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  1. Last time I posted about the hijacking ads (March I think), I had literally pulled my new iphone out of the box and had been using it for about 15 minutes. I didn't have time to have any malware on it. I'd also like to echo the sentiments some others have made. I don't visit this site very often anymore and a big portion of that are from the ads. I just don't trust it. Great idea on the patreon stuff.
  2. This is one ridiculous line in the sand here. Mancini can be used as a high leverage pinch hitter. Its pretty simple.
  3. No they had an open spot after releasing Ondrusek
  4. You're wrong. All of this is incorrect, but I'm not wasting my time explaining it again. Whatever you need to tell yourself for purchasing useless bundles is your thing.
  5. Despite what you think, I'm not doing anything illegal. My home of record in the states is at my folks; I'm active duty over seas man. Comcast allows family/friends for employees. If you are arguing that having internet is still cable...uh what? I'm talking about paying for TV. I've already told you I don't *need* those accounts. I don't even need to own a TV. My current internet speed is around 10-15 mpbs. Is that sufficient for you? It is for me. DSL exists too. Do you have stock in Comcast or something? You are completely clueless about how people are living these days.
  6. I'm not doing anything illegal brother. Besides 2010, I haven't lived in the MASN market since 1999. My parents allow me to use their FIOS log-in. My buddy works for Comcast and is *allowed* 10 extra log-ins for family and friends. I pay $40 for internet and $20 for my phone per month. Check out Project Fi if you don't believe me. Beyond that, Comcast has hotspots all over the place you can use if you live near one (I did in California). I pay *nothing* for cable TV. Beyond that, I wouldn't even need to if I didn't have the log ins. You can buy a season of shows for, usually, $25 bucks. Or wait until they come on Netflix/Prime. The options are endless, truly. You are still missing the point here, which is that you think cable is a must in some way or another. Its not. And its not like I'm some outlier; lots of people (and its growing) are finding out that they don't need the crutch of cable. Which brings it all around to the O's. I watch every O's game and many others as well. Its worth it for the $100 dollars. I don't need cable, don't want it, and I save a lot of money each year by skipping it. That's not up for dispute, its a fact.
  7. I think the picture is better on the app. Is your VPN in your router? That's the way to get your devices to be able to use it.
  8. Right, especially when MLB is trying to get rid of the blackout rules anyway. I view this as a compromise between their RSN's nonsense and their desire to get the product out to as many people as possible.
  9. I can't find anything that says it's illegal. I defer to the lawyer, but for sure using VPNs is legal.
  10. What are you talking about? You assume people will have to pay for the other channels you miss. They don't. You watch the shows you want a la carte, or download them via torrents. My folks gave me their Verizon logon and my buddy gave me a Comcast one as well. There are so many ways to watch TV now that do not require nearly as much money as paying for cable. That doesn't even count fees for access to HD, multiple boxes, DVR, etc. I don't watch many TV shows. I think I'm down to about 4. I didn't even own a TV for a while. Assuming you must pay for it one way or another is the old way of thinking. And I pay for the VPN because I don't live in the states currently and it allows me to watch US only apps.
  11. People who still pay for cable make me laugh. In order to have MASN, you are probably paying around 50 a month for that level of the cable package. That's 600 per year. MLB is 100 for the year. The VPN for 6 months is 30 bucks (if you go that route, there are free ones). And I don't know about you, but the internet is something I'm going to pay for anyway. I don't live in the market so I'd have to pay for MLB anyway. But this option allows you to cut the cord. I don't get the passive aggressive nature of your post.
  12. I'm pretty sure unblock us *is* a smart DNS, technically. When you set it up, all you do is change 2 IP addresses. You can do what I suggested to Nash, which is add the Hola extension on chrome and cast/airplay it to your TV. Personally I think putting it on the TV adds an unnecessary step. I watched every game on my iPad mini in 2014 and didn't miss the TV at all. Anyways, you don't need my help as it seems like you know more about this than I do.
  13. The easiest way is to get a vpn and put it directly into your router. That way all of your devices are ready to go. I have 2 routers. One with the vpn and one normal one. Some services like Netflix or Spotify have issues with the vpn. I use unblock us and it's 4.99'per month.
  14. He's referencing Reddit streams. Or front row sports. It's too buggy and has so many pop up ads that I don't mind shelling out the $100 per year to always have high quality broadcasts.
  15. I haven't tried it on a iPad yet. I'm a little curious about that myself. It definitely works. I lived in New Orleans for the 2015 season, and they are in the blackout zone for Astros/Rangers games. I had to use it when the O's were playing either of those, and it worked great. I also used it for the NFL Game Pass this year to live stream games. Its also not the only free VPN out there, but it seems to be the most user friendly. Very easy to toggle on/off as needed. One thing to remember: switch it to Canada or Mexico for MLB games. The generic US default won't get you around the blackout sometimes. Edit: One more thing: the apple airplay was choppy sometimes. Chromecast seemed to work better.
  16. No, unless you use a VPN with MLB.tv as I have been posting about, or you use Reddit streams.
  17. Eh, if MLB was really so concerned about it, they wouldn't allow a vpn on their service. Netflix doesn't, for example. The NFL allows it too. They know the blackout rules hurt their products and are relics from decades ago. It's not illegal either.
  18. Your exact same setup will work with the hola! extension on chrome/firefox. Free VPN.
  19. Won't work because you are in market? A VPN service (usually $5ish a month) will get you around that.
  20. Yes. I assume you are using reddit streams. Chromecast will cast any browser tab, in chrome, to your TV. Its only 30 bucks. (I don't believe amazon sells it for obvious reasons, but best buy has it here http://www.bestbuy.com/site/google-chromecast-black/4397400.p?skuId=4397400) You could also buy a cable that will fit your computer's output into an HDMI and plug it directly in to mirror your computer. If you have a standard PC computer, either a DVI or 15-pin connector will do (monitor output styles). If this isn't clear, let me know and I'll post pictures and whatnot.
  21. Frobby, I've had Junior Lake up my butt for years just for this occasion. I had no confidence in that guess, but I thought I remembered him starting a random game there. I can't remember what I did 20 minutes ago, but somehow that is vaguely memorable?
  22. Anyone say Junior Lake yet? How about Travis Snider?
  23. Tavarez bats lefty, not switch. So he's not an option. The other rule 5 guy bats switch but he's a DL candidate. I like resigning Alvarez and finding a RH outfielder.
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