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  1. I don't understand what that has to do with what Bonds did between the lines. Who cares that he wasn't liked by the media.
  2. It’s amazing how Sanchez defense hasn’t improved at all in his time in the majors. At this point I think he is what he is. I’m sure if Girardi was still the manager someone else would be catching.
  3. Just don’t see how one guy went for 500yrds and the consensus is the league has him figured out. Heres a tip, stop the run and run the ball.
  4. I just wish they had to pay more to land him. Something like 10yrs 380million.
  5. I'm not a scout, so i'm not sweating who we draft. I like to look at the big picture and find 4-5 3.0 war players from this draft.
  6. Yes I see, but do you believe your eyes? Moyer won games because he could command and control a pitched ball. He didn't have big velocity.
  7. Command Movement Control Velocity
  8. Judge gets high balls called balls and low strikes called balls. He does get the benefit of doubt. That's not what I want anyway. Get the call right. Davis seems to get wide, high, and low pitches not in the zone called strikes.
  9. If Judge can take that pitch for a ball, Davis should too .
  10. That was a great throw, Martin got a great jump and the guy made the play. Tip your cap
  11. I'm Not a season ticket holder and me and the family was there. Great game!
  12. I would like to find a way to keep him in the organization. I think he will be a long time major league player.
  13. What a great day. Orioles win ,Yankee lose and the Duke Blue Devils are going home. Great Day!
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