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  1. How do you know who is BPA? Just curious. Because every outlet that covers these guys doesn't cover them even remotely as close as scouts from a baseball team do (in my understanding). So you're basing BPA on, what?
  2. Connor Norby has signed. Looks like he got $1.7M. Slot was $1.81M.
  3. Adley to Norfolk? Edit: Frobby beat me to it. That's 2 catchers we've gotten rid of. (And one that came back).
  4. Yankees' Gerrit Cole doesn't deny using banned substance (yahoo.com) Cole's reaction to being asked if he uses Spider Tack.
  5. Adley just homered to LCF to tie the game.
  6. I remembered the boards reaction to the pick when it happened, but yesterday I wanted to refresh my memory so I went back to the pick in the Amateur Draft section. People were mostly not happy. A lot of comparisons to Hobgood in terms of the "reach". If anyone's curious to read through, it's page 9 I believe. Needless to say, it seems very apparent Rajisch did well with this pick.
  7. He’s got some ridiculous power. He’s also 3 for 3.
  8. Would expect Gunnar and or Westburg up in the next day or two. Exciting.
  9. Well my friend, you'd be happy to know that Gunnar is now 94 on BA's top 100. 😃
  10. The WC game was also win or go home... And after 16 years of losing which hurts every Oriole fan who lived through it. Think 16 straight years of losing trumps one season of 0-21 start... especially when you won a WS 5 years prior.
  11. I too was a fan of both and am aware. But on the surface, I just figured you’d wanna work up to the playoff team. Regardless of to circumstances. 🤷🏻‍♂️ And if you really want to look deeper into it... the 89 team was fun but that Orioles team didn’t get back to the playoffs until 96. The 2012 team made it back in 2014 and was one of the most enjoyable teams we be seen in 30 years. And then, of course, again in 16.
  12. Think Means FB was always 91-93 this start. Unless you’re referring to Valdez.
  13. Just read that Means game score of 80 was the highest for opening day starts in the league. Second was Glasgow at 76.
  14. Brown said it was one of the best Opening Day starts ever by an Oriole. I believe it. Heck of a start from Means.
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