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  1. Maybe he had a giant hickey from someone not his wife. It could be anything. Maybe he was cold. lol I admit it looks odd, but hard to say for sure, regardless I agree with the OP to some extent. If the Astro's and Redsox are going to these lenghts to cheat, what are the other teams doing....
  2. Yeah I was thinking they must have run out. How do you not call a time out there!
  3. Yeah the defense of play was even better than I realized. Wasn’t just completely Wisconsin panicking.
  4. I thought it was clear his arm was down, no hook. But I am definitely with you with the way this game has been called tonight.
  5. Right!?!?! And what was the hesitation by the ref on the call. That was really odd.
  6. That’s ridiculous! How do they not review that.
  7. I thought King hooked, but he didn’t. That was a nice move. Damnit.
  8. Wiggins is either really really good or really really bad.
  9. It’s a good thing that Wisconsin has not shot very well today either.
  10. When did they make the decision that on the rebound the shot clock is 20 seconds? Don’t think I noticed that until this year.
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