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  1. The bold is correct. And the rest I think is more suspect. The problem is that you are assuming the O's are hurting him by keeping him down, and that is simply not true or at the least highly debatable. And they are doing it for money which may be a factor, but again, given that his current age and position don't really require gaming.. I think the Orioles are likely doing what is in AR's best interest. He will start in ML and get some work and will be up as soon as he is ready to take the job. He will undoubtedly learn both in ML and MLB, but starting down in ML gives him a chance to get games without the pressure of being front and center. There are plenty of times players are held down to game control, I just don't see this as being a real example. But years of O's experience may make you see it differently. I understand that as well.
  2. I think this is more complicated than normal. First we have a great amount of change in the ML. No games last year, uncertain this year due to covid and the MLB consolidation. And we have a college age player who is at an age and position that would seem to indicate we will control him through his most productive time. I see no real reason to sign to any extension, but I don't think I would really worry about gaming his time to the bigs. I would simply ask that he be given enough time in ML to get his feet under him so that he can be competent when he gets here. If that is March. Fine, if it is September, fine.
  3. One would think. Use the kids, then every time the game gets out of hand and you need to save an arm...throw him an inning or 3.
  4. Dean and Jerry were never better...
  5. Well on the bright side, now we will get to see some value with Davis. I think he is now our #3 SP. 😷
  6. Lets be clear. No I do not think the Rays or the Marlins for example lost money. They have very low expenses and I think, and I don't have their books, but I think they should have still covered expenses and therefore made a profit. I think for example that the Orioles did not. The danger of course is that owners speak in generalities and make everything sound worse than it is. And they do this when things are good. So no, I don't trust them to be honest here. But at the same time, I have no doubt that there are teams in baseball that lost money in 2020 and are staring at losses in 2021. And I also have no doubt that whether that is 5 teams or 20 teams, MLB owners will cry that it is every team.
  7. Less revenues are not losses. Again, I do not trust ownership. But in your scenario, They made money but made 80 million less. I do not doubt at all that there are major league teams that lost money last year and I would have no real difficulty seeing the Orioles in that group. And by losses I mean less revenue than expenses.
  8. These two statements are similar but honestly could be miles apart. I agree that ownership hasn't earned faith of fans, but you do not have to be an economist to understand the that losses in 2020 are real not just less income for all teams.
  9. Chris has made some pretty interesting comments regarding his situation for years. There is a different tone to these and it may well be that he is looking to increase pressure on the O's to do something. As long as there is potential to either miss games for Covid or strike...he aint going anywhere. So in that regard, I think he is absolutely right. And knowing that over the next two seasons that there is possible relief, even if that possibility is remote, would require malpractice to cut him. I do not think a strike is likely at all, but what I am watching for is Boras chirping the O's need to fix this. IF that happens, my first thought will be that a strike is more likely.
  10. Oh you won't. Don't worry. The issue is you may be held to this when in July you say "Why couldn't we try Ruiz and Valaika at 3rd and 2nd. They can't be worse...can they?"😂
  11. Well, he will be easy to root for...would be great if he can also turn out to be the Hallofamer we stole. Like Frank Robinson.
  12. That's ridiculous. He will never win two.
  13. This is great news for the Orioles. So happy to hear Mancini say he is feeling back to normal. Aside from baseball... His return to the field would be a wonderful story, but just getting to this point is tremendous. I have tried to have zero baseball expectations and simply hope for positive news for him, but this is pretty exciting.
  14. THIS. There is criticism that suggests that folks are swallowing bs about the O's and it's not entirely out of the question, if we are honest. However, the Orioles are not a little spending away from being a good team. $20 Million or even $30 in the off season will not change this team. Sure, it might win more games...but winning 82-85 games means nothing if it can't be built upon or sustained. I think the criticism is premature for the sons of angelos and certainly premature for Elilas. It may be right, I do not profess to know. But I do know this: In order to have sustainable success, the Orioles needed a new ownership and new leadership. It got leadership with Elias and it at least got some distance from Peter Angelos even if not total change. A successful rebuild may not occur here, at the present time...but when and if it were to be so, it would be on a path pretty much like the one we are on.
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