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  1. He's got solid stuff and has shown success the first time through a lineup. No reason to let him go without seeing if he can be an effective reliever. Especially when this team is desperate for bullpen arms.
  2. Wasn't Toronto very interested in Ubaldo before we signed him?
  3. My guess for the 2022 OD roster would be something like this. C: Rutschman 1B: Mountcastle 2B: Jones 3B: Urias SS: Mateo LF: Hays CF: Mullins RF: Santander DH: Mancini Bench: Gutierrez, McKenna, Ciuffo/Veteran Backup, Martin/Veteran UI SP: Means, Veteran Free Agent, Zimmermann, Akin, Baumann/Lowther/A. Wells/Bradish/Ellis RP: T. Wells, Lopez, Scott, Tate, Sulser, Harvey (if healthy)/Krihbel, Ellis, long reliever that loses out on the fifth spot. I think Rutschman makes the OD roster, but if the CBA doesn't make major changes to t
  4. 10 is an exaggeration, but guys who could be 4s or 5s in the NL? We've got plenty of them.
  5. We've got like ten of those in our system.
  6. No. The guy is a full on headcase, even if it turns out he was not guilty. He's a clubhouse cancer who his teammates hate. Besides, I'm not so sure he's that great a pitcher without spider tack.
  7. I'm not overly optimistic about this team either, but most of that bad winning percentage really comes from just being god awful in May.
  8. Sure absolutely. I think I meant more that a team like Washington has three elite level players and nothing else. The Orioles don't have either right now, but they've got a ton of prospects who won't be stars, but can be the important depth. It also depends on which players outside the organization they target. It could take a few years, but it doesn't have to if they do things right.
  9. Many of these teams listed have good cores but really lack in depth. Washington, for example, has Turner, Soto, Scherzer and no one else really exciting. Robles is a glove first outfielder, Schwarber and Bell are lousy fielders and streaky hitters. Strasburg is constantly hurt and Corbin has been lousy. Their bullpen is meh and the rest of their pieces are meh too.
  10. Was shoulder fatigue in a lost season worth a no-hitter? Sure, at least there's something memorable about this season.
  11. If Elias had some advanced stats telling him that he doesn't need an elite catcher to be competitive, he would have drafted Bobby Witt in 2019. No way he drafted Rutschman at 1-1 just on hopes that he could fleece some team on a guy who hasn't played an inning of major league ball.
  12. Hopefully this quiets the sky is falling crowd for a little bit. I look forward to the same discussion when Adley struggles his first few weeks in the majors.
  13. Oh, I 100% agree. Nothing has been confirmed from the rumors as far as I know.
  14. In this video, the guy even admits 95% of the league does this same thing. He must be starved for content.
  15. We have two rookies in our rotation who are trying to make the move to the majors after spending most of last year at the alternate site not exactly racking up innings. We also have two project arms in the rotation. This was pretty much expected. Hopefully it gets better as the year goes along, but I'm not worried about the short starts so far. We're not competing this year anyway.
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