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  1. I love this site and value the opinions and insight of everyone on it although I may not always agree. Don't post much because, to be honest, I can't keep up with all the posts and am usually 5 pages behind the discussion My opinions differs from yours. I understand yours and respect them. But why would I want to post a reply only to be greeted with "this is just another example of a poor post! " just because its different than yours. My opinion is not valued by you. No "discussion" can start like that. I don't negative rep for your opinion, only when you treat someone else like a piece of crap. It's all good though because any time I see one of your posts, I think of the Ron White bit about "maybe it's me." and i get a good laugh. Not posting the link but be careful of foul language if you search on youtube.
  2. It's been said by 100 different people BUT only "answered" by you....
  3. I would have gone before all the BS between MLB and MLBPA. What's worse is my kids (17, 19, 22), who always went to student night, have no interest in going or even following the team any more. Congrats, MLB, you've lost the next generation of fans from this family
  4. I remember we had Pete Incaviglia toward the end of his career. I went to look up his stats and found this article which I thought was funny: https://www.baltimoresun.com/news/bs-xpm-1997-06-25-1997176016-story.html He and Shawn Boskie teamed up to beat the Brewers. Part of the headline "BIT PLAYERS REBOUND WITH....." One of my all time favorite relievers, Arthur Rhodes, pitched 4 perfect innings to seal the win
  5. That IS the plan! It's not about building for a competitive team in 2022 and then back to more losing season. It's about depth in the minors and building the "pipeline" of talent. So what if they are 4 years from helping in the majors? If 2 of them are ready 4 years from now, maybe you trade Means (just an example off the top of my head, don't kill me if I got his arb years. free agency, etc wrong) to replenish your prospects and give these guys a job in 4 years. Or, package one or two in a deal to get something for your playoff run. Worst case is you release them because you have built up much better talent in the org by then - Bundy or Villar weren't going to be part of it then anyway....
  6. You've been so against this move from the beginning. any thoughts on the end result?
  7. sorry if this has already been posted, but is there a deadline for other teams to claim him? Say 10AM Monday and then they negotiate if there are multiple teams putting in a claim. Or can they start negotiations/trade once more than one team puts in a claim Thanks in advance for the info
  8. Love these chats. Already looking forward to the next one. Agree with the comment above about a weekly update. Great info, great chemistry. Love the fact that you guys are local and know the players better than some of the national media. From a marketing standpoint, give yourselves some credit. I know Terry mentions 105.7 and Orioleshangout.com several times but how about getting rid of the plain (sahara desert) background and put up some type of wall, curtain, banner behind you that gives the youtube viewer direction to the website Great job. Thanks!
  9. 100% agree. The way the 2B free agent market is playing out, there may be a cheap, one year deal out there for a MLB MI type with more potential than Valera. Sign them, flip them at the deadline, whatever...…. Where I hope this organization is going, Valera will be a none issue. We're talking about him now, but hopefully a year from now, we're having the same discussions about some of the other MI's we have in the system because we've added so much more talent to the organization.
  10. It's comments like these that keep me from posting on (and ATTN TONY, for paying for) this site (ok, forget the fact that it actually got me mad enough to reply ) Why is my, or Herman's, opinion any less valuable because we have fewer posts than Tx Oriole? As far as the Alvarez signing.....things didn't work out the way the O's wanted this offseason. Things didn't go the way I wanted this offseason (as much as I like Davis, I think the money could have been spent better -- possibly making the Alvarez signing more need based) But, hey, they're my O's and my kids and I will root for them til the end. As much as I want to win now, if things don't work out this year, they have some pieces to trade and some $ to spend next year.
  11. Great article I smiled the entire time I read it. Earl was special!
  12. Picking 25 will be tough - glad I'm not Buck. I think you need to use options if you have them. Two fewer starts by Gausman or having Paredes back up at short if there's an injury for one game probably won't make a huge difference at the end of the season. Use the options and make the difficult decisions when you have to: i.e Hardy's out for more than one game but doesn't go on the DL: Cabrera or Flaherty come up and Paredes released. Does Gonzo still have an option? I wouldn't be surprised to see him starting at AAA to allow us to keep someone else. We'll have alot of turnover next year so keeping any talent we have will be important. And when trying to decide on the 2015 25, I try to keep in mind that a couple of years ago, we'd be talking about Lough as our starting CF and Paredes as our starting 3B. Go O's!!
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