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  1. FYI, Trent Williams leveled an accusation against the Redskins team doctors and the Redskins immediately were open to an independent investigation by the league and the union. Williams is the one that wants no part of an investigation. I think maybe you've chosen a poor example for your point. Given all that has gone on with that team, perhaps Williams was looking to take advantage of public perception of Allen and Snyder thru the media, but when the rubber hit the road, didn't want an investigation into the facts.
  2. I assume you mean Sharp, not Robson.
  3. Sterling Sharp on the Nationals looks interesting to me. He was also mentioned in both lists Luke posted above. "Nationals: Sterling Sharp, RHP (No. 13) - An oblique injury cost Sharp roughly three months during the middle of the season, but the former 22nd-round pick (2016) returned to make nine Double-A starts, then continued to make up for lost time in the Arizona Fall League. The best athlete in Washington’s system and one of the premier ground-ball artists in the Minor Leagues, Sharp could be appealing to a club looking for either rotation or bullpen depth." http://www.milb.com/player/index.jsp?sid=milb&player_id=643532#/career/R/pitching/2019/ALL I also find it interesting that the Tigers, of all teams, would leave a player like Jacob Robson exposed. He looks like a guy to consider, IMO. "Tigers: Jacob Robson, OF (No. 27) - Robson, 25, reached Triple-A for the first time during a 2018 breakout campaign, only to take a step back offensively last season in his return to the level. He still managed to produce a .267/.352/.399 line across 112 games, totaling 33 extra-base hits and a career-high 25 steals. Robson’s combination of hitting ability and speed, along with his ability to play all three outfield positions, could make him an interesting Rule 5 option for a team seeking a fourth outfielder." http://www.milb.com/player/index.jsp?sid=milb&player_id=615699#/career/R/hitting/2019/ALL
  4. Number5

    Ryan McKenna 2019

    I don't think that matters. Not all 38 players have to actually be playing in AAA, just like not all 40 players on the 40-man roster have to be actually playing in MLB.
  5. I thought the 11/20 deadline was for protecting minor leaguers from the Rule 5 draft. There's nothing to prevent a team from non-tendering or releasing a player and creating an open spot for a potential Rule 5 selection, is there?
  6. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2019/11/yankees-jacoby-ellsbury-salary-dispute-injury-boras-rumors.html Wow. This could get interesting.
  7. Very intrigued by his speed/defense, but it seems doubtful if he's ready to hit MLB pitching. Struggled at the plate in AA. Does have a little pop, but I think MLB pitchers would probably exploit his holes. He'd be a great guy to have in the system, but I'm not sure if the O's can spend a 26-man spot on him all year. We've already got some roster clutter, IMO. I could see a contending team with a very solid 25-man roster that wouldn't have participated in the Rule 5 draft in previous years selecting him this year to take advantage of the 26-man roster and use him as a pinch-runner/late inning defensive replacement, then send him to AA or AAA in 2021 to work on his hitting.
  8. Thanks, Tony. Relax and enjoy your vacation.
  9. He's certainly been the MVP of my fantasy team!
  10. I don't know if it was my first game or not, but I remember my Dad taking me to an O's game against Detroit and they had a pitcher named Ron Nischwitz. This man sitting behind us yelled out real loud "Hey Nitwit!" when he was announced. Being 8 years old, that sent me into a giggling fit that lasted a couple of innings.
  11. Choices 3 and 5 are the same players, so it's a tossup between those two. I had Sedlock and Tate as 26 and 27, so Choice 3 is the closest one for me. Gotta like Welk and McLarty. It would be great if one of them pans out.
  12. I found the differences between Tony's take and Luke's take interesting. Tony felt that Rodriguez has done "a good job of using the pitch around the edges of the zone, keeping it out of the middle well." Luke felt that, "He throws a lot of strikes but has below average command." I read that as being two opposing views, but maybe I'm just misunderstanding what's being said.
  13. Maybe someone can explain to me what I'm missing, but it seems to me that the current system limits what teams can offer over-slot guys to convince them to sign, rather than attend school. With this new proposal, these guys probably aren't drafted and can be offered free agent contracts without the dollar amount limitations, right? What would prevent this from happening? Seems to give the advantage, yet again, to the teams with the deep pockets.
  14. If they go to 20 rounds, guys like Birkins can still be signed as undrafted free agents and have just about the same odds of making it to the majors, right?
  15. Yeah, this was pretty much the reasoning I went with. I also felt Stauffer and Fenter should be a tad higher than Sedlock and Tate, hence option 2 over option 1. I've got Sedlock and Tate at 26 and 27.
  16. I'd settle for being able to get from my car to the clubhouse when I'm 90.
  17. I'm pretty sure Detroit is in the Eastern time zone.
  18. Drungo, from my experience there simply isn't any kind of groundswell among players. coaches and umpires concerning the balk rules. That is no overstatement, it is the simple fact. The next time I hear a complaint that deception should be legal will be the first. I think maybe you are making way too much of how many lines in the rulebook are typed to clarify the balk rules. Nobody cares about that. They would undoubtedly, however, be up in arms if the rule was vague and not clearly spelled out. As it is you get the occasional offensive coach wanting a balk called because the pitcher takes a deep breath and you have to explain to him that breathing is legal. Or the defensive coach asking "What did he do?," when a balk is called, which happens all the time. You simply tell him and that's nearly always the end of it. If the rules weren't specific, these discussions would be a lot more heated, of that I am certain.
  19. If you say so. Maybe they could just go to t-ball.
  20. Yes. If the issue is game length, a seven-inning game makes sense, and would actually achieve the goal for certain. This would keep the actual game-play rules in place.
  21. There are reasons for all of them. A lefty stepping more than 45 degrees and throwing to first is very unfair. Coming set while straddling the rubber is unfair. Taking the ball out of the glove without pitching it while on the rubber is unfair. Simulating a pitching motion and/or flinching is unfair. The runners have to be able to know when it is safe to run or take their secondary leads. Players, coaches and umpires all understand these rules and agree with why they are in place. From other posts you've made, you seem to like the running game, yet you are advocating allowing deceptive pitching moves that will virtually eliminate the stolen base. I have no doubt that such rule changes aren't being considered. In fact, the only balk rule change they've done recently was to add another balk rule that I happen to disagree with. They made putting two legal moves together - the fake to third and the throw to first - a balk. Both moves are legal, but now you can't do them in conjunction with each other. As if that was somehow a major cause of the length of play. Now that's a balk rule I would be in favor of abolishing.
  22. How about keeping all the rules as they are and just go to a seven-inning game?
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