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  1. @SteveA I missed this thread in the spring for various reasons (was in London until March 14th, made it back home by the skin of our teeth). But this is really well done, thanks, looks like a lot of effort. I was wondering who the 45th man was, then saw the post under Evan Phillips showing he was the one. Really awesome that Hess and some others got together to play simulated games. Wonder how many players did that and if some players will be way ahead of others in this quick "spring" training.
  2. 3,000 hits probably wasn't going to happen anyway even if 2020 had been a 162 game season, but was so hoping he might at least get close. Bummer.
  3. I couldn't remember a single name either and I am sure you have already looked it up, but for anyone else who was wondering: Right-hander Dylan Bundy, one of the longest-tenured Orioles, was dealt Wednesday to the Los Angeles Angels for four pitching prospects — right-handers Isaac Mattson, Kyle Bradish, Zach Peek and Kyle Brnovich. Bundy was my favorite pitcher to watch the last couple of years (when he wasn't being tee'd off and pitching reasonably well) and he was having a fantastic spring (yea I know...SSS), so I will be rooting for him this year. And hopefully catch a start if it all possible.
  4. Wonder if a player or staff has been diagnosed and finished with Covid, if they still get tested. I don’t think it has been determined yet whether this is a one and done type of virus or not. Edit: I posted and then read the thread, my mistake. I see this is sort of been discussed already. But still wondering if they do test everybody regardless.
  5. I think they actually look pretty decent all things considered. Thanks for posting them. Is that Drungo, Weams and Frobby on the Orioles hangout Facebook page cover? I think it is.
  6. Awesome to hear on the Chinese place! Forbidden City is the only good spot in Westminster. I head about Mission BBQ, was wondering what the delay was, thanks. Didn't know about the water situation, that explains a lot. Yea, the mall is dead.
  7. Carroll county guy here, work in Westminster every day. We could use a few more spots to eat around here, hopefully you will be able to pick back up from where you left off! Fratellis out in Hampstead has decent crab cakes, not completely traditional, but lump meat and quite tasty.
  8. Covid causing even more issues with beef! Sorry.....
  9. Not sure what to make of Kjerstad throwing the first basemen to the ground on the first play. The first baseman was not giving him access to the bag, but not sure that warranted the shove. Although the Texas players didn't seem to upset about it surprisingly. I was expecting the benches to empty. Niche highlight reel regardless. Kjerstad as his bat flip down already as well, so there is that.
  10. I didn’t realize the taxi squad would be playing games (until reading this thread). For most of us here those games would mean more to us than the MLB games (unless more prospects get called up than we anticipate). Shame that we may not know anything about how those games go. Hoping your right that local reporters get to disperse some info on how the players in those games preform.
  11. Frobby noted it in another post that Davis spent a decent amount of time in RF and had an .843 OPS while out there. And those same players tended to hit better when playing RF but not when playing LF (skewing the RF numbers higher with that split).
  12. Angelos would get annoyed if you looked at him the wrong way. I worked in little Italy back in the early 2000's and as I was walking to get my less than $10 lunch from a local grease pit, I saw him pull up in a private parking lot next to one of the very high end restaurants (sorry cannot remember the name of either). When I saw him get out, I knew who it was and started walking backwards looking at him and was about to wave when he pulled on his lapels and glared at me, I mean a hard annoyed stare (he almost stopped walking to just focus his energy on the glowering). I shook my head, smiled and turned around and headed on for my burger and crinkle cut gravy fries.
  13. My softball league just makes you kiss your sister (unless its a tournament game).
  14. Take this for what it's worth, but heard on The Fan that it is the player who made the last out in the previous inning. I can imagine when that is the teams catcher that, that particular player is going to mysteriously have pulled a hammy making that last out and needs to be replaced. Lots of good questions in your last paragraph.
  15. How many average fans are going to look back at this season and say, look at So and So if they had just played a full season he would have hit 95 home runs or stolen 150 bases or broken the .400 average for a season!
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