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  1. Jimmys has a stand at Aberdeen and they do one of the inning promotions - can't recall exactly what it is but I'll pay attention at the game next week and report back
  2. Everyone seems to project these picks playing for us in 202X. I look at it a little differently. We need to build a deep farm system. Elias comes from an org that traded for Verlander, Cole, etc. (insert what SD did with their trades this year). also signed some veterans. Not every player we pick will play for us. Some will be used to trade for those positions of need and we'll sign some FAs. I like our 1/4/5 better then A Martin last year. We're not getting Degrom (example) for A martin, but we may for a Kjerstad, Mayo and Baulmer. I'm encouraged with what the O's ha
  3. yeah, I didn't think about it until the ball hit off his glove, but should a ML mgr have? I was hoping Santander would have gotten on base so MC could have redeemed himself......
  4. Should McKenna be in left in the bottom of the 8th or do you value keeping MC bat in the lineup more?
  5. Congratulations for reaching all of them 😁
  6. I appreciate the "haha" emoji but what pitchers don't deserve a spot over akins?
  7. wrong again but that's normal for you I can name 15 pitchers that deserve a spot on this roster before him. Why does he deserve a spot before those who have performed better?
  8. he deserved to be optioned based on performance but continue to argue with your delusional theories
  9. This is such a stupid comment! He wasn't pitching well and gives the team other options with the 26 and 40.
  10. I was aware of Harvey when he was "the Dark Knight" in NY but really didn't follow him. Don't know if he was always like this or a lack of success humbled him a bit but... I just listened to his press conference from today and I'm really pulling for him. Ok, so maybe 75% of it is to see what prospect we can get back for him but 25% wouldn't be upset if he was successful and here next year.
  11. Or maybe it will, but like most of the stuff thats discussed here - neither of us know.....
  12. Nothing to see here! This is the business side of "the shift." Every team will be doing it 2-3 years from now. Just because you're the first doesn't mean you're wrong or that the team is for sale - settle down.
  13. I love this site and value the opinions and insight of everyone on it although I may not always agree. Don't post much because, to be honest, I can't keep up with all the posts and am usually 5 pages behind the discussion My opinions differs from yours. I understand yours and respect them. But why would I want to post a reply only to be greeted with "this is just another example of a poor post! " just because its different than yours. My opinion is not valued by you. No "discussion" can start like that. I don't negative rep for your opinion, only when you treat someone else like
  14. It's been said by 100 different people BUT only "answered" by you....
  15. I would have gone before all the BS between MLB and MLBPA. What's worse is my kids (17, 19, 22), who always went to student night, have no interest in going or even following the team any more. Congrats, MLB, you've lost the next generation of fans from this family
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