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  1. 2037 While sitting out on my back porch... Kid: Grandpa, tell us about your favorite Oriole Davis holiday. Me: Well, back in my day, Brooksie, we had this thing called the internets and we used something called tapatalk to chat with "friends" about Chris Davis. Back then we had the best time talking about how Chris Davis was stealing so much money from the Orioles and it was so funny. Sometimes, we realized that he was paid more than all the other Oriole employees....combined. Sometimes, we fondly spoke of him because he was a good dude and he and his lovely wife gave money to help kids. The best part of all, kids, was that every year, Chris Davis was a worse baseball player than the year before!!! There were always people who said signing Chris Davis was the reason the Orioles were bad, but Manny Machado was never going to stay and all those millions of dollars had to go to someone. It might as well have been Chris Davis. Kid: You mean...Manny Machado was an Oriole? Me: Well yes, the Orioles were even in the playoffs. Why they even won the Division back in '14 but lost to the Red hot Royals that year. It was the high point, but the GM got all peacocky and the owner decided to show him and everyone sort of went spiteful on each other until we actually lost our last playoff game ever...in a game that went 117 innings. We pitched every pitcher in the organization, and two fans from the stands, but we refused to use the best reliever in the game because of the save rule. So we lost and we celebrate that era because Chris Davis is the only one left who is still with the Organization. Kid: Is Chris Davis the oldest player in baseball. Me: He has been for 30 years! I mean he doesn't really bat any more. It's pretty much the same thing as the early years...They just put him in the batters box and they let the pitchers throw to him. Walk or K. Been that way since the second year of his contract. The Orioles are just too proud to cut him and eat that money. We thought after the first new GM came in, he might be released, but lo and behold, somehow he became the worst player in the history of the game and somehow it became a tradition to see if he could bat lower than last year. Kid: But why keep him? Wouldn't that take someone else's spot? Me: Well yes, the Orioles made Trey Mancini play outfield and they kept Ryan Mountcastle in the minor leagues until he was 37. But the Black Plague of 2020 created roster spots and they finally let Mountcastle play...but he had to play left field too. The Orioles had so many first basemen and DH's they had to release Renato Nunez because they couldn't afford his 1.8 million salary. And of course as you all know, he later signed with the MF Yankees and they have won the World Series every single year since and they play in that big new stadium called the "House that Nunez Built"... Kid: That's a great story, grandpa...tell me the one about the roar! Me: It was the bottom of the 8th, and the Orioles were down 6-3...to the Tigers, and the Orioles got a bunch of hits and a run while loading the bases...bringing up Delmon Young...Well, let's go inside...I'll tell the one about the roar tomorrow.
  2. This isn't the same argument or it isn't to me. But I think if the Orioles throw Nunez away because they don't want or can't afford to spend 2 MILLION dollars, then I agree with you. I just think it is much more likely that he is a fair DH but not much else and the O's have several other guys that are going to be getting those DH ab's. I worry more about him taking a step forward to another level. I also believe that if Elias shared my view he would be on the team because 2 mil would be cheap. The team dropped 3.5 mil on Iglesias. I think they will spend, but I think they will also look for ways to eliminate redundancy.
  3. I agree that most of these guys are completely replaceable...but it would likely be trading better players than these to get players that can probably be picked up for nothing. Not sure what or who you think the Os should trade.
  4. If the above is true, and Elias is good enough to manage a draft and get everyone signed while restricting $200,000 he is the best GM in history and the pope should canonize him. The most obvious answer is that he is spending in a way that is designed to maximize return. Think of it like it's The Price is Right. He is simply trying to get the best players and as many of them without exceeding the allotments. $200k on the draft is a razor thin margin. And we simply do not know what remains unspent on international players. Spending just to spend, is the reason #19 is an unavailable number for new Orioles. If I thought the O's were intentionally missing the opportunity to add talent, as they have in the past, I would concur with you. But I would also concede that if your measuring stick is that pool was restricted if not 100% spent, then your *hypotheticals* work as an explanation. As would many others.
