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  1. Congratulations to Dusty Baker 🍾🎉
  2. Mountcastle will never catch Garcia because of defense. Not a lot of defensive war to be had at DH/1st base.
  3. I didn't say Mancini should have won over Judge, he should have been 2nd. Benetindi wasn't as good as mancini. Boston gets the same treatment as Yankees.
  4. Yeah but it's true. Just like Mancini finishing 3rd in rookie of the year, and Mountcastle not even being mentioned for rookie of the year. It's all right if you don't believe it, I do and I've seen this for years.
  5. I'm pretty sure I'm like most posters here. Hear about a transaction and look around the internet for confirmation. Last week we optioned 2 players off of the roster, which to me is a major transaction. I went to MLBTRADERUMORS, and nothing reported. Ok, it's just hasn't been posted. Here it is a week later and there's no transaction listed under the team. Made me wonder if they "just don't see a reason to report on the losers" . I don't think I've ever seen a missed 40 man transaction.
  6. You think Garcia is having a better rookie year because of WAR? He's been trending down since the all star game. Mountcastle going to finish his rookie year with 30+ hr and 90 rbi. If he played in NY ,he definitely would be the rookie of the year.
  7. He didn’t get a late jump, Mookie maybe gets a glove on it but that’s just an unfortunate outcome on a good pitch. Just baseball.
  8. Nothing routine on that pop fly. DJ is a terrible fielder but where he was positioned and where that ball landed just not happening.
  9. No right fielder was getting that. Stewart was in the ally, just unfortunate.
  10. This was Miller too. He had lightning in his left arm, and was the 7th pick in the draft. So the talent was there. He just couldn’t throw strikes. Until Scott starts costing real money, we keep sending him out. Either here or the minors.
  11. You keep Scott because he might be the next Andrew Miller. I remember Miller being DFA. We traded for that guy a few years later. The wins are almost irrelevant right now, we have to develop our guys to get better.
  12. I’ve been through the bad baseball before. It’s not the worst thing, it honestly frees up my evenings to do other things, I wouldn’t be doing if they were watchable.
  13. Umpires are human and they have biases. Yankee hitters have better plate discipline so close pitches are balls. On the other hand Orioles hitters are free swingers, they have bigger strike zones. My son thinks I’m crazy when I say this, this data proves my point. I know what I’m seeing from the umpires. The thing is, it isn’t anything new. Jeffery Maier anyone??
  14. That umpire killed us that inning. Nothing on the black is ever a strike. They make us pitch to the big part of the plate. It’s maddening!
  15. Yankee batters almost never get called out on strikes playing Orioles
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