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  1. Couldn't agree more. Any time a mid-market team like the Orioles has a chance to lock up a 300 lb pitcher for only $161 million guaranteed you just gotta pull the trigger. I gave MacPhail a B+. My biggest complaint would be not having the Roberts situation resolved. If the CWS actually offered Floyd for Roberts then we should have taken it. I'm still amazed that we got a legitimate major league player for Ramon. I would have given him up for a bag of balls and a pack of grape big league chew. I love how much competition there will be for the rotation in ST. It's more quantity than quality but I think we'll still see a couple guys emerge from nowhere to be contributors. Pauley, Parrish, Hill.. I think you'll see these guys help the team quite a bit this year and we all gave up for them was Randor Bierd and a guy who is less of a prospect than old #5 fan.
  2. Come on, Hill's best year was so much better than anything Cabrera threw for us.
  3. Feels like the Cubs are trading all their prospects/former studs for 30 cents on the dollar. I love that AM is a willing buyer.
  4. I'm not sure what you want everyone to do about it. I went to a O's weekend game against the Red Sox at the end of May and it was just about the most miserable game experience of my life. The crowd was probably 85% Boston fans. I'm not usually someone that cheers every time they make noise and I'm certainly not going to go ahead and lose my voice trying to make up for the 5 to 1 fan differential. Your 2nd idea.. Cheer incredibly loud for routine plays. Whats the point? I understand those idiots do it but it pisses me off and I'd feel stupid doing it. Boston fans were cheering for Youkilis when he caught a pop-up. They probably cheer him when he wipes his ass in the morning. Again, I'm there to watch a baseball game, not to see whose fans can cheer louder at plays a little leaguer can make. Until we become more competitive, I think a lot of O's fans will stay away when these bandwagoners come to town. It's just not very enjoyable to be surrounded by obnoxious idiots who feel the need to talk trash and loudmouth O's fans in their own park. And seeing as they have a very good team and our team is average, there's little we can do about it to shut them up. You can only tell them to go home and watch Fever Pitch so many times. After awhile, your team on the field needs to help you out. Having said that, I plan on going Wednesday. Hopefully we blow them out.
  5. Awesome. Tell him to prepare to start next week.
  6. If the players believe in it and say it matters, isn't that proof enough? Yes we all know chemistry can't be measured but if the players who are in the clubhouse, on the field, playing 162 games a year and are with each other almost everyday and they say it exists what else would you need to believe in it?
  7. Sherrill t-shirt night not exactly arriving at the best time.
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