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  1. Well, I haven't watched as many games this year as usual, so I'll take your word for it. It's business. Whatever's best for the Orioles. So if we get a new manager who can take the baton the next mile... fine. But a manager carousel ain't gonna fix this roster.
  2. You could argue he's got no roster. And you'd be right.
  3. Weams, Dee, sending good vibes and thoughts your way tonight. I haven't been on the board in awhile (I like pitching and haven't been able to watch games much). But just wanted to chime in and say - blessings to you both. And Weams - thanks for your service, my good man. I think we've got a keeper in Adley, too.
  4. I for one am glad we're no longer fetishizing pitching prospects over positional players. My only case in point is the 20-plus years of following this strategy BEFORE Elias arrived. So this whole "draft pitchers" theory is absolute bunk, in my opinion. Draft the best players. Then sort things out later. And when you're ready, yeah, take a shot on your Max Scherzer and go for the ring.
  5. I once interviewed former O's pitcher Jason Johnson at Camden Yard. It was for a magazine about living with diabetes, and how his insulin pump had helped him on the field, etc. Not only was Jason a very good pitcher for us, he was an amazingly cool guy. Couldn't have been more level-headed, down-to-earth and genuine. He walked around the Warehouse like an intern rather than the multimillionaire athlete he was. Terrific dude.
  6. I suspect Harvey will become an epic closer, starting this year. His name will join the likes of Greg Olson, Tippy Martinez, etc. You can just see it coming. (Talk about putting some lofty expectations on the poor kid.)
  7. I can relate to that. If we wind up with Torkelson, I won't mind of course. But I am increasingly leaning toward Austin Martin ... From what I'm reading, he would be a reasonable #2 pick -- even if he'd be a reach at #1. I just love the defensive reputation, the all-around athleticism and playing up-the-middle ... It's also a major position of need in our farm system.
  8. Your statement that Hyde "picked a fight" is factually incorrect, if Davis hit Hyde with a thrown baseball helmet. It would also undermine your entire argument that Hyde's mishandling the team. I don't agree at all. I think Hyde's been brilliant so far given the outrageously horrid roster he's dealing with and all the losses after coming over from elite organizations. He's not used to terrible. And I am glad he has no patience for it.
  9. That's because people treated CD as a little princess ... UNTIL HYDE ...
  10. I could see Hunter moving to the bullpen at some point. He could be really good there.
  11. Your opinion doesn't represent all Baltimore natives, that is for sure. Half my family was born in Baltimore, including my wife. I've lived in Baltimore on and off for 30 years. I don't use Balmer as a derisive term. We use it as a term of love, like a LOT of people from the city. Here's one example of a different, less defensive take. I hear you and I respect your pride in your city, but, uhhh... maybe realizing that there's a middle ground would help.
  12. I wonder why they don't start grooming him for the bullpen. Seems like an obvious move at SOME point. Maybe not quite yet. But heck... when he's on, he's really darned good. I'd rather get high-leverage reliever out of him than injured "starter."
  13. I'm still disgusted by the totally unnecessary trade of Gausman at that time. I don't think we even sold "low"... We just made a desperate deal from a position of weakness. It's just embarrassing to even think about. I wish the AngelBros would have held off on the Gausman trade at least. The other trades, no worries. They look decent so far. But KG? That was plain stupid. I hope he has a killer career, personally. I always loved watching him pitch when he was on. And he seemed like a genuinely neat kid. Ah well. At least we kept Bundy.
  14. The other thing is, he knows the other players are watching how he treats Davis and handles the situation. They still seem to support Davis for now. If the other players start grousing about Davis's futility, I suspect Hyde may move to respond... Regardless, he will handle Davis with class, dignity and respect. His players will respect Hyde for that. And they'll play harder for him. Hyde has no idea what is going to happen with Davis. He's taking it day by day, realizing that dumping Davis too quickly or harshly could backfire. The one issue I have is when Davis starts to blo
  15. I think this is the key to understanding Hyde's maneuvers for the foreseeable future. He's making whatever he can of this roster, along with some duct tape, spit and luck. The point here is developing guys with an eye toward winning long term (Hess, for example... could have been injured by trying to throw 100-plus pitches in that scenario.) As for outfielder placement, etc., I haven't the slightest clue. That's why Hyde's the manager and I'm not. I also have another job, which precludes me from managing the Orioles at this time. But as someone else said in another threa
  16. I'm going with, we won. If this same "robotic" thinking helped us beat the Yankees, and then led to Hess getting pulled in a win... sign me up. I think Hess will get over it.
  17. I've been looking forward to watching Branden Kline. If you look at his minor league numbers, he's the second coming. Yet... we've hardly seen him pitch at any level due to the nagging injuries.
  18. I can tell you that Ramirez threw a lot of pitches! He seemed to have trouble putting guys away. That was my only impression... His velo was decent -- hanging around 91-93. He pitched UP in the strike zone a LOT. Could have something to do with spin-rate analysis and him following the new approach? No idea. Just spitballin' here... but that's what we do.
  19. So you're saying Cedric Mullins is an overall defensive liability?
  20. I guess? Haven't really heard that from anyone else... that he's an overall liability.
  21. I thought the book on him was, he could get to the ball but didn't have a great arm. I assume you're referring to additional issues besides the arm, like his reads. If he's a defensive liability, then to me he's a fourth outfielder -- hopefully. Seems to me we could have great defense very early on in this process, and I hope we go that route.
  22. I don't think we'll have any real idea for a couple years. I'm looking forward to watching him play plus defense in center, starting day one. The bat and baserunning stuff can come along later. His future here may depend on the GM and manager to a large degree. Whatever they value will determine who stays and goes. If they value defense, which I think they do, Mullins could be around for awhile if he can be elite. I know the arm isn't elite, but the rest of his defense looks elite... and his offense shows potential. I'm excited to see what Mullins does. That said, I suspect he migh
  23. Generally speaking, I'm a big fan of Thorne's. I think he and Palmer are phenomenal together... I still weep over losing Jon Miller (thanks, PA). He is the best to ever do it, IMO. I'm sure he's hating it out in San Fran, though.
  24. Right, which is why it's so confounding that Peter held that process back. It could have saved him a ton of money. Very unwise.
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