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  1. Pretty sure this post will get destroyed like anything posted by any outsider ever... but I wanted to check 2017 stats for some arms that we used to have around: Orioles Castoffs W L ERA G ER IP WHIP Exit Notes Parker Bridwell 5 1 2.83 9 17 54 1.185 traded for a player to be named later and cash considerations Zach Davies 12 5 4.42 22 61 124.1 1.416 traded for Gerardo Parra from Milwaukee Ariel Miranda 7 5 4.41 22 62 126.2 1.153 traded for Wade Miley Miguel Gonzalez 5 9 4.59 16 50 98 1.5 released by the Orioles on 4/1/16 *Bud Norris 1 4 3.89 44 18 41.2 1.272 released by Orioles on 8/8/2015 *David Hernandez 5 6 4.48 62 31 62.1 1.187 traded for Mark Reynolds (along with Kam Mickolio) Totals: 35 30 4.25 175 239 505.6 1.30 Orioles Rotation W L ERA G ER IP WHIP Kevin Gausman 8 7 5.37 23 72 120.2 1.68 Dylan Bundy 10 8 4.24 21 60 127.1 1.22 Wade Miley 5 9 5.6 22 68 109.1 1.76 Chris Tillman 1 6 7.65 14 55 64.2 1.98 Ubaldo Jimenez 4 7 6.56 22 77 105.2 1.52 Totals: 28 37 5.68 102 332 525.8 1.59 * Bullpen - Relief Pitching
  2. First off, not all of us live on this board day in and day out. If the lack of pitcher development gets mentioned on this board daily, then I don't see it. Because I work 9-5+ and I'm busy. I don't recommend disparaging the casual users of this board or you end up like some of the old school corner bars in Baltimore that never get money from the new people in the neighborhood. Without us, you end up being the same old men with the same old ideas. Yes, when we show up, we might say the same thing you always do... but let us stick around a bit and see what we have to offer. Secondly, you claim that Arrieta, Davies and Rodriguez compare to the groups from Boston (MIller, Lackey, Lester, Hill) and NY (Kennedy, Colon, Hughes)... are you serious? Most of these guys either started and were developed by other teams (Miller, Colon) or gave those teams some of the best years of their careere (Lackey, Lester, Hughes)... this isn't comparable. Our guys were not developed properly and went or are heading to better things. That is why they are listed. I'm not going to include Jeremy Guthrie because he gave us those years, I'm not going to include Simon because he was a finished product and a mediocre one at best. I mentioned multiple times that I am open to adding more names to the data. But make sure your analogies are at least similar. I want prospects that were traded before they were established. So you can go back to thinking that the O's are just like every team and make a bad move here or there.... fine. But we havnen't developed a decent starting pitcher since Mike Mussina. I think we could all name better home grown SPs for most almost every MLB team since then. If you want to chalk it up to coincidence, pass the natty boh.
  3. I didn't intend to indict the Orioles specifically. I do see how it can be interpreted that way. I'm sure most teams have a similar story to tell but I doubt many have paid the price in 2016 quite the way we have. What I would like to do is compare our rotation this year to some options that were there for us this past off season (or could still be on the team from previous years). I think people on this forum, like myself, would be interested in how those players are performing. I get that the data is incomplete, if there are any pitchers people would like added just let me know who. Also, I can remove Arrieta from the totals so he doesn't skew the overall comparison.
  4. It's not the questions at all. Did you think this was an appropriate and intelligent question? "Can I see the Blue Jays spreadsheet that includes Chris Carpenter, Roy Halladay and Noah Syndergaard please? Arrieta does corrupt the data." To dismiss the recent performance of ex Orioles because other teams have made dumb trades before? No, you were just being rude. There were no reasonable questions that I didn't answer.
  5. they were linked to him in the media in a number of places I took a shot and posted something I thought was interesting. just like the majority of posts by others in this forum it was shot down with skepticism and eliticism. I'm done with this site. I just feel bad for the owner that loses unique page views and overall users because of the negativity of the base.
  6. just threw him in as someone we were looking at in the off season... I am considering adding other free agents that we were linked to but didnt sign
  7. you can look at it by individual if you prefer. You sound exactly like the local radio that gives the O's front office a pass on Arrieta because we traded for Chris Davis.
  8. Zach Davies (from the Parra trade) threw 8 shutout innings last night for Milwaukee. This got me to thinking about the starters we have traded, the starters we were looking to sign and didnt and the ones we curently have. I put together an analysis that compares these pitchers over similar time frames below are the nuggets of info I pulled from the analysis: The Groupings: Current O's = Tillman, Jimenez, Gallardo, Gausman, Wright, Wilson, Worley Traded O's = Arrieta, Eduardo Rodriguez, Zach Davies Others of Note = Miguel Gonzalez, Jason Hammel, Scott Feldman, Doug Fister 1) ERA for the current O's staff falls behind both groups (4.21 for O's, vs. 2.69 for traded players and 3.66 for the others O's) 2) O's SP have the worst W/L % of the three groups at 0.471 compared to 0.721 for the traded pitchers and 0.543 for the Others 3) Current O's pitchers average more baserunners. Their WHIP is 1.371 compared to 1.034 for traded and 1.251 for Others 4) Of the 14 pitchers analyzed, 4 of the top 5 in terms of walks per 9 innings pitched are current O's (Jimenez, Gallardo, Wright, Tillman) 5) the O's current starters have a lower strikeout to walk ratio than the traded pitchers or the others * I know most will believe that Arrieta skews this data dramatically. That is partially true but the success of the other pitchers by comparison is also worth noting. * If anyone wants the full spreadsheet feel free to private message me their email address. I tried to post a screenshot here but it didnt come out well. * Data courtesy of BaseballReference.com
  9. Britton, Sisco, Walker, Mancini and Chris Lee for Jose Fernandez. Freak out on me in 3, 2, 1
  10. if Fowler opts out next year and doesn't get a qualifying offer from the Cubs we know there was gentlemans agreement in place so he could drive up his value for a longer term deal down the road
  11. I don't want to make any knee jerk reactions.. but we can't run him out there in the 9th right now. how important were Strop and Johnson in the 1st half of the season last year? can't rely on them now
  12. This is a joke.. yeah, we have the same type of team we had in '89... but we don't have Milwaukee and Cleveland in our division anymore and the Yankees and Sox are far more formidable now than they were then. Plus, the Rays and Blue Jays are light years ahead of the rest of that division back then. It's not us... it's them. 1989 is 23 years ago!
  13. I'll take Smoak for Reynolds straight up in a heart beat!... Seattle would never do that though.. why give up someone that is cheaper with much more upside and a better glove for a DH with only only two tools (OBP & HR). We need to stop worrying about the lost production from 2012.. this is going to be a lost year anyways! We don't have any of the excitement we had going into 2011 and look how awful we turned out then.
  14. Can anyone find this video still on the web. I really really want to see this!
  15. "Originally Posted by SrMeowMeow" "I mean, we just signed our GM. Let's not freak out yet. " yeah, hence why I wrote (too early to say that I know)... but then again, look at how long it took us to sign our GM
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