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  1. SVP rocking the new O's hat as well.
  2. It's nice to see the Orioles looking like the Orioles again.
  3. Buster also just tweeted that Zach will be calling in to the 12:30pm BBTN. http://twitter.com/#!/Buster_ESPN/status/57099503349673984
  4. Not the first time this has happened this decade. I had the same thought as the reporter in this link.
  5. That's piss poor by Rapuano. He takes his mask off and starts walking to the mound. And for what? Because Dave Bush "disrespected" him? There is a part in the clip when you can read the umps lips and it appears that he says "you better not do that again." Or something of the like. My guess is that Rapuano was peeved because of the way Bush reacted to not getting that pitch. And I would have acted the same way as Bush. It bothers me when umps take off their mask when they decide to engage in an argument. It reminds me of the SNL skit when they were spoofing Rock of Love and the character Kristen Wiig was playing kept looking in the camera and saying "face time."
  6. I can't even begin to say how off base this statement is. The Confederate flag represents things like hate, prejudice, and bigotry and some people view it as racist. The American flag represents freedom, hope, and opportunity. Which is something those "offended" students should be proud of while thanking their family for coming to America and giving them an infinite amount of opportunities compared to being raise in Mexico. And this may have been mentioned in the thread already, but May 5th isn't Mexico's independence day. May 5th is the celebration of defeating the French. And if you need to celebrate a victory over the French, you might want to turn in your "man card"
  7. Jerry Crasnick interviewed three Hall of Fame pitchers (Jim Palmer, Bert Blyleven, and Goose Gossage) and asked them how they would or have reacted in the past when it comes to someone on the other team breaking an "unwritten rule." Link And before I start getting neg rep about it, I know Blyleven isn't in the HoF, but he should be. Some quotes from each guy: Gossage Blyleven Palmer Palmer comes across as the softer of three. I was kind of shocked about it.
  8. So what you are saying is that if you know they aren't concealing a weapon, then there is no need to taser the suspect? And here I was hoping they would taser a streaker.
  9. I was just hoping no one was going to start a game thread before I could get to it.
  10. I'm 2 for 2 with the game thread this year. Let's keep it going. Yankees Jeter SS Johnson DH Teixeira 1B Rodriguez 3B Cano 2B Posada C Granderson CF Swisher RF Gardner LF Sabathia LHP Orioles Jones CF Markakis RF Wigginton 2B Tejada 3B Wieters C Atkins 1B Reimold DH Montanez LF Izturis SS Guthrie RHP
  11. That's two in a row for me starting game threads. Looks like I'll have to start tonight's as well.
  12. Let's get this winning streak started. Yank-mes Jeter SS Gardner LF Teixeira 1B Rodriguez 3B Cano 2B Posado C Granderson CF Swisher DH Winn RF Hughes RHP O's Adam Jones CF Nick Markakis RF Matt Wieters C Miguel Tejada 3B Luke Scott DH Ty Wigginton 2B Rhyne Hughes 1B Nolan Reimold LF Cesar Izturis SS Kevin Millwood RHP Not sure how I feel about the shake up of the lineup. I'm a firm believer of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it."
  13. I think If the Pac 10 expands, they will bring in two teams from the same state. If you look at the schools in the conference already, you can see each state has pairings. California has 4 schools but they have 2 in the LA area and 2 in the Bay area. It makes travel easier for road games in non-revenue generating sports. When the Pac 10 expands, I would look for them to follow what they have done before. They did it back when they added the two Arizona schools and grew from the Pac 8 to the Pac 10. So I think they would add the pair of BYU and Utah, or the pair of Colorado and Colorado St. Or they could just add all 4 and become a 14 team conference.
  14. How about a new rule, who ever starts the game thread of a victory get mad rep from people and starts the next game thread. I mean, it's just a suggestion.
  15. It's getting close to game time, so I figured I'll go ahead and start a game thread. O's Nolan Reimold LF Adam Jones CF Nick Markakis RF Miguel Tejada 3B Luke Scott DH Ty Wigginton 2B Rhyne Hughes 1B Craig Tatum C Cesar Izturis SS David Hernandez RHP Red Sux Marco Scutaro SS Dustin Pedroia 2B Victor Martinez C Kevin Youkilis 1B David Ortiz DH JD Drew RF Adrian Beltre 3B Jeremy Hermida LF Jonathan Van Every CF Tim Wakefield RHP
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