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  1. He can take the day off right after we win the 2023 WS, but yea that's about it!
  2. Manny has a new home: https://www.google.com/amp/s/therealdeal.com/miami/2019/09/27/buyer-revealed-baseball-player-manny-machado-buys-tahiti-beach-island-manse/amp/
  3. Oliver Drake got the W in the clinching game for the Rays last night.
  4. Maybe it was a good thing? Probably a bit of a stretch but would we have Elias and company doing what they’re doing if we had been more successful.
  5. No particular reason. Pretending to be a baseball player playing softball all weekend and probably won’t watch much more between tomorrow night and the weekend as well. I do miss baseball when it ends and the OH game threads!
  6. He may be sacrificially offered to the baseball gods. They may also decline.
  7. Him and Cruz. But hindsight being 20/20 and all that.
  8. It’s sad that you had to type “think”
  9. If the Orioles actually lose this game, I will videotape myself eating an onion like it was an apple!! Ok. Maybe not.
  10. I saw he was close to 20 wins a few weeks ago. I am probably one of the few that is still OK with that trade. It allowed me (maybe/probably because of Andrew?) to see the only Orioles ALCS game live in my lifetime. Edit: as an aside, I bought the one and only ticket that I’ve ever had to an ALCS game from a OH hangouter the day of the game. Asking my wife the whole time, should I do it should I do it? In the end when she persisted that she didn’t want to hear me complain about it later that I didn’t. She was actually paying for the ticket as I was racing down to the park in time for the game. This is a great site and I’m a lucky man.
  11. I get it. Protect the arm. But I’d be upset too. Sort of wish Dylan would have been allowed to continue.
  12. What? I show up to what will probably be my last game thread of the year and everybody leaves! Typical. 😎
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