' clubhouse situation was 180 degrees from Tejada's. So, what is the price of tea in China? McPhail has made it clear that any Roberts trade will be more about quality than quantity. His rejections of the Cubs' apparent offers thus far support that.
  6. I am not opposed to trading Roberts. I am, however, very opposed to trading him at all costs. The rumored Cubs offer appears to be a worst-case scenario to me, barring injury. No decision should be based on fear of injury, as injury to proposed incoming players is just as likely. There is nothing to indicate that the Cubs offer won't be there come July. The Cubs aren't planning a major role for any of the players being offered, and they will be just as available in July as now, in all likelihood. Frankly, the Cubs, if anything, would offer more if they are in a fight for the division come July than they are offering now, IMO. There are quite a few potential trade partners: Colorado, Cleveland, Seattle, LA Dodgers, San Diego, CWS... just to name a few, not to mention a slump or injury adding any other team to the list. On top of all of that, you seem to think that either Roberts will be washed up at age 32 or that he will definitely refuse to sign an extension with the Orioles. I don't agree that either of those possibilities is a sure thing. None of the trade rumors I have seen include Hernandez going to the Cubs. Hernandez's offensive shortcomings are in no way a factor in determining Roberts' trade value. I've seen no indication that anyone in the Oriole's FO feels Hernandez is our permanent answer at SS. You are apparently insisting on continuing to lump Hernandez in with Roberts in your comparisons, despite the obvious flaw in doing so. That should tell you something. Trading Roberts naturally compounds our biggest organizational weakness, middle infield. Bringing in two fillers does nothing to aid a rebuilding effort, IMO. I'm not totally against Cedeno and/or Patterson as secondary pieces in a trade package. I just think that we need a headliner back in any Roberts trade. None of the rumored offers from the Cubs have included a #1 piece to the package IMO. If the Cubs see a way that a player will be a likely piece to their future, they have labeled him as untouchable. And not just Hill, Pie, and Marmol, either. Even guys like Colvin, Ceda and Veal have been said to be on that "untouchable" list. The Cubs just don't want to make a trade badly enough to make an offer that AM will accept, IMO.
  7. I only saw one of the two innings, but he was clocking 83-86 in that inning. I never saw 88. It was an effective inning, though.
  8. Not quite accurate, as he threw a lot of pitches in the inning, going deep in the count to all four batters. He faced four batters, striking out 2, walking one, with a wild pitch. I didn't see his second inning. He seemed to like to pitch in, out, up and down, just off the plate. Top on the gun I saw for him was 86. Top I saw in the game was 91, by one of the Arizona pitchers. I only saw a few innings, though. I have no idea as to the calibration of the gun that was being used, but Gallagher wasn't blowing smoke by anybody in the inning I watched. That's not to be negative, as it certainly was an effective outing for the guy.
  9. Lieber sure looked great yesterday. It sure would be great if he proves to be back to the pitcher he was before. Throws strikes and works fast. Gotta love that.
  10. The Orioles are rebuilding. Winning 69 games to hold off the Rays for 4th place is not the stated goal. We are not interested in acquiring players that will allow us to maintain the mediocrity we have been achieving, IMO. The Cubs offer would do just that, IMO, and the odds of doing worse by not trading Roberts for what is rumored to be the Cubs offer seems very remote to me.
  11. Who knows why he hits in the minors and not in the majors? But it is what it is. I watched him in one at bat on WGN yesterday. He was clearly over-matched, striking out swinging on a curve ball that bounced in front of the plate. Yes, it is only one at bat, and it is only ST, but it sure made his .610 OPS look real to me. ML pitchers just seem to be able to take advantage of his holes. Will that change? Who knows? But I, for one, am not interested in losing Roberts to get him, unless he his the #3 or #4 guy coming with some prospects with high ceilings. The basic problem with all of the rumored Cub offers I have seen is the lack of a headliner in the deal. There has been just no #1 piece offered. That's why I'm thinking more and more that there won't be a trade with the Cubs.
  12. Again, you continue to try to argue that the only choice at shortstop if we have Roberts at 2B is Hernandez. You simply must stop lumping Hernandez in with Roberts and then taking the average of the two. Extremely flawed argument. Besides, what makes you say that AM will make no effort to upgrade at SS? Furthermore, it is my opinion that the odds are against either Patterson or Cedeno outperforming Roberts... ever. What makes you say that they have a "much better chance" than Roberts? Roberts is 30 years old and showing no hint of declining... he is not 35 or 38. As to whether his real major league numbers over more than a full season or his inflated PCL numbers are a better indicator of how Cedeno will perform in the majors... your kidding, right?
  13. You have made this same point in several threads now. Roberts and Hernandez are not joined at the hip. There is zero reason to believe that the Orioles will make no effort to upgrade at SS, whether Roberts gets traded or not. What Roberts does offensively is totally independent of what whoever the shortstop playing on his team does offensively. The whole premise of your argument is flawed. You seem to eliminate defense as a consideration, as well. Most of us play fantasy baseball, and I believe it has changed the way we look at MLB in some ways. Defense is pretty much a non-factor in most fantasy leagues. In fantasy, we look for the opportunity to play a slugging 1B or 3B in the middle infield or catcher, for example, if he happens to gets into 5 games for an inning each at one of those spots. That doesn't work in the real game, unfortunately, as the harm done in the field will more than outweigh any offensive benefit. Likewise, the better hitter, is not always the manager's choice to start at a position, especially if that better hitter is clearly well below ML average in fielding at that position. The defensive cost is just too great. Both AM and DT have emphasized the importance of defense in their plans for this year. Cedeno's actual MLB numbers fly in the face of your rosy projections for him. He has given every indication of being the so-called AAAA player. He hits at AAA and doesn't in the big leagues. What position is Patterson going to play? The Cubs finally gave up on him at 2B at Iowa and moved him to the outfield for the rest of the season last August. He is still learning in the outfield. I would be very surprised if those two guys play everyday in the majors, much less put up the optimistic OPS numbers you suggest. By their actions, it would seem that neither the Cubs nor the Orioles share your high opinion of Cedeno and Patterson. None of us know what the future may bring, but there is nothing I've seen about Patterson or Cedeno that makes me think that either is the long term answer at 2B or SS for the Orioles.
  14. I voted on the draft picks, because in reality getting the draft picks is the worst thing that could happen by not trading Roberts to the Cubs. First, we have Roberts at 2B and leading off for us, providing leadership and an example for our young players. The possibility of an offer better than the Cubs' offer would still be there and the possibility that we can sign Roberts to an extension is there as well. If we neither trade him nor sign him to an extension, then we still have Roberts for 2 years and get the draft picks. So my vote is not taking the true worst-case scenario, which is giving up Roberts for Gallagher, Cedeno, and Patterson.
  15. Lots of pitches. 2 K's, a walk, and a wild pitch. Looks like he likes moving it all around, just off the plate.
  16. We are in agreement that waiting for Bavasi to improve his offer proved to be the proper course of action for McPhail. We will just both have to disagree about Churchill. From what I've read, I understand that your brother was happy in Seattle. I hope he becomes just as happy here, if not more so. I know that I'm excited to have him on the Orioles, and judging from the posts I've seen on OH and elsewhere, it sure seems like most O's fans feel the same.
  17. Wow. Considering that McPhail, himself, didn't have the last name in the package until the last week of January, that is miraculous. Odd that Churchill would say that waiting it out worked for McPhail if Churchill knew all 5 of the names "well over a month" before the trade happened. Churchill seems to like to present his opinion as if it were a fact. I lend no credence to anything the man writes.
  18. Roberts trade? Are they thinking about trading Roberts?
  19. Number5

