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  1. Not sure why you got neg repped for this post. Fat finger I guess. But, Kremer is someone I am definitely looking forward to seeing this year. Would be nice to see one of our pitchers striking out hitters left and right if he can carry that to the MLB team.
  2. Has it been clearly stated that he gained 25LBS of muscle or just 25LBS of weight? Don't think I have seen that, but may have missed it.
  3. I loved the old forum version of that button, for some reason I don't like the all activity button as much...not sure I can put a finger on why. But yea I get it...
  4. Fantastic @SteveA definitely bookmarking this.
  5. I know and I do usually read the other forums (not nearly as much of course), but just don't have a problem at all with some things slipping into Orioles talk that are not directly Orioles and really was just having some fun with it with my response.
  6. Or Weams is an admin and can do as he pleases. Or it’s relevant to the Orioles fans as a reminder this could be one of our players any day. Or who cares? Until we are winning again and we have 10 new threads a day, like “Adley with his tenth 5 hit, multi homer game’” or “DL off the DL with a no hitter!” It’s nice to have some new content to read.
  7. Took my nephew to his first ever MD game tonight. The closeish game kept him in it the whole time. That’s the only positive I have. They definitely fell asleep at the wheel for a while.
  8. Broken bones? Lou Gehrig wants to have a talk with you.
  9. Wait. You KNOW that baseball players are not as tough as hockey players? Your scientific basis for this is the amount of remaining teeth per player or what? Absolutely ridiculous.
  10. As long as it is not J.R house, that house was not so nice when we had it.
  11. Looks like Nick Hundley is done playing. https://www.rotoworld.com/baseball/mlb/player/18777/nick-hundley Nick Hundley has been hired by Major League Baseball as a senior director of baseball operations. Hundley had expressed a desire earlier this winter to continue playing, but it would appear that there weren't any attractive offers out there. Or maybe he just views this as a better gig. The 36-year-old catcher finishes his 12-year MLB career with 766 hits, 93 home runs, and 376 RBI. He suited up for the Padres, Rockies, Giants, Orioles, and Athletics before spending some time last season as minor league depth for the Phillies.
  12. Guessing Price's elbow made it through the medicals ok, wonder if he has a resurgence pitching in the NL.
  13. He said Elias. Not Angelos brothers. 😎
  14. I meant in terms of wins and losses, definitely do not want him blocking any of our young pitchers and if you think Akin/Kremer will get less innings because of a Cashner signing, then I am completely with you. I didn't mind watching him pitch, seemed like his fastball had good movement and he had decent command of it. I know we won't get 2.7 bWar out him again, but a 4.5ERA and a win might not be too much to ask.
  15. We need “quality” innings form someone. Cashner gave us that for half a season. What makes you think, I think a 5 inning average is not an innings eater on the 2020 Orioles? I think the bullpen will be depleted by June with or without him. Don’t really care either way. But definitely think, why not?
  16. I cannot ever read his name without picturing his neck swarmed with gnats. Awesome research Frobby. The Orioles better not ever hire you away!
  17. Why not? This year doesn’t matter. Need innings eaten. Might get a young international (or two!) prospect at the deadline if Andrew has a lucky first half again.
  18. That right leg whipping around follow through seems a bit extreme. I don't remember that from Hess previously, but maybe more noticeable in this setting...
  19. Maybe he had a giant hickey from someone not his wife. It could be anything. Maybe he was cold. lol I admit it looks odd, but hard to say for sure, regardless I agree with the OP to some extent. If the Astro's and Redsox are going to these lenghts to cheat, what are the other teams doing....
  20. Yeah I was thinking they must have run out. How do you not call a time out there!
  21. Yeah the defense of play was even better than I realized. Wasn’t just completely Wisconsin panicking.
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