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  1. The single biggest difference between hitting for the Colorado Rockies and NMSU is the pitching you are facing. As with every college and high school player ever entering a draft, Gonzales has not been facing major league players. The numbers he put up, though, were not solely because he was playing in a small park in New Mexico. At least, there isn't any evidence to support such a claim. Hitting home runs is not his sole skill. The smaller dimensions actually detract from doubles and triples, yet he excels in those areas, as well. Even hit an inside-the-park grand slam. He makes contact and hits the ball hard all over the ballpark, and runs well. College career: 89 walks and 79 strikeouts (plus 18 HBP). Coupled with his high batting average, the guy gets on base. That is not a park thing. The altitude is 1300 feet lower than Denver, by the way. I'm not the one saying "..that the Orioles should never, ever select a player whose home park was a hitters park" … and if you aren't saying that, what, exactly, are you saying? The sole argument you have mounted in all of these posts amounts to exactly that, as far as I can see. I can see that I am somehow being unsuccessful in convincing you that your argument is based solely on geography and it is for certain that you aren't convincing me otherwise. We will obviously remain in disagreement here. Hey, I'd be real happy with Tork, Martin, or Lacy, as I said earlier. I also would have no problem with Elias should he make Gonzales our choice at #2, especially if that can somehow help us have some extra money to sign a guy like Nick Bitsko at #30. You clearly think that would be a bad move. I get that.
  2. So there is something he could have possibly done that would have enabled you to consider him as a viable pick? It sure doesn't sound like it. Hey, I'm fine with you having the opinion that the Orioles should never, ever select a player whose home park was a hitters park. I wouldn't share your opinion, but I certainly wouldn't begrudge you for holding it. it's just that you aren't giving me any real reason to not consider this player, as I'm not predisposed to eliminate any player based solely on geography. It would be entirely different, to my way of thinking, if there were any evidence whatsoever that he couldn't hit in a less hitter-friendly environment. But there isn't. When faced with those conditions, he's performed. The guy has unquestionably stood out from all of the other players playing in the exact same environment, in my view, whether that be in New Mexico or Massachusetts.
  3. I'm sure the Orioles have done their due diligence on Hancock. I think he's almost sure to go in the top 10. As Corn said, it seems like he dropped just a bit in the eyes of many after a good, but not great, start to the college season, especially his K rate. I wouldn't storm the warehouse with pitch forks and torches if the Orioles took him at #2, but I like the other 4 guys better, based on what limited information I've seen.
  4. So, if I understand you correctly, there is absolutely nothing that this player could possibly have done to make you think he's a worthy choice here. He has performed at a tremendous level wherever he's been for several years, but it must be all smoke and mirrors, coupled with pure luck over a particular small sample size. Sorry, but you haven't shown me any reason whatsoever to agree with you that he isn't the player he seems to be. You asserted that his home park in college was the sole reason for his numbers, yet his performance away from that environment shouldn't be considered either, because the Cape Cod League's season doesn't last 749 games. You are certainly welcome to your feeling that something tells you that Gonzales isn't for real, but your feeling alone doesn't convince me to agree with you. I am trusting Elias here. I'd be happy with any of Tork, Martin, Lacy, or Gonzales. I don't see any valid reason to eliminate Gonzales from that discussion. It comes down to what the Orioles' baseball people think, which is OK by me.
  5. I disagree. It certainly seems representative when coupled with his other-worldly numbers he posted at NMSU. It is a very strong rebuttal to the claim that his collage numbers should be discounted based solely on geography.
  6. https://prospects365.com/2020/04/20/nick-gonzales-has-entered-uncharted-territory/
  7. Thanks, Roy. Many happy returns of the day, Brooks!
  8. My wife has one of those devices that measures bp and pulse. She has a heart condition and needs to monitor that regularly.
  9. This was my annual physical. I am not being monitored for any conditions. I have no complaints or symptoms, and my weight, pulse, and bp measurement are fine. No indications that made the doctor feel I must have bloodwork now. Waiting 3-6 months to do the bloodwork seemed reasonable and prudent to my doctor, and I agree. I hope your wife is well.
  10. My doctor just did my physical via "tele-visit." Just can't do bloodwork for 3 to 6 month, whenever it is deemed safe to do so.
  11. Television. And not just televised baseball games. Having free entertainment every evening in their living room greatly reduced the desire/need for Mr. and Mrs. Small Town America to take the kids out to watch Class C baseball and feed them hot dogs.
  12. Interesting. Thanks. I had always thought of Kid Gleason (who later managed the 1919 Black Sox) as a pitcher. He pitched over 500 innings in 1890, winning 38 games that year. But when I saw your post, I checked, and he switched to primarily a 2B with the Orioles in 1895 and remained so the remainder of his career. He also played some OF, 3B, SS, and 1B. Versatile guy. He was the oldest player in the NL in both 1905 and 1908.
  13. So this guy throws a baseball across a lake and I can't hit a golf ball across a pond to save my life.
  14. A feat we didn't see? How about Armando Benítez throwing a fastball to an overmatched Tony Fernandez in the ALCS instead of a slider he could hit?
  15. I've got two. When Brooks was elected to the HOF he made appearances at Crown stations to give out and sign posters for fans. My wife and I went and he was so friendly. At the time he was announcing games with Chuck Thompson on tv and my wife told him he looks much better in person than he does on tv. Brooks said "Yeah, those tv cameras sure make you look fat!" Everybody there broke out laughing. We still have the posters hanging downstairs. As a boy, the Orioles had a clinic at Memorial Stadium for Little Leaguers. Two kids from each area Little league got to go, and I was lucky enough to be one of the two from my league. Jim Gentile gave a talk on hitting and Milt Pappas on pitching. I was the tallest kid there, so Diamond Jim chose me to be his guinea pig on hitting. He knelt on one knee behind me and positioned my body, feet, arms etc. As he was doing so he said, "When I say OK, you go ahead and give it a rip." At one point, as he's getting me set up he inadvertently said, "OK, that ought to do it." Well, when I heard "OK" I swung as hard as I could. Gentile was barely able to duck out of the way. There was a stunned silence for a moment and I was mortified. One man there said "Wow, that would have made the front pages of the Sunpapers." And everyone let loose with a relieved laugh. Gentile was very nice to me, though. He said, "Don't worry about it, you did exactly what I told you to do. Good job. Now, lets try it again." Milt Pappas then talked about pitching and showed us various grips. He showed us the curve ball and told us not to try to throw a curve until we were 14 years old. Yeah, right. You know what all of us were doing as soon as we got home. Then we all had great seats for a Sunday afternoon ballgame. It was a great day. I don't know if they still do things like that.
  16. I was thinking about how they didn't cancel the season back in 1919, and it occurred to me that if they had Joe Jackson would probably be in the Hall of Fame.
  17. My son and his girlfriend are at the Nationals/Yankees game today. They may end up seeing the last MLB game of the season.
  18. Baseball. Not world news. Not political opinion. Not investment advice. Not medical information or advice. Not vacation travel planning. Not concert schedules. Not family counseling. Baseball. If I'm looking for those other things, this is not the site I go to. Thank you.
  19. Better's better. Not better's not better.
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