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  1. Holding down Duck Dodgers was expected but running all over a good Steelers D was REALLY nice to see.
  2. Best regular season ever as a Ravens fan and only a couple of other seasons even come close. Just amazing.
  3. One fun thing about rooting for a bottom-dweller is every little depth move could have a big impact on how the season goes.
  4. Nice catch. This team has been shockingly resilient considering how bad the pitching has been.
  5. Are the Os allowed to make a deal with CD where he agrees to retire but they still pay him a percentage of what he's owed on his contract? It feels like there has to be some sort of deal to work out but I'm not the rules/union would allow it.
  6. Christ took the golden sombrero today; surprisingly just his second of the season. I'd have guessed he had half a dozen by now.
  7. Yeah, that makes sense. Give him a chance to rebuild his confidence against MiL pitching.
  8. Worth a shot; he's talented and was fairly productive.
  9. Time to save the season Ravens!
  10. mrpennybags

    Drake DFA

    He's had an epic journeyman-style career already.
  11. I'd be down for Iglesias. And I'm surprised to find that he and Beckham are the same age.
  12. Probably the worst record anyone will have for a while. So any time an MLB team is having a terrible season they'll be 'the worst team since the 2018 Orioles.' Davis is going to stick out on all 'worst player seasons of all time' too.
  13. He might be the biggest reason for optimism on the team.
  14. I agree. The defense overachieved this year to keep the team afloat.
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