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  1. Davis done for the year. Maybe this is already known or assumed, but I had not heard it for sure until now. https://www.masnsports.com/school-of-roch/2020/09/davis-wont-play-again-in-2020.html
  2. murph

    2020 Chicago White Sox

    Fun young team. Would love to see a Padres / Whitesox world series!
  3. Didn’t get to see the game, so thanks. Glad to know he wasn’t hurt at least. Was a bit shocked when I saw the box score.
  4. Manny the top 3rd baseman by baseball reference WAR, 5th overall among position players. https://www.baseball-reference.com/leagues/MLB/2020-batting-leaders.shtml
  5. I've been wondering the same thing and on the pitching side as well, but impossible to quantify what is just natural talent coming through and what is analytical changes to the players game unless they specifically site something they changed with a player. Regardless, I just hope we keep seeing positive results and start working our way out of this rebuild sooner than later, really been enjoying competitive Orioles games of late.
  6. I was talking about yesterday, but was glad to see Hyde sat him. Although, I was jonesing to see this game tonight that I also disappointed about the cancellation that I woulda even enjoyed it if CD did play! And I don’t mean to kick him while he is down, I was a huge CD fan. Just....it’s time to move on.
  7. @bobmc, you changed your profile picture! That must mean Davis's time must be coming to an end!
  8. I saw the box score this morning and my first thought was did the Braves check with the Rangers before running up the score since they were so upset with that Tatis HR earlier in the year. And forgetting the 30-3 they dropped on us.
  9. https://theathletic.com/2055750/2020/09/09/orioles-pitching-prospect-michael-baumann-shut-down-with-elbow-strain/?source=dailyemail Baumann remains at the Bowie site undergoing rehab and will stay there until the Orioles close the camp. He will not participate in any further competition. The Orioles are hopeful Baumann will begin a throwing program soon and would be ready this fall or winter if there is an instructional camp for minor leaguers, which is only in the planning stages at this point.
  10. The early spring could be an issue like last year if the spread starts ramping up (or isn't coming down from the winter fast enough), could be a delayed spring training and maybe not a full 162, but I agree they have it mostly managed whatever truncated season they get wouldn't be enough savings to justify (as the main reason) to keep Davis on the roster. But, I am with others who think that if he is being paid, he will be on the roster, unfortunately (unless a buy out can be done).
  11. No lineup for tonight yet? And I am just so excited to find out in what part of the order they will slot Davis for his mighty return!
  12. They did sound awfully surprised. I am glad Caleb is still hanging on.
  13. Thank goodness he got that RBI out of the way quickly. Here is a link to the HR, but not sure if it is Jays or Sox announcers:
  14. murph


    I had to work both 2130 and 2131 until 9pm. No dvr or taping but drove to my girlfriends to watch the game(s). Don’t want to mention what speeds my Chevy chevette made it too trying to get there. I have rewatched both so often I honestly have no idea at point in the games I arrived. But even with all that it was amazing to see.
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