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  1. The Nationals won't be able to put together the top package for Bryant with a bottom five farm system.
  2. Didn't the Nationals just fail to resign Rendon who was basically their offensive MVP?
  3. Yikes, Austin Hays isn't in this Top 10, but Baumann and Jean Carmona are? Really questionable list.
  4. The way I see it is keep Gausman and see if he continues his trend of being a much better second half pitcher. If he puts up a sub 3.40 ERA in the second half like he did last year, his numbers will look really enticing and he'll have two years of control so you can probably get a nice package for him. As far as Bundy is concerned, it depends on how long you think it will take for the Orioles to be competitive again. I'd hold onto him at least until the offseason and place him on the trading block. If you get blown away with an offer then take it, but if not hold onto him for another year and try to resign him . It is possible that Bundy could factor into the next competitive Orioles team. I wouldn't trade either Cashner or Cobb because their value is fairly low right now and you have both of them on the team next year. Cobb's value could recover and net you some decent pieces, and Cashner could be a decent innings eater next year.
  5. I think Machado should bat fifth, and they should move Davis down to seventh. Maybe if he's batting seventh he'll get some better pitches to hit.
  6. That is the easiest challenge you can make.
  7. Wow, two games with a 1-1 record and the sky is already falling for some people.
  8. I'm guessing the other "significant" addition he is talking about is a starter. Probably Arroyo, or Santana. Hopefully Arroyo.
  9. I think it would be a good pick up, his lowest total innings pitched since 2005 is 199. The Orioles could use a pitcher like that in their rotation.
  10. I think this means they are giving up on Cano.
  11. I agree 100%. I mean this board is becoming on the verge of unreadable. People are giving up on a team that is three games out and chasing a team that is on a four game losing streak and lost 7 of 10. Jeez have some optimism it makes the season a lot more enjoyable. Posters saying .500 is the goal, give me a break.
  12. gold21030


    Relief pitching wasn't really an area of need in the offseason why would DD spend time trying to get more relievers? Tommy Hunter has stepped in an been just as good as Koji would have been. I am 100% certain that even if the O's signed Uehara then Strop would still be on the team.
  13. Britton, Johnson and Jurrjens did not look like they deserved a second or third start. They need more time get their command. Gausman has great command. Britton walked five in his last start Gausman has walked five all year.
  14. Well it is hard to pitch more than 25 pitches when you are on your third consecutive day pitching.
  15. Man these guys are fouling everything off, it's really annoying.
  16. That's usually a theme in April.
  17. This is my reaction as a gentleman.
  18. Swinging at pitches like that is just getting yourself out.
  19. They need to shorten their strokes.
  20. Hopefully that's just a bump in the road, with how well he has been pitching this Spring I imagine he will be able to bounce back from this. It still hurts his shot at the rotation I think.
  21. I'm really rooting for him especially since he went to my college.
  22. Lineup 2B Roberts LF McLouth DH Markakis CF Adam Jones C Matt Wieters 1B Chris Davis SS JJ Hardy 3B Manny Machado RF Chris Dickerson LHP- Zach Britton I wish Reimold was starting instead of Dickerson, but hey it's only the first game.
  23. I hate the fact that we would be trading Strop, I love the fact that we would be trading Reynolds, Flaherty...I guess the Cubs want him back?
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