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  1. Luis De La Cruz, OF DR. As of this post, Orioles have signed the most international prospects (8), tied with Milwaukee and Toronto.
  2. Can anyone answer this: Yankees are shown to have 5.4m and yet have signed the number 1 for 5m and Diaz to 1.2m. Can they make these deals before they buy more slots?? Or are these just “agreements” until they can get more slots? I’m an Orioles fan so this international thing is so new to me.
  3. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2018/12/nationals-to-sign-patrick-corbin.html At least it's not the Yankees.
  4. Considering how long he seemed to be here, I'm surprised Reimold only accumulated 2.2 rWar. Which is half of what Mike Fontenot accumulated.
  5. "Dan Duquette recommended that center fielder Adam Jones adjust his positioning ahead of the 2017 season" Never heard that one before. Very interesting. My only question would be, if not Jones in CF, then who? Duquette never gave Buck a legitimate starting CFer to replace him. I read that differently. I didn't read it as Duquette saying Jones should change his position, but moreso that he should be positioned differently. ie; Not so shallow where all those deep flyballs landed past him. Maybe I misinterpreted though.
  6. Nice article. I do find it relatively ironic that a big deal was made out of who they were picking and the fact that they picked a HS pitcher 1-1... but he ended up not even signing.
  7. Sure thing. Keith Law just tweeted: "I've heard Mejdal will indeed come join Elias to build R&D department in Baltimore". I'm on company network so I can't get on twitter. Saw that on my phone. Maybe someone else can embed.
  8. Winter meetings are Dec 9-13. Today and Tomorrow are the owner's meetings.
  9. This video helped cement my love of the O's at a very young age. My grandmother would rent this video from Blockbuster and I would watch it continuously in the early 90's. Still brings back amazing memories for me. To me, this is being a bird fan.
  10. My mistake. I was looking at what I thought was them forecasting the series in wins. But it was the season series thus far which Blue Jays were 4-3 against Rangers and we were 3-4. Just a strange article. Just talks about the two teams and doesn't give justification why they don't wanna play us. If the title was different you wouldn't even think that's what they meant imo.
  11. That article says Rangers would beat the O's but not the Blue Jays...
  12. It's a guilty pleasure of mine to read their board and the Red Sox board when things are going bad. And I'll say this, I am really glad this board is patrolled better than their boards. The obnoxious attitudes, cursing, name calling, player bashing, etc is just absurd. I know it's venting, but get a grip. We have our discourse here, but at least we generally have reasonable discussion. And if a poster gets out of hand they're reprimanded as they should be. Those boards are just absolutely awful.
  13. This is a guilty pleasure of mine and I fully intend to do so when I get to work! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. I agree; an incredible slide. I also love the backwards roll from Cruz.
  15. I find this a little condescending. Are you watching the game or game cast? I never complain about umpiring .. But he s been pretty bad so far this game. Including in both situations where detroit scored. Sure, would be great if gausman overcame it. But still, he has been bad tonight. I doubt it has anything to do with it being the Orioles and moreso with him being a bad plate caller.. But it's still there whether you want to believe I'm considering it an "excuse". Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. Is it just me or is Gausman getting severly squeezed??? Fuller has gotten pitches very clearly outside the zone and Gausman doesn't seem to get any help from the ump. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. We didn't seem to have too much problem running around the bases. :mwahaha:
  18. You know what they say... Mooreisbetter. :thumbsup1:
  19. I was considering posting this to Orioles forum. Thought it was more relevant here. Guess I shoulda put it there.
  20. http://sports.yahoo.com/news/source-red-sox-banned-from-signing-international-players-for-a-year-153432545.html And also lose 5 players they signed to deals to free agency.
  21. This one seems a much more "rag on Buck" thing.
  22. Great news for Kershaw's ERA!
  23. Think we need to come to grips with the fact that Buck just simply isn't going to play Kim against lefties. At least not now. I would like to see Kim get a chance to hit more lefties.
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