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  1. We have two rookies in our rotation who are trying to make the move to the majors after spending most of last year at the alternate site not exactly racking up innings. We also have two project arms in the rotation. This was pretty much expected. Hopefully it gets better as the year goes along, but I'm not worried about the short starts so far. We're not competing this year anyway.
  2. I remember seeing this too. It looked like later in the game you could see a tear in his pants where we was grabbing. I assumed that was why he grabbed there.
  3. LG is just the name of the company that makes the phone. Airplane mode is a function on the phone that turns off internet and cell service, but you can still access files on the phone. Pandora is a music app, you don't need it to get into Camden Yards. I think the suggestion is, if you can't get in without a smart phone, buy a cheap phone sold by LG, access your email on the phone and download the ticket onto the phone via the email the team sends when you buy the ticket online. Then just display the ticket on your phone when you get to the gate. If you download on your wireless internet at home, you won't even need a data plan from a network because smart phones can connect to wireless internet without having an internet plan from the carrier.
  4. Don't really see why the Orioles would sign two starters to fill in the rotation when they've got so many young guys knocking on the door. Take 2021 to see if these guys can stick in the majors since you aren't going to compete anyway.
  5. I agree that DD brought in some good talent to the minor leagues and left the farm system with some talent, but where he really failed was depth and player (well more so pitcher) development. And Elias does get a lot of credit from me for putting an analytics framework in place. That alone is the most important thing he has done for the franchise, and even if he fails to create a competitive team in the last few years, he will have helped this team immensely. But I don't think it is fair to attack Elias for trading Bundy without mentioning that DD traded Jake Arrieta (Cy Young Award winner) and Pedro Strop (solid reliever) for nothing. He also traded Zach Daives for half a year of an over-performing Parra. I'd like to give Bundy a full year of success before anointing him the next Arrieta. Let the league adjust and see what happens.
  6. He would have to get a king's ransom return for the Orioles to trade him at this point, and I don't see any team making that offer based on a 28 game stretch.
  7. The Nationals won't be able to put together the top package for Bryant with a bottom five farm system.
  8. Didn't the Nationals just fail to resign Rendon who was basically their offensive MVP?
  9. Yikes, Austin Hays isn't in this Top 10, but Baumann and Jean Carmona are? Really questionable list.
  10. The way I see it is keep Gausman and see if he continues his trend of being a much better second half pitcher. If he puts up a sub 3.40 ERA in the second half like he did last year, his numbers will look really enticing and he'll have two years of control so you can probably get a nice package for him. As far as Bundy is concerned, it depends on how long you think it will take for the Orioles to be competitive again. I'd hold onto him at least until the offseason and place him on the trading block. If you get blown away with an offer then take it, but if not hold onto him for another year and try to resign him . It is possible that Bundy could factor into the next competitive Orioles team. I wouldn't trade either Cashner or Cobb because their value is fairly low right now and you have both of them on the team next year. Cobb's value could recover and net you some decent pieces, and Cashner could be a decent innings eater next year.
  11. I think Machado should bat fifth, and they should move Davis down to seventh. Maybe if he's batting seventh he'll get some better pitches to hit.
  12. That is the easiest challenge you can make.
  13. Wow, two games with a 1-1 record and the sky is already falling for some people.
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