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  1. Look. I believe this is the spring we move on from Davis. That alone makes it a bright year. Of course, I always think Charlie Brown is really going to kick that football each year too.
  2. I don’t know why, but there is something calmly optimistic about this post...thanks!
  3. Because it is so early...I think the easy thing to note is that the grade is somewhat a reflection of the grader. I believe on names of people added to the admin team alone, Elias deserves very high marks. And I believe that from this spring on, Davis defying suggestions becomes Elias’ problem. But this is what a rebuild, a total rebuild looks like. It’s messy at times and it’s hard to see or imagine the final product. Honest answer is it’s too soon to tell but the opening post covered that issue. I feel that I am pleased but I also feel that other than Davis, which is obviously a decision that ownership has a say in, I have seen what I expected. A C would be a grade that meets expectations. I cannot see any real way at this point of saying Elias hasn’t met expectations. An A or an A+ would be majorly exceeding expectations. I can see plenty daylight where there is room, even at this early stage, to argue both sides of this. That leaves me at a solid B. And this is an interim grade. I think the first real opportunity to grade will be this time next year. And I think the full spectrum of passing grades are still on the table. I’m cautiously optimistic.
  4. Well he isn't so close minded as to deny a team that cheated and precipitated his fall from having a chance to hire him. Or did getting destroyed in 16 and 17 by the Astros go unnoticed?
  5. I do not mind the Astros getting slammed at all. Obviously the Redsox are next. But I think everyone is nuts if they think this is the end. It may not even be the end of the beginning!!!
  6. This doesn't stain Elias imho. It does take some of the shine off though. And it makes me rethink some of the articles written by Dan Connolly. Benefit of the doubt is a funny thing....it works both ways. But Elias is just doing it the way Houston did it has a whole new sound. That is not his fault...but is says the Honeymoon may well be over.
  7. I think to answer the original question, its about right. I say that as it appears to be about as strong as possible without being challenged. Could not punish the players without challenge. But I think this is still a moving incident and a big one. I also do not think it stops here. Verducci has a piece as does Kenny stating that the evidence has pointed at least 8 more teams. We know the Redsox are one of those. The Redsox have been punished for this before. If hammer is light on anyone else, especially if Boston or NYY are involved will raise serious concern. My guess, St. Louis, Boston, NY Yankees, Mets, Toronto, Cubs? I don't know...speculation.
  8. My hope is that the Orioles candidates of Mountcastle, Hays, Harvey, Akin have such stupendous success that they cancel each other out and some dude from the Royals edges these 4. I'd say I hope they all share the award, but I didn't want to seem too greedy.
  9. He appears to have a pretty good head for the job.
  10. WAR....HUH...What is it good for? Say it again!!!!! Sorry, couldn't help it. I agree with this post. But that doesn't mean that knowledge and experience are not valuable. For example on the whole eyeball test. Who here hasn't heard "Oh my God, that is NEVER going to fit in there!"? I have been married darn near 25 years and my hand to God, I hear it every single time we go on vacation. But I put it in anyway and it always fits. I am never surprised and she is always absolutely amazed. And every time I just close the trunk and we roll. No measurements, no science. Just the ole eyeball. What...oh you're filthy. This is blasphemy.. Don't even start with the whole watering system malfunction. Well unless it actually turns out that you are Kevin Costner, and if that is the case...well then we want the real scoop.
  11. So count you in when I am ready to move on from my mimeograph machine? Got it!
  12. John "Tonight, let it be" Lowenstein. Brother Lo. Old school
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