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  1. They have to get some starting pitching in here. At least one guy that you can somewhat rely on for a full season. Otherwise, we're going to be really bad again next year, and possibly unwatchable, as bad starting pitching makes it really hard to watch a baseball team.
  2. In my view, 2022 is the first year where I'm judging Elias for the on-field product. If this team loses 108 games again, it's his fault. There's no excuse for it anymore. We need upgrades to the infield and the starting rotation for sure, and then also for the bullpen. I don't think the outfield should be a concern. I'm not saying the team needs to compete right now for a playoff spot. But there needs to be progress towards that goal. If it were me and if we had the budget for it, which we probably don't, I would have gone aggressively after Correa. He's young, he fills a need for years
  3. I think it is veterans now that are undervalued. If I were Elias, I would be looking to add veteran FAs (or salary dumps from other teams) that fill holes in the current roster, and then look to flip them at the deadline. We should be looking for bounce-back candidates. It's not a path to World Series contention, but it can help at the margins. Also, I am skeptical that the players we have now would get much in return on the trade market. I would not tank next season for draft position. Lots of teams are doing that, and anyway I think the biggest rewards will come in international signin
  4. This is what I don't get...fans almost taking the side of ownership on payroll. We are talking about maybe a $10 million player. That's not such a huge salary hit that it justifies removing 4 WAR from a team that lost 108 games this year.
  5. I don't think I get why you would non-tender Villar. It's not like we have some pressing need to cut payroll, and he was arguably the team's best player last year. Certainly one of the most exciting to watch.
  6. He needs to be released. It is bad for the team and for the organization to keep giving at-bats to an historically awful veteran who is nowhere near the standard for having a successful Major League Baseball team. I just don't see any upside any longer to having him on the roster. He's been producing at a sub-60 OPS+ for more than a year and a half. It's time to bring the torture to an end.
  7. Only on several hops.
  8. I saw the Tides play in Columbus last night. Awful game. Luis Ortiz was dreadful, giving up 5 runs in four innings, striking out 1 and walking 4. Chance Sisco played one of the worst defensive games I've ever seen from a catcher. He gave up three "wild pitches" that an average MLB backstop would have blocked, he threw a ball into center field trying to catch a runner, and he dropped a relay throw that would have easily tagged out a runner trying to score. Tides lost 11-7. I hope that's just a small sample size and not a reflection of his abilities as a catcher. If it is, he should be moved awa
  9. I would send him down within the next week or so if he doesn't turn it around. I don't think having him fail over and over and over again at the major league level is good for the team or for Mullins. It seems to me that this isn't just bad luck: he has real problems with major league pitching.
  10. I wonder why Hyde brought him out for the 9th, and then left him in there for so long when it was clear he was getting tired.
  11. I like this analysis, although I think historically hitters, as they have aged, have adapted by being more selective. Jones has never done that, for whatever reason. Maybe he couldn 't be selective and still be a successful major league hitter. But whatever the case, I always felt Jones was going to have a steep decline fairly early. He relied a lot on foot speed for his game, not just defensively. When he was younger he picked up quite a few infield hits that I don't think he can get now.
  12. It's mostly defense but not just that. His power also declined last year. If that continues he will not be a starter, and at his age is not likely to be tabbed as a fourth outfielder.
  13. His comments remind me of the Wesley Snipes character from The Fan. Almost like he's trying to play the role of entitled and spoiled brat. Maybe he still has a lot of growing up to do. But bragging about private jets and being shown love and respect based on dollar signs is pretty weak stuff.
  14. Player declines have accelerated in recent years, perhaps because of the league cracking down on steroid users. I think mainly it has to do with the importance of range and defense. Jones can't cover center field anymore, which negates much of his value. He also never learned how to get on base, and in fact used to lead the league in infield hits. As his speed declines, his BA and OBP will as well. He can't draw walks, so he becomes replacement level.
  15. I think Mussina falls a few votes short this year, and goes in next year. Either way, he's sure to get in. And he should. Funny, if he goes in this year, you've got three members of the 1994 Orioles in the induction class.
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