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  1. I'll have a glass of whatever he is having. Well, I don't know about examples, but there was this guy in High School a few years back that was scouted as a pitcher, who also played SS. I attach his scouting report. It says and I quote: "Plays SS but a lack of fluid mobility limits prospects." Then goes on to say that his father's influence rates taking a chance. Some kid named Ripken. You can check him out at Cooperstown, turns out you can teach em up to play the field, if they have some tools. Some even turn out better than average. 😂 https://deadspin.com/very-cool-cal-ripk
  2. If possible, I think you have your sights set too high.
  3. Well, this is why you signed the guy...couldnt be happier for him. No idea if the rest and reset are anything real, but sure hope so.
  4. Happy for Kjerstad. At this point if plays that's just gravy. Definitely good news that he is moving on a path that might get him on the field.
  5. Like all things of this nature, the new rules around Image and likeness are going to create opportunities for Athletes, Schools and crooks.
  6. Well...other than that Mr. Lincoln, how was the play.
  7. My grade would be a U. For uninformed. I would have to say that the Orioles and their brain trust have a plan. I would also say that what that plan is, is pretty difficult to comprehend from a fan level and from large portion of our group here and also some national writers. 1 HS player? Very few pitchers? I mean, it is clear the Orioles had a theory and ran it. The question is what exactly drove that theory. 1). Was it to target solid everyday players who might blossom into something larger? 2). Was it to target older, closer to major league ready bats? 3). Was it
  8. Had the entire family pull up and watch. Very good showing by Trey. Very very proud. Watched the celebrity game after and it has come to my attention that I am old and in the way. Still a great night for a former 8th rounder...
  9. If you draft a schmoe in the third round, it really doesn’t matter where you play him.
  10. All of this is fair. In Feb, Cowser was not seen as a true CF. In July he is. In Feb, Mullins was getting his final shot...now some think he is the best CF in baseball not named Trout. We want answers and we want immediate results. It would be nice. It doesn't translate that way, but thoughts do change and are fluid. The Orioles need some serious good mojo. Elias certainly has conviction...but as the crowd here continues to get more and more restless, the trial of Mike Elias may lead to a conviction as well. But it says here, that until we have a better ownership situation,
  11. I concur with all of this. I hope you did not think I advocated this position. I was simply pointing out that I think many here view $ driving this and I think you concisely and correctly offer the opposite view. Thanks Lawler and Rocker will be but two passes that could haunt us. That is the case in every draft. But I think viewing Rocker as a 4 inning pitcher is a poor assessment. We will see. Well, in fairness, other than a clear opportunity...I could see any pick hoping to make the Orioles pass. But I think that is overrated. He will sign with AZ and I think he wou
  12. This is a good post. I think the easy criticism of the pick is that Lawler or Rocker would have had sizzle. Of course that means nothing to results. Cowser doesn't excite and he is an example of the analysis the Orioles have employed. I said I would accept any pick in the realm of conventional wisdom. Cowser is among the least exciting of those names but he was there. The mocks in general were not good. Davis #1 is a small but not huge surprise. Lawler especially will be watched here as the idea of an all star ss is difficult to have an opportunity for and not get. But the idea t
  13. If it does, does it make you doubt that the SS are still available and other outfielders and HS pitchers are gone? Because, what you are seeing here is that the mocks and rankings are not really matching up with the actual draft. Not just the Orioles but the rest of baseball.
  14. Cowser is not the most exciting pick. But I like it. Just liked all of the other in the top 8 too.
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