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  1. If you assume that nobody involved with the team ever contracts the virus, flying everyone on a private plane and putting them all up on the same floor of various hotels may seem to be a good idea. If one person contracts the virus, enclosing everyone else in a plane with him for several hours is certain to infect others. It is a real problem.
  2. I don't believe playing the game is any more risky than what they are doing now, but traveling so much probably is. It seems to me that figuring out a safe way to transport the teams from place to place is a major challenge.
  3. Orioles signed Dylan Harris, OF, UNC. https://www.mlb.com/news/dylan-harris-signs-with-orioles-as-undrafted-free-agent https://goheels.com/sports/baseball/roster/dylan-harris/17058 Speedy center fielder was off to a good start this year. .404 OBP in 19 games.
  4. Whereas heretofore you have refrained from doing so.
  5. I'm not certain, but I believe COC is actually against delaying a deserving player's promotion solely due to the service time factor.
  6. Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.
  7. Per BA, Orioles have signed undrafted free agent TT Bowens, INF, Central CT State. http://www.ccsubluedevils.com/sports/bsb/2018-19/bios/bowens_tt_sljo With Haskin and Girard, this makes the third player the Orioles have either drafted or signed that went to high school in Connecticut.
  8. https://www.tribdem.com/sports/pitt-johnstowns-kearns-inks-deal-with-orioles/article_14bb5202-b049-11ea-9258-4772df72535e.html https://wvusports.com/sports/baseball/roster/isaiah-kearns/4193
  9. I'm not sure what the disconnect is here. Every team has under-slot signings every year in the first 10 rounds. Senior signs that have no leverage. After the 10th round there is not the benefit of being able to sign over-slot guys with the slot savings on the under-slot signings. Only the slots for the first 10 rounds count toward the total slot allocation. Perhaps if you followed my suggestion and actually looked it up you would see that what I am saying is true. In the mean time, three times is enough for me to try to help you understand. If you still don't get it and choose to go on blindly thinking that the reason that there are guys that sign for such small amounts every year is that they hired poor agents, knock yourself out. I'm done with this.
  10. Unbelievable. The Orioles' 10th round pick last year signed for $5K. Every team has signings like that every year. You should "check the numbers before spewing such unsupported crap." Taking the "average" of a specific round is foolhardy, since million dollar signings skew the average and not every team is going to take their under-slot signings in the exact same round every year. Last year the Orioles steep under-slot signings were in rounds 7 and 10. In 2018 they were in rounds 9 and 10. In 2017, they were in rounds 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10. Every year. Every team. Look it up.
  11. https://forum.orioleshangout.com/forums/index.php?/forum/30-other-sports/
  12. Exactly. I was responding to the poster's comment that only guys drafted in rounds 37-40 most years receive low bonuses, which is quite obviously wrong. One thing to note is that a lot of guys that would have been drafted in rounds 6-10 in other years actually have a bit more leverage this year, in that they are on the open market and stand a better chance of receiving a $20K bonus than they would have in past years being drafted. That's why I posted that it wouldn't surprise me if some of these guys actually get a little more than they would have in prior years. In the past seniors in that situation had little choice but to sign for what was being offered by the team that drafted them. $20k > $5k. They couldn't shop the offer with another MLB team to see if they might get $15 or 20k from another MLB team. I wasn't addressing the number of players being signed at all, though I agree that there will most likely be fewer total signings per team due to both minor league contraction and the fact that there will likely me no minor league seasons due to COVID.
  13. Well, it certainly makes sense that he will likely sign for less having been picked at 1.5 than he would have had he been taken at 1.2. If the rumors that Boras was talking to the Orioles about 1.1 slot money, Boras may well have ended up costing Martin a lot of money, given that over-slot at 1.2 wasn't in the Orioles' game plan. If Boras somehow manages to get the Blue jays to pay 1.1 or 1.2 money for Martin, when they have less slot money to work with, Boras' reputation as the top player agent for maximizing salary would grow even more.
  14. This isn't true. Rounds 6-10 are rounds that most often include guys signed to small bonuses, not just rounds 37-40. That is what enables teams to sign over-slot guys. The slot numbers for only the first 10 rounds are added up to get teams' total bonus pools. Teams need to have under-slot guys in the first 10 rounds in order to have the money to sign over-slot guys. That's why we see college seniors sign for amounts like $5K in rounds 6-10 most years. Possibly even round 5 sometimes. I'd say that some of these guys will actually sign for a little more this year than they would have in other years.
  15. https://ragincajuns.com/sports/baseball/roster/brandon-young/7161
  16. Looks like he started for Virginia Tech as a freshman and as a sophomore. I wonder why he transferred to Radford for his junior year? Good hitting college player. Will be interesting to see if he can take the next step. Certainly seems to be worth taking a low-risk flyer on.
  17. I'm guessing that some of the better ones will take their time deciding which team to sign with (or retuning to school.) It will be interesting to see whether the big market and/or talent-loaded teams have an advantage in this signing free-for-all or the teams that might present a better opportunity to progress in the system.
  18. If the draft order next year is determined in the standard way, I think we may have some real surprises in the order. There are always teams that underperform and overperform, but this year, in particular, may have some strange results record-wise, due to the expected short season. Winning and losing streaks will have a larger impact on the final results this year, IMO.
  19. So, if I understand it correctly, we can exceed slot by 5%, or a little under $700K, without penalty. If so, looks like we need to come in about $1.5 million total under slot between Kjerstad, Westburg, Haskin, and Servideo to avoid penalty, based on the numbers reported for Mayo and Baumler.
  20. According to the Des Moines Register, Baumler turned down two teams' offers before the Orioles picked him. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2020/06/draft-signings-61320.html
  21. IIRC, AR had a strong majority, but Witt had support, as well.
  22. OK, and Boston was caught cheating previously. Hello?
  23. Why would that reduce the penalty? Does a bank robber receive a lesser sentence if he only robs banks on Tuesdays? Not trying to give you a hard time, I just really don't understand. Boston is the team that caused the commissioner's warning to the teams in the first place. Seems to me that their penalty should have been at least what Houston got, if not more.
  24. Other teams didn't have enough money available.
  25. Do you know why Boston received a lesser penalty than Houston?
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