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  1. Bordy's like, "how does that translate to baseball?" She had a good answer.
  2. I'm not one to talk, but JJ looks really scrawny. I'm guessing upper body is not part of his retirement workout routine.
  3. Man, growing up with Jon Miller and then having Joe Angel for the better part of two decades, this is just so all over the place. A single golden voice builds a bond with the fan base.
  4. How hard is it for even one of the beat writers to do actual journalism? More often they are just acting as stenographers for whatever the approved conventional wisdom happens to be at that moment, and then they sass fans on Twitter for daring to question any aspect of the team's direction. It's bizarre almost.
  5. Has Joe Angel visited the radio booth yet? I saw he was just on TV.
  6. Yes. People keep calling it an "opener" strategy, but the "opener" strategy is using a reliever for ~1 inning to start, and then turning it over to a normal starter. Using a bunch of bullpen guys is not the same thing.
  7. My favorite Oriole was Joe Angel. He's been the only constant through the winning and losing. Before that, it was Jon Miller. I also don't mind Jim Hunter. Sure, he's very positive no matter what. But nothing says "Orioles baseball" like hearing Jim Hunter's voice and a terrible Schmidt Old Time commercial. It's really not fair to compare Kevin Brown to anyone, as he's inheriting the position of someone who had a strong bond with his audience built over decades. No way to have that when you first start out. He does seem very personable, and I thought he had good rapport with St
  8. I live in the Dallas area (same town as Rafael Palmeiro). I have always wanted to bump into Buck at a restaurant or something. Never have. If I ever do, I will thank him for all he did for the Orioles.
  9. I believe that was the year they came back from 10-1 down to beat the red Sox 11-10. Nothing beats 9/28/11 or the Chris Davis win on the mound in May 1012, but that one was a highlight of the most recent dark ages.
  10. Posting as a public service -- sorry quality is pretty poor.
  11. They haven't scored in literally days. Wish we got them this weekend rather than next. What worries me is as we've seen with the Orioles, they can't stay ice cold forever.
  12. Tie game with 2 outs in the ninth. Tigers bullpen strikes again baby.
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