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  1. This is true, of course, but if you are building quantity and quality at the lowest levels, what else would you expect at this point. And I am not saying he, Elias, is perfect. Adley may not have been the right pick, and last years number one is certainly not a win yet. But your posts are asserting a level of dissonance that seems, at least to me to lack substance. But I dont know...really it's too early to know, if Elias is doing a good job or not. I do think this is the final year where measuring by something other than wins and losses at the major league level will work. So, again I am going to try to enjoy what I believe is a foundational year. I just think there are better days ahead.
  2. I don't think these two things even agree with themselves. But I agree pretty much with the second point. It is in fact time to begin bringing players up to the major league level. I think we are seeing that daily. The halloween grab bag stuff is not an apples to apples look at the O's today. Os may well trade some fodder at the deadline and if they do they will not get much in return. The O's could trade depth for need. For example Santander for a strong 3B prospect...but the reality is that the depth we have will likely be kept until Hays, Santander, Mullins, Diaz et al have more time to compete. Means is the only person on the roster that could possibly bring a lot back and that of course assumes he continues his run of outstanding pitching. Again, I think he is pitching himself into a cornerstone spot and unless everyone in the minors looks to be more than 2 years away, I think Elias is in a great position because he can either get a massive haul or simply keep him. But back to confidence. THIS is what tearing it down was supposed to do. And while we are still not competitive we are laying a foundation to be just that...and I for one am pretty pleased. Make no mistake, there is a long way to go. But take the time to look at the rest of the Orioles notes from yesterday and you will see that down on the farm meshed nicely with what the parent club was doing in Seattle. So yeah, I have confidence in the front office. If I am looking for boogy men, it's whether ownership can manage the financial needs when that time comes...and it is coming. And that, has long been the stone around our neck.
  3. Sure each team has two catchers so more games would minimize noise. But if ours could be explained by poor framing, I still don't see how it wouldn't work the other way. Especially if numbers say our catchers are among the worst at framing.
  4. I watched this first thing this morning on ESPN app on my phone. My first thought was I wonder if that guy is part of OH. Please send him all of our best! Glad he is doing a little better and maybe we see the O's in the playoffs again soon!
  5. Really? You are completely convinced the Orioles are doomed? I don't know if either are traded. As of today, I think Mancini would still not bring much. He is a great story but I would think that there are many who would worry about him...fair or not. As for Means, trading him would seem to be a tougher and tougher call. Meaning that Elias would have to receive a pretty big haul...almost like an offer too good to refuse. I'm of the camp that I hope neither is traded, but if Elias does, he is likely just clearing space and getting marginal return for Mancini and if he moves Means, the return should make most here giddy.
  6. Is that correct? If the problem of overly generous calls against our pitchers is explainable as a reflection of our catchers poor framing skills, why would it not also be true that overly generous calls against our hitters are explainable by good framing skills. I really do not see how one can be a factor and the other not. Either the noise in the numbers is a part of framing or it isn't. At least that is how it would seem to me.
  7. No, but he is literally paving his way every outing. What he did yesterday was outstanding. This is pretty amazing. The wild pitch not withstanding, it seems that the only thing missing was perhaps doing it in fewer pitches. I will say this, yesterday is a perfect example of why I am enjoying this year. No there will be no WS for the Orioles this year. But we have crossed through the channel of the horribleness that comes with a true rebuild. From here we will get glimpses of better days as we see a foundation built. I care not whether Severino continues and see no reason to bemoan him at all. He is but a place holder as many of the current Orioles are. I appreciate their efforts while we wait and I savor the days like yesterday. John Means may not be extended or even kept for 4 years. But he is a piece and he is going to either help us as a cornerstone or he is going to cost someone an a kings ransom. That decision is not for me and not for today. But TommyPickles asks a valid question. John Means is not an "Ace" because he threw a No-Hitter yesterday. But with every outing this year he is doing the work to earn the title. Its fun. I am loving it!!!
  8. This was a very nice day. Congrats to John Means and the Baltimore Orioles.
  9. So, I could be convinced to keep almost anyone you believe is key. But we are going to learn so much this season. Obviously the points I made above speak to Means' worth. He could stay the same, which would have incredible value, regress or improve. But here is the thing. The team progress depends much much more on the other young guys who are not here. Pitchers AND position players. I see zero reason to even consider an extension unless I am unbelievably excited about the progress down on the farm and if I am, I am selling hard to Means the value of being on the ground floor. But the numbers above are not out of line if he continues to perform at this level. The question is, can this ownership fund the success that we hope is coming? Today is not the day to worry about that, but I am doubtful. So in the MEANtime, pun intended. I am really trying to enjoy the development of Means and I hope that he is just the beginning.
  10. I just want to point out how freaking awesome it is to discuss how good a player is and how good he might be and especially how he stacks up against other good Orioles. Means vs Bedard is a good discussion and a fair one. I agree with Frobby and others that say Means still isn't on par with Bedard. But that misses the point. IF and that is nothing today....but IF, Means continues for the rest of this year and is healthy and performing as he is? He will be in the mix of CY discussion and as a trade target could bring quite a big haul. The question remains however, if he holds, folds or improves from here. Then you have to weigh the years left of control...can you really move him? If he looks like he does now in September...I think that is one hell of a tough call.
  11. Some of it is truly small sample size, but the majority of it is confirmation bias. And yes it is rampant.
  12. The situation with Cedric is unique. It's also pretty exciting. There is really no downside for the Orioles. At worst he is a much more versatile OF than he was before and at best he is an all star. We deserve some good news, but if we don't get too caught up we should understand that his floor has risen pretty significantly and so has his ceiling.
  13. I think its more cause than effect. IE. It happens more often to bad teams because they are bad. Bad drafting, bad scouting, bad development, bad trades....leads to misses and more of them.
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