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  1. And Wells probably throws harder than either of them, right? I’m just hoping he has a shot. Would be fun to watch a pitcher like that succeed today.
  2. Yea I just figured most doesn’t think Wells will be able to offer much if any value at the MLB level. Just the impression I get. But Jamie Moyer....
  3. If it does come down to Pop or Wells who would you choose? Shoulda done a multi option poll! I think it’s a tough call, but I am guessing most here would say to protect Pop. But I like Wells. I love it when the underdog succeeds.
  4. Saw a report on MASN that Victor Robles is playing in the Dominican Winter league and got intrigued, was hoping several Orioles representatives would be there that we could follow, but quickly looking, I could only find one O's player. Marcos Diplan. On the same team as Robles: http://mlb.mlb.com/milb/stats/roster.jsp?t=t_ros&sid=l131&cid=667
  5. Brian is no longer an Oriole:
  6. Absolutely and completely unrelated and apologies for being off topic, but Mark's name reminded me of Kerry Wood which reminded me of this documentary about Wood's 20k game which is excellent IMO So....in a complete useless attempt to keep it on topic, what about Hill, he pitched well in 8 games for the Twins last year. Probably too expensive for the O's regardless.
  7. Well said, but Baines should not be in the HOF in my opinion. And I was/is a huge Baines fan. Loved his swing, was a thing of beauty. It will be interesting to see how LaRussa handles that young Whitesox team
  8. Ray is off the board. First free agent deal of the offseason is done. Left-hander Robbie Ray and the Toronto Blue Jays are in agreement on a one-year, $8 million deal, a source familiar with the contract tells ESPN. Good start to the hot stove for Toronto, which will use Ray as a starter, and for Ray. Tweet from Jeff Passan
  9. LaRussa thinks Harold Baines is a legitimate Hall of Famer based on his game winning RBI’s. I’m guessing analyitics are not high on his list. Agreed very interesting hire. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.mlb.com/amp/cut4/tony-la-russa-and-chris-russo-debate-harold-baines-c301782986.html
  10. I like the Archer idea. I know anything do with shoulders for a pitcher is risky, but if it would be a Milb deal, why not? He was a fun pitcher to watch (when he wasn't facing the O's).
  11. Good point! I will miss Hanser if it does go that way. Such an enjoyable player to watch.
  12. I would think Ruiz would be the one to be worried by performance, but the dollars for Hanser may be the deciding factor?
  13. Is this the reason for some of the cost cutting? Coaches being let go for example.
  14. @Tony-OH Just another quick thank you for the time and effort of doing this. Makes my lunchtime reading very enjoyable!
  15. Apparently baseball reference was two games behind. Straily didn't strike out 15 in one game, but 11 in one and 9 in another. 12 was his highest total this year. Just was curious... https://mykbostats.com/players/1949-Dan-Straily-Lotte-Giants
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