    Some stuff

    Is Peralta being offered? From what I've read, Cleveland considers Peralta their 3B of the future. It looks like they want to move Blake to the OF, Peralta to 3B, Cabrera to SS, and upgrade at 2B. I'm guessing any offer from Cleveland for Roberts would include Barfield, a young SP(hopefully Miller!), and perhaps Gutierrez.
  20. Number5

    Some stuff

    How's this for a crazy idea: Mets trade Orlando Hernandez, Anderson Hernandez, Scott Schoeneweis, and Jonathon Niese. Cubs trade Gallagher, Cedeno, Murton, Veal, Patterson, and Marquis. Orioles trade Roberts, Payton, and Millar. Mets get Murton, Marquis, and Millar. Cubs get Roberts, Payton, and Schoeneweis. Orioles get Gallagher, Cedeno, Veal, Patterson, O. Hernandez, A. Hernandez, and Niese. Would seem to accomplish a lot for all 3 teams. I'm probably overlooking something, but it looks like it might work to me. Thoughts?
  21. Would much rather get Anderson Hernandez than Gotay.
  22. I like Gallagher, but I'm not sure I agree that he is "major-league ready." He has 8 games at AAA under his belt and he got hammered just as badly as Liz did in his brief ML call-up last year. I'm thinking at least a half-season in AAA may be the way to go. Why do you believe he is ready to step in now as a #3 SP?
  23. You have it backwards. Teams aren't offering anything for Murton. The Cubs were offering him and other teams said no. No comparison to Roberts.
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