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  1. In that link, I learned Ariel Miranda is pitching in the KBO and: "Aríel Miranda has been awarded the KBO’s Choi Dong-won award, which goes to the league’s top pitcher. The 32-year-old Doosan Bears left-hander went 14-5, 2.33 with a KBO record 225 strikeouts."
  2. Bryan Baker from Toronto was just claimed. 1.31 ERA in 41.1 innings last year at AAA. 0.847 WHIP. 2.82 k/BB
  3. I went Pinto and Hernandez. IIRC, Tony was really liking Pinto during the MiL season. He also just spoke to Koby Perez (per his ranking of Basallo) so I think maybe Koby told him some good things about Hernandez to justify ranking him this highly.
  4. That opposite field hr was ridiculous power. Landed on the flag court and the right fielder jogged back a few steps and let it go. Don’t see that kind of power opposite field very often.
  5. I agree with Frobby. Your posts have been great to read with the little access we have to going ons at the FCL. Appreciate your contributions. Always look forward to your input.
  6. Grayson pitched tonight. 5ip 4 hits 1 run 0 bb 5 ks. Only 68 pitches. 🙄
  7. I just don't see the value of him being at 1B. His arm is a 70 IIRC. If anything, you move him to RF or at the worst LF. But putting him at 1B completely negates one of his biggest strengths.
  8. First Oriole ever to have 28 HR and 28 SB in a single season.
  9. https://www.mlb.com/news/featured/orioles-prospect-adley-rutschman-keeps-climbing?t=orioles-pipeline-coverage Great article by Joe Trezza on Adley. I don't know how I never knew that he was drafted in the 40th round in 2016 by the Mariners. Or maybe I knew when we drafted him and just forgot.
  10. I'm quoting you, but anyone can answer this question. Does anyone know if there's been multiple articles written about the Diamondbacks and how they're ruining the sport with their tanking?
  11. Like I said, we can wait for Tony to chime in. I just tend to think he meant Bautista since he made the same claim about Bautista a month and a half ago and it's in the Bautista topic. 🤷‍♂️
  12. I guess we can wait for Tony to chime in lol. But his first post in this topic is saying Bautista sits 98, and routinely hits 100 and 101. Also said he has the best arm in the system when it comes to pure velocity. Edit: In the same post he also said he would absolutely have to be protected on the 40 man.
  13. Tony is talking about Bautista. He has written about him sitting 100 on this board a few times that I recall in the past.
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