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  1. THIS. I still see an awful lot of these guys as filler while we go through a process of doing the above. I don't think Dwight Smith Jr is an answer and I don't think say, Stewart is either. But I think the process may dictate keeping one or even both until such time as there is a better answer. I'm ok with having the patience of going through that, but I think we should expect to be able to see this through a different filter in another 12 months. That's where I am.
  2. Cant really worry about injuries...it really takes away from enjoying the game. Always felt the same when I played. Same for us as fans, my nightmare scenario was that some well meaning fat cat would buy the best franchise in baseball and run it into the ground. Fortunately I have my Redskins nightmares to distract me. But my point is, every year is gonna be the year, next year is the year it's gonna turn around. We will see signs, or sprouts if you will. Hays, plays all out and that is risky. It's exactly the kind of thing we have been hoping for all year. Enjoy it, otherwise you will might cringe and miss the good plays. Hopefully the cringeworthy plays of balls banging off of skulls will be in our past soon. Head up ole boy!!!!
  3. If we are talking about purchasing things cheaply....I vote for a 550K bench player and keep the catchers we have. It's better value.
  4. "I couldn't agree more Frobby!"
  5. MLB is adding another player to the active roster next year. Not allowing teams to play two SS.
  6. I did, at least, have a better understanding of why Britton didn't pitch last night....so there IS that.
  7. It's possible that you have already....Manny has a long way to go, but...
  8. We are on the same page...It's just a bit odd that a new guy brought in to do something that ownership has literally refused to do for almost 3 decades is being hit by Connolly for doing...the completely expected thing. Thinking a new GM should be able to simply "manage" the franchise better with those still here is just odd. We should expect to see him get his own people and those who have been here and not found ways to engage with Elias or Sig or any of the other new people should rightly expect to be part of the old guard and treated as part of the problem, even if their own qualifications are worthy of contribution. Regarding BJ, I was touched when he cried upon finding out he was traded. That he loved being here and wanted to be a part of a turnaround was commendable and that he still does is also commendable. But if he is a year in with Elias and hasn't reached out to ask how he can help...well that was probably a mistake. But you are right...Connolly has to write about something, but this was his third take on this and if you subscribe to the Athletic (I do) and look at the comments, he is being fairly roasted for the take.
  9. I think it's a terrible article. And I think Connolly is catching BJ at a bad time and saying things most anyone would feel in losing a job. But why? Why work the angle that ME is the problem here? Because he came in to do a total rebuild and is doing some demolition work? IF any employee has been with the Orioles over the last year and did not speak to Mike Elias...well they should pretty well expect that their time is drawing near. Mike called BJ on the phone. I just can't get worked up over this. But it is the third or fourth time Ive read Connolly writing about this in a negative fashion. I'm sure he gets information from some who are now gone, but I'm really having a hard time seeing this as not going after Elias. And it just does not make sense to me that a guy brought in to do a total rebuild should be expected...to do a rebuild. I'm especially curious if Connolly knows all of these folks so intimately, why we did not hear more details on the dysfunction of the Orioles during the time of Buck/Brady/DD. It seems personal, pointed and well...unprofessional.
  10. I voted Mancini Means and Villar. I think Villar has settled in to who he is. I think Mancini is in his prime and I am hopeful that Means is the real thing...even if that is a #3. I think Hanser has little margin for error but he could still hang and I think Severino is the weakest candidate by far in this mix. And I concur with others that Santander if included is worthy of a vote. I also believe it's possible Mancini and Villar are traded. Not likely but possible.
  11. Quotes from Davis? Davis' quotes last year and the year before were not helpful. In fact he seemed to not recognize how bad he was. He spoke of bad luck and just needing to keep doing what he knew he could do. Almost as if he were trying to convince himself. I don't disagree with you, and I think we have to trust Elias which ever way he goes. But I don't put a whole lot of stock in the comments of Davis either way.
  12. I voted yes, but in fairness I have no idea where Elias is on this. Davis is done as he is now three years plus as a terrible player the last two among the worst seasons ever. However we do not know what Elias agreed to when he accepted the job. It's easy to assume he agreed to give it a year. But might he have also agreed to one off season? I wouldn't have. But I'm not Elias and I'm not his favorite rocket scientist. I will be concerned if he is not gone after the season and before spring, but I understand some think otherwise.
  13. Is the issue celebrating or calling attention to yourself....for the record, I get that today folks are different. But in my day I loved John Riggins handing the ball to the official after a score. It said: My excellence is expected and will be repeated. Not Holy Crap did you see what I just did? As a parent with college and high school athletes, it's a conversation that occurs personally. Generally, celebrate team accomplishments not self...all of that said, I think the pitcher acknowledging Hays for the play was cool, Hays' action in the grand scheme of things is fine. He has been through a lot to get back to the bigs and against Vlad Jr it was a pretty big play. Maybe I'm losing the will to be upset, but even if I wouldn't want Hays to do this every time, I'm thinking the announcer got it right, there is your CF of the future. Now go play like that for 10 years!
  14. I think the O's need to cut Davis even if they only carry 39....at some point, keeping him undermines the seriousness of what they are doing. The man can't contribute and I appreciate everything he has done. But done is the key word and it is all that remains. The money is what it is. Failing to utilize his spot because of a financial commitment is tantamount to compounding an error. There is no credible argument to have Davis. That said, I am open to hearing one. Saving 550K or not having better players is not an argument, it's an indictment that the rebuild is not progressing and it is gasoline on the fire of anyone who doubts that Elias has say over Davis.
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