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  1. I can only hope that somehow Givens nickname becomes Skidmark and he will be confused for the rest of his career.
  2. I think what is a valuable point to argue is that too few films are written from an African American perspective. I have no idea if they give proper time for Oher's perspective or they go at it from the . . . oh I forget the family's name . . . Sean Taney or something. The book tried to give both perspectives, but Oher had little interest in expressing himself. Add that to Lewis' friendship with the father and you get a perspective that tries hard to be even, but ultimately cannot.
  3. I don't know about that. A common story in hollywood is the whole mix of cultures story. Basketball Diaries was very popular as a book and movie. The main character is saved by a black man (played by Ernie Hudson in the movie). There are a lot of instances where a disadvantaged soul is taken in by a group of people of another culture. That well gets tapped a lot and often it is not a black kid and a white adult.
  4. I agree it is not meaningless. It just is a really poor way to figure out who was the best defensive player at a position.
  5. The argument is that the award does not discern fielding excellence very well. It may hit on guys like Brooks and Belanger, but those hits do not discount the misses. Basic fact is that the award is pretty screwy and does not mean much. Players who get awarded the prize based on being popular, having to dive, etc. to some extent takes away how good the truly great fielders were. Well . . . only to those who have no idea who great fielders are. Golden Gloves are a joke and are as useful as RBIs and Pitching Wins.
  6. The only thing I know is that Rafael Palmeiro just nailed those 28 games in 1999. I'm glad I was able to witness fielding so perfect at first that he could take the rest of the season at DH and still win the Gold Glove. God may have rested after 6 days, but a mere mortal going 28 and resting is none too shabby.
  7. That might have happened. I don't know. It seems that someone expressed interest in him and that Arod wanted to use it against the Yankees, but nothing was ever proven.
  8. I don't know about Hudson or Cruz Jr, but the issue with Arod was that he was tampered with before he actually opted out.
  9. A generality is a rough "we are looking for this amount of years and this amount of money" and "we are open to looking at such and such a team." Those are the generalities being discussed. No one is going gung ho and nailing down prices and years in these meetings. There is no reason to do so because nothing can happen for a week or two.
  10. Dude . . . my lord . . . it is reported in newspaper non-stop that players' agents are talking with teams about players. NON-FRICKIN-STOP Here is one thing: http://twitter.com/BNightengale/status/5629510904
  11. Ok, I understand. I would strongly suggest though not to rest too much hope on Johnson.
  12. Ok, we have found out what the problem is. You are taking this comment and using it with respect to Uggla. The question I was answering was whether teams could talk to the agents of free agents. Read the Bloody Thread before you get your panties in a bunch. " Originally Posted by scOtt View Post I know we can't sign FAs til 15 days after the WS, but can we talk to their agents now?"
  13. I guess I just question the difference in value between Jim Johnson and David Hernandez. I just do not see much difference. Johnson, I would associate with, is a better pitcher . . . but not by a great degree. To me it is basically one backend reliever for a probably two backend relievers. Erbe's potential as a potential real closer would trump the value easily for me.
  14. JJ vs DH and Erbe . . . there is a whole lot more value on the DH/Erbe side.
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