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  1. Without looking, I do remember Mussina having another monster game in the playoffs against the Indians in 96 or 97. Don't think he struck out 15, but remember him being ridiculously dominate. Have to cook dinner or would look it up now. But, fun thread @Moose Milligan Thanks.
  2. I would like to hear more from the veteran (nice way of saying old ) posters who were actively following the O's during this time. Seems like a fairly large trade for two teams which were both doing well, just seems like a trade which never would happen these days. @Frobby @SteveA, others have thoughts?
  3. Sitting stuck in my house for what seems to be something out of a twilight zone episode yet another long day (or Groundhog day), while reading this exchange between you and @spiritof66 was very enjoyable. I was picturing Pickles (where I have been elbow stabbed many a time as you two described the jammed bar) and the recounting of that awful game was still more enjoyable than no baseball at all! Well maybe...anyway, thanks to you both.
  4. Nice camera angle. Wish we could see that more often.
  5. Bundy still looking Good: Dylan Bundy recorded four strikeouts over 3 1/3 scoreless frames Wednesday in a Cactus League start versus the Mariners. Bundy scattered one hit and completely flummoxed a Mariners’ lineup that featured an overwhelming majority of their big-league regulars. The 27-year-old righty has been one of the most impressive pitchers in the Cactus League so far this spring, reeling off 7 1/3 scoreless innings with a sublime 11/1 K/BB ratio across three starts. He’s firmly entrenched in the Angels’ Opening Day rotation and represents a decent late-round, buy-low investment in deeper mixed leagues.
  6. You took the bait. 😁 Seriously, always enjoy your historical perspective. But, tell me this was not all from memory and you had to look some of it up, at least the stats! Ted Williams was probably similar to the Albert Belle snub I would guess. Not loved by the media so I am sure that played into it some.
  7. Not to totally derail this thread, but went back to look at Martinez's stats, well just because and in 1995 he and Albert Belle both of 7.0bWar were beat out by 4.3bWar Mo Vaughn for the MVP. What a sham. I guess because Vaughn was a Redsox, the writers hated Belle and Martinez was "just" a DH, but that's terrible. I am sure @DrungoHazewood knows dozens of other examples which are just as or even worse that than that slight, but it just caught my eye. To keep it on Davis, I love that he has bulked up and his making contact, but I still do not believe it is real...at all. And I don't want him to fail, just don't see how this could be possible after the last 2+ years.
  8. I've had my issues with him too, but this season and now this game has reset it all....at least for me. Man, I still can't believe they came back. Especially with what Turg said at the post game interview. Nothing went right for them at all tonight and that is so true.
  9. It's because Turg couldn't hear your heated, key pounding keyboard. 😁
  10. Stix almost the same. Glad they never gave up at least.
  11. That was pretty respectful of Oturu to not run down the court and try to pick up Smith. Unless I missed something. Edit: Not sure I have seen anything like that before. I just became a big time Oturu fan, which I was already becoming with his impressive play tonight (just wish it wasn't against us).
  12. Why does Oturu get to shout at the ref's but Cowan cannot!?! That's ridiculous.
  13. Could be, so odd for a former top 5 recruit.
  14. Yea, odd how little minutes he gets. Not working hard enough in practice? Still hurt? idk...
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