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  1. Chances are Elias and Sig know quite a bit about him.
  2. The first day of the new international free agent signing year (July 2, I think?) has now finally become a big day for us, too.
  3. Don't forget about the cash considerations, which I read are believed to be the reimbursement of the bonus.
  4. Are you sure? The way I recall it was the Phillies made the pick and traded the player to the Orioles for the International slots plus the $100,000 Rule 5 fee. Do I have that wrong?
  5. Who? I must be missing the name somehow.
  6. Exciting isn't always good. Remember the Chris Davis signing?
  7. No one is debating with you the merits or hazards of eating hot dogs or drinking soda. We are simply advising you that it is wholly inappropriate for you to lecture others regarding their children. You seem to be missing some social cues here. This really isn't something you should continue to belabor. Please take the hint.
  8. It really isn't your place to comment about other parents' decisions. It just isn't.
  9. Interesting. I'm guessing Elias has identified some guys that he thinks are unlikely to be taken high in the draft, so he figures maybe we can get something additional by trading down and still get the Rule 5 guy we want.
  10. Agreed, but it is a way. I'm glad that the Orioles now finally don't seem to be ignoring any avenue of talent acquisition, excepting, of course, big ticket free agents.
  11. The Nationals had a lot of guys become free agents this year. My guess is many will either be re-signed or replaced by signing similar free agents - especially in the bullpen. Rendon looks to be the big one that they will have to let go, as they really couldn't afford to sign both Strasburg and Rendon. I don't think Rule 5 is really in their plans. You never know, though. https://www.spotrac.com/mlb/free-agents/washington-nationals/
  12. If you can dodge traffic you can dodge a ball.
  13. How does the ball look coming out of his hand?
  14. Now that it has happened, I can't say I'm really surprised, but I wasn't expecting this. Somehow, I thought some MLB team would sign him. A big part or the Orioles getting good again after a long dry spell. Miss you, #10.
  15. Surprised to see that a hot dog in Yankee Stadium is only 3 bucks.
  16. 550/9 = about 61 games. Is 10 errors in 61 games really a low number? Doesn't seem all that low to me. I'm not so sure that the word "only" applies. He seems to be an offense-first utility guy. Not really opposed to the guy, but I think that we would be wrong to think that he would be a good defensive player, based on what I've read about him.
  17. Yeah, Murphy was the best player in baseball for a few years there. His run just wasn't long enough, it seems. I can only think that Whitaker must have run over somebody's puppy or something, as he seems to check an awful lot of boxes to be a HOF player. How on earth he didn't garner at least 5% of the baseball writers' vote in his first year of eligibility defies explanation. One of the best second basemen in the game for a lot of years. Pretty much had all the tools. 75.1 career WAR. Average HOF player 69.4 career WAR. Top three comps on BBRef are Sandberg, Trammell, and Alomar, with 3 other HOFers in his top ten. Trammell and Whitaker were the heart and soul of a very good Tigers team for a lot of years. He must have pissed off somebody along the way somehow.
  18. Roll Tide is correct that there are possible outcomes where the trade would appear in hindsight to have not worked out, and possible outcomes where the trade would appear to have worked out. I think that is pretty much true of all trades. What I'm in favor of is Elias having a definitive plan and sticking to that plan. Will every move he makes definitely work out? Probably not. I, for one, am going to try not to agonize over each and every step along the way. He said from the get go that it will be a process and that not every move will be easy.
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