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  1. 49ers 31 Chiefs 15 46 points it seems
  2. Beating KC is the best possible outcome. Beating up some lesser team we already destroyed once would place a distant second.
  3. We already beat Texas, Seahawks, and 49ers. So my picks/wishlist: Chiefs, Ravens, Vikings and Packers
  4. I root for a second chance to beat the Chiefs. If they lose to them twice then it is over as it should be. If they beat the Chiefs they earn full bragging rights instead of sneaking around them to the SB
  5. We have beat everyone now except KC .I want us to take them out.
  6. If you don't score the best you can do is tie.
  7. My vote would be "no preference"
  8. God. I am sorry but I can't stand these national experts. The sound is going off. Might as well be watching football.
  9. Win the division. The wildcard is a consolation prize to covet only if we don't win the division.
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