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  1. Best wishes to David. Terrible news.
  2. I will settle for the GM saying the games matter and they are focused on a better record.
  3. Well, it's odd but for all the haranguing about the Orioles and how bad they were...and they were bad in 2021. The Blue Jays closed up shop at the same time and the Yankees lasted one extra game. And I saw none of the game but a tweet that noted the Orioles took 2 of 3 from Boston to close out the series but the Yankees couldn't get their 300 million starter through 3 innings. I smiled.
  4. The Orioles are worse than they should have been...and they were never going to be good. But the underperformance of the pitchers has made everything worse. The Orioles have a decent young outfield and have a ton of talent to push them. They have several DH/1B and should look to move someone....Mancini would be tough but probably best. I do believe the Orioles have a chance to surprise on the upside next year. But winning 70 or more games will require a huge improvement in pitching and that isn't going to happen internally this winter. I look forward to Frobbys update and it w
  5. The lighthearted answer is how could you tell. But the integrity of the game and the playoff positions at stake require an honest effort such as it would be... See above.
  6. I believe all of the above is correct, except for the caveat which I alluded to but didn't get into, that at the current tax rates a sale would be better now. And at the current rates, a sale would clearly be better at after the death of Peter Angelos. While no changes have been made to the tax code, the proposals for doing away with step up in basis, a doubling of capital gains taxes, and the increase of death or estate taxes, could wreck the astute planning of many wealthy people. And while my post was meant to highlight the pipe dream of all Orioles fans that one day there might be g
  7. I think the state of the stadium would impact valuation in a sale. I am certain that upgrades are not going to transfer dollar for dollar to the bottom line value, but in general, valuation would be impacted by the stadium being rundown. The question is whether potential increase is worth the net value after tax. If the tax rates are pushed higher, I think a sale will come quicker. Either way, this winter would be a wonderful time to sell. At current tax rates, while hyping the potential value of players on the way and leaving a nearly blank slate for payroll. (Davis' remainder notwit
  8. I think that underscores that the management has been relatively good in the sense that they have managed work loads. The problem is that too few of the pitchers have pitched well.
  9. The one thing I think everyone agrees on is that there needs to be investment in the ML roster and I too like the idea of not wasting time as our young talent begins arriving. It is difficult to understate how much better this team would look with even average pitching. Even before Adley and Grayson arrive. I do not think it would be wise to trade our depth for someone like Price for one year. that. I just don’t think trading even long shots with 6 years of value are worth one year of Price. Regardless of how much salary is paid by someone else. I think someone
  10. The contrarian view might be that the Orioles were in fact stealing or picking up and signaling the pitches and got caught. I don’t think this is the case. I don’t. But IF there was a team that that would try to cheat, do it badly and get caught…..I mean come on.
  11. I don't like the idea of trading Mullins. But, both of these trades would be hard to say no to from this end... I think this price might be too rich...but I could see someone really overpaying at next years trade deadline if Mullins is still holding where he has in 2021. Welcome aboard.
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