  5. You really think ownership cut 200K from draft and he magically drafted, signed and spent 13+million and kept the 200K dry. Really? And if you do? Don't you think we have the most amazing GM in baseball history?
  6. Corn, You have been been vocal about Orioles' management and finances for years. In general I agree that the Orioles need to spend money to acquire talent, both in the draft and internationally. Previously ownership has restricted the teams ability to do that. But the current argument really doesn't make sense. IF the Orioles "restricted" the draft spending pool by 200K or so and the Orioles still signed 6 players. I would think that was a win. IF your thoughts are that the Orioles should have spent the extra 200K even if it meant they only signed 4 players...that's fine too. Either way you argue it, it seems that Elias is the one who made the choice and it would seem to me that his choice was to get as much talent as possible for the full allotment. Which he clearly did successfully. Whether that pays off is certainly debatable. I just don't see the hand wringing over 200K. Chris Davis made that much while you read this reply. Also, the financial implications of Covid are real and I do not doubt that if fans are kept out of games next spring, that teams will continue to cut expenses. Not just the Orioles. It remains to be seen if the Sons will or can spend. I think you and anyone else is correct to remain cautious as to their plans. But it seems that Elias is getting pretty wide run to implement his plan. 200K unspent doesn't really change that in my opinion.
  7. So...is the ride over?

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      Nope. Back Monday. I'll be here. 

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  8. The entire season, if it lasts, will consist of one giant small sample size. (Irony) Purposefully exaggerating would be saying Harper laid down a hunt to end his season long joyless streak that had endured to late July. But yes 7 or so at bats in a weekend isn’t really anything to fret about. I don’t really care if Davis does it or not at this point. But the fact remains that a bunt down the line that makes it to dirt would in fact be a guaranteed single. And if done a few times might spread out the defense which statistics have shown do not help Davis.
  9. Yes tons. And I am NOT in the know. But even people close are beginning to cringe and say what is coming is bad. So in a year of COVID, killer Hornets, etc, is it even possible to be shocked anymore? There was always a running joke that Bruce Allen must have something on Danny Boy or he would be fired. Is it coincidence that Bruce Allen is fired in December and just a few months later the skeletons start falling? I think not!
  10. I don’t mind or care that the name is changing. I do think the name was not meant to be pejorative. But the current environment informs us that we need to be more senator others. I find it interesting that many native Americans have not been offended by the name. And I fully get that the Navajo Nation has been very vocal against the name. Are there really any names that can stand? If enough time passes? If we hold that change and evolution is good then this is ok. But NY Yankees sound awful Imperialistic and that Cartoon Oriole is an affront to Ornithologists. And the Pirates!!!! I do not understand why cities give up millions and millions to get teams instead of just buying them themselves. More pride, more jobs. crazy times
  11. So I am traveling but if you are a Redskin and Oriole fan you have spent years joking that your teams are run by the worst owners in sports. Any minute now the Redskins are nuking their franchise. Not with a name change. But with a scandal. This week there have been front office firings and retirements. But it’s about to hit the fan in DC. PA has been terrible at times but Ole Danny Boy just simply said: Hold my beer. https://www.hogshaven.com/2020/7/16/21326838/bombshell-report-about-toxic-culture-at-redskins-park-coming-out-is-dan-snyder-in-trouble
  12. Yeah we shoulda. You know I did in fact learn. But they kept moving those fences further and further back. And then by the time I hit a certain age, they were just too far. But in spite of it I kept playing even after I turned 6 and had to play on the ball field instead of my back yard. But man that last summer, in 1968, everyone on Westborne drive knew who I was. Every time I hit a blast the sounds would thunder down from all around. I think of it fondly very often. In my head, the crowd cheering my name. And then of course I chuckle because they were just yelling hey kid shut up and go inside already. 😎
  13. I agree if he sat out, but I was referring to this year. The Os save money based on fewer games as they do with all players based on the pro data agreement. But I believe the deferred money is paid in full. THAT is the part I am still looking To verify. Thanks for adding insight.
  14. Will he? Full salary from point of season beginning? Or as if season never missed a beat?
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