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  1. I turned it off after we didn't score in the top of the 10th. I had already been disgusted by Buck not recognizing Britton had nothing in the ninth. Great to see CD do well.
  2. I could never be a fan of the Walgreens Nationals. Isn't their W the Walgreens symbol? And that name-teams are named after things. National is not a thing. I, too, hate what their presence has done to the Orioles.
  3. My feelings exactly. I watched them all through the 14 year stretch when.. 500 was a dream, and it's not like they were anything special before that, save for 1996 and 1997. The 1989 season was fun until the final weekend, but the only reason the Orioles were contending for the division title that year was because the entire division was down (89 wins won the division-a real fluke.)
  4. Araujo has had some trouble in recent outings, which shouldn't be surprising considering he is a rule five draftee (that said, it's not like the rest of our relievers, save Bleier, have exactly dominated the opposition the way they used to this season. Hopefully, that's changing for at least some of them.) Those weren't his only good outings. He needs seasoning. Being that this team, which may wind up the worst Orioles team I've seen in 50 years of fandom - definite worst offense, has no chance of going anywhere, there's no reason not to keep him all season, and send him to the minors next season.
  5. I'm terrified that he's telling you that he no longer wants to broadcast the Orioles. He's my favorite Orioles broadcaster (Brooks also ranks high on my list.) I watched Monday night baseball primarily because of him, and was thrilled when he started doing Orioles games. I know he bleeds orange, and I'd hate to see him driven away by the team's suckitude.
  6. Them, and "hitters" wearing Orioles uniforms.
  7. I hope the Astros send us thank you notes, as the Orioles gave them the last two games.
  8. These guys too often have no clue of the strike zone.
  9. I had to comment. The Orioles are 0 for 8 with runners in scoring position today, in a game in which they should have at least five runs? Castro goes from 0-2 to 2-2 before allowing the steal on what should have been called strike three but wasn't, then then doesn't go with his best pitch (his upper 90s fastball) to try and get the out? Speaking of pitch selection, who calls the pitches in the dugout? With Cortes in the game with the bases loaded last night, after four straight fastballs had been fouled off, why not call for his strength, which is offspeed pitches from different angles? Instead, it's another fastball, and boom-grand slam. I don't understand it.
  10. Ori-Al

    Austin Hays

    His two today were the result of pulling pitches near the outer edge of the plate. He has to hit those to right field.
  11. After the All-Star break, the Orioles' offense really took off. At the end of August, the Orioles were at or near the top of the league in runs, batting average, and home runs since the break. Then August ended. Along with August, the Orioles' offensive domination ended. They still hit some home runs, but, after a couple of games close to the beginning of the month, they didn't hit many non-home runs, and they completely stopped hitting with runners in scoring position when they did manage to get people on base. It's like what happened after the All-Star break last season, when the O's offense seemingly fell off a cliff (while the starting pitching in August and September actually performed well, which is not happening during this stretch.)
  12. Ubaldo has a track record of first inning struggles, and did poorly in relief last season.. That's not a pitcher you bring into an extra inning game when you have three better options available (Hunter, Bundy, Britton), so I don't know what evil entity was controlling Buck's brain when he made that move. But, dang, when Ubaldo the starter has his pitches working and repeats his delivery, he can dominate.
  13. Ori-Al

    Brad Brach

    I had the same thought. This was the Brach that dominated most of last season, and in his first four save opportunities after Zach went down. He went after the hitters, and didn't allow the long at-bats he'd been allowing, which tired him out and made him easier to hit. 11 pitches (10 strikes) to retire three straight hitters.
  14. To think this all started with Asher and Brach blowing what was a 6-2, two outs in the eighth inning lead against the gNats... I'm hoping that this week they remember how they played against the A.L. East earlier this season, and play that way again.
  15. I was hoping we'd see Manny in spring training and the start of the season revert back to the hitter he was before last season's ASB, when he was hitting over .300 with an OBP in the upper.300s. That hasn't happened, unfortunately. He's still hitting for a poor average, and not walking much. He has to go back to hitting the ball where it's pitched, and not trying to clobber every pitch.
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