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  1. I'd definitely pass on the 24-48 hours after the Rule 5 draft. Then we could get back to which potential Hall of Fame OF we will manipulate service time for in 2020. Embrace the rebuild. Foundations are never sexy, but to rebuild properly, it's gotta be done.
  2. I don't really disagree with anything you are relating here. But Philip, I want to point out something. Your judgement on the offseason is short sighted and is simply not high on the priorities of what the club is doing. So, to me arguing about whether the offseason is a success is completely missing the point. Your focus is solely on building a winning ML roster for 2020. This is not what Elias is working towards. Others, and not necessarily you, accuse those holding this opinion to blind following of Elias when this point comes up, but again, I think it is a paper tiger. The Orioles are doing a complete rebuild. They said it and 1 year in it's pretty clear that is what is going on. Winning the offseason, will mean things that will have nothing to do with the roster in March....because whether anyone likes it or not, the roster for at least another year is going to be put together as cheaply as possible. Anyone with any value who is deemed unlikely to be here during the next successful run is for sale and the asking price is always going to be heavily geared to that next window and once again, not this offseason and certainly not the 2020 roster. Elias is only a year in. I have no concrete opinion on how well or how poorly he is doing. But I do agree that he has a very clear idea of what he is trying to do and what ownership is allowing him to do. I also think over the course of the next year or so, there should be insight towards progress in the infrastructure as well as the talent pool for the Orioles. Elias cannot claim to be rebuilding and and be losing 105 games a year into the middle of the 2020's. But I am also not going to really worry about some of the better looking pieces that get moved. We want to be able to see the merits of each and every daily move. The reality is that some of them are going to look meaningless because they are...and some of them will look meaningless...until the meaning becomes clear. We don't like this because we want to answer our poll now. Trading Villar, our best player because we wouldn't pay 10M seems dumb given that in spite of saving money, we really don't have a replacement. But once you understand, Villar doesn't need a replacement, because the focus and reasons for most every move are not based on the best lineup in 2020, it becomes easier to see beyond the move. Again, time will tip the scale and Elias will eventually have to produce some results. And I don't think it is blindly following to understand that properly assessing the rebuild requires a bit more of the foundation work to be completed. Judging the rebuild based on demolition is just premature. Personally, I hope that by this time next year we can begin to see some progress, but I don't know. These things take time. I'm in. I had no idea Villar would be my favorite player this year. I wish him well next year and I cannot wait to see who comes forward this year. Or in the hopes of completing the demolition...who comes off the roster this year...CD. Anyway, I hope you can see how someone could both agree with your view and yet still not your assessment.
  3. Love it.. I thought I was wrong once......but I was mistaken.
  4. Don't spoil the moment. Let it linger. When you hold it up to the light, you will see the previous regime was the most successful regime in your lifetime. That's the bad news. The good news is that it's a low bar so there is lot's of room to improve!!!!! edit to add:
  5. Frobby and bobmc hit it on the head for me. On one hand Bundy never reached his ceiling and it must have been somewhat bitter for him as it was for us. But I cannot help but imagine what could have been. If he had kept his ace stuff, while being able to play chess as bobmc says....honestly, a tough day. Dylan, nothing but the best for you sir. If you ever come to Virginia and want to hunt, hit a country boy up.
  6. You're wrong. This isn't the day you were wrong. You were wrong the other day when you said what happened today wouldn't happen......
  7. Sure, of course...franchise owners are owners of business... except when it comes to that stadium. And then it's a public trust and needs public funds. It's also why teams move. It is nearly impossible to move stadiums and parking lots. Upgrade "your" stadium or new city will buy us a new one. However, you are correct, running a franchise as a business and doing so successfully requires not being wasteful of resources. Under Angelos, that has not been the case. However, I remain open that the current rebuild can work. But as long as the Orioles are playing in a stadium provided by public funds. Let's not completely allow the public trust idea to escape into darkness.
  8. I think if we follow Weam's line of thinking about not spending...Think of the Orioles avoiding Charmin and using For another year at least.
  9. This is so unfair Drungo. If you step back and take into account that 140 years ago, ballplayers had to walk 6 miles each way to get to school...uphill, both ways, and in the snow, carrying a backpack full of books, you would easily understand how they could throw max effort for nearly 800 innings. Ill effect? There is no video and it is not noted because it was common, but during this time, pitchers simply threw till they were tired and then threw with the other hand. It is somewhat hyperbolic to suggest that they were 11 feet tall however. I don't know why folks post things like that.....
  10. It's easy to understand the confusion here...since we haven't had any of the three in so long.
  11. Villar is a quality baseball player and was one of the most fun players to watch this season. Also at times one of the most frustrating. Wildbillhiccup, your idea that he is moved or just allowed to walk may well be one of the first insights to just how driven the analytical guys are going to be here. We know we are moving down a path that will take us from one of the least analytical teams in baseball...but how far...and how quickly will we see? To me this is one of, if not the big storylines of the offseason. Well, until the Rule V Draft. And I don't think it will be 4 more years of bad, but I do think it will be 4 more before they could be really good. So investing in some 16 yr olds is not a bad thing...if they let him walk.
  12. This is a tremendous gesture from a family that will help change the lives of kids. Kudos.
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