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  1. Yea I was against both at first but no need for bullpen depleting 18 inning games (or rare when it would happen) and it does add intrigue. But the 7 inning games suck!
  2. So sorry to hear. Great man. Glad he got to see that O’s win yesterday and feel like the win today was for Weams! Heard them mention him on the broadcast too. So awesome.
  3. Missed this, Bundy on IL with a right shoulder strain. Hopefully not more calcification (not that it matters a whole lot now with how much he’s struggled, but I always rooted for Bundy). https://www.cbssports.com/mlb/players/playerpage/1894623/dylan-bundy
  4. I feel the answer is in your question. He maybe deserves a chance with talent which should be able to achieve something? If it would somehow be definable he is responsible for this level of play, then I would think otherwise. But he’s been given this hand to play and it’s all low cards? I personally like Hyde and would like him to have a chance with a better quality team. If the players are producing and the team is still losing then yea, he’s isn’t deserving in my opinion. He has not been given that chance yet. Edit: I also have not been watching much.
  5. Gotchya. And possible. Probable? I don’t know, but just would like to see how he does with a true MLB quality team. And think he’s earned that.
  6. This is your postulating on what the general fan base will think. Not what you truly think right? I am hoping to see how Hyde does with some equitable talent.
  7. Most here know, but someone has to say it. It wasn’t the ballpark but the Cubs allowing him to throw the way he is most comfortable. Which apparently the O’s didn’t. I bet he finds a job somewhere if he wants.
  8. Wow Mateo stole 283 bases in the minors and 82 in rookie/High A in one season. Will be fun to see some aggressive base running with this group at least.
  9. End like 2011. Begin the new run! Whoo hoo!
  10. Right. Hyde can’t pitch for him. That’s all on Scott.
  11. Hyde is ticked. I love it. He’s done with the losing. At least losing the games we shouldn’t lose. IMO
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