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  1. My wife an I have discussed Camden spelled Camdyn for a girl.
  2. http://bdtonline.com/local/x329608842/AFTERNOON-UPDATE-Orioles-leaving-Bluefield There's an article from our local paper. It says they hope to have a Bluefield replacement in the Appy League and that talks have already begun with another major league team interested this week.
  3. Come on Weiters! Keep up our hitting with RISP.
  4. Love when Nick is going oppo. that's when you know he's really seeing the ball well.
  5. There was Frobby's idea into action bunting with C.C. on the mound and ARod's sluggishness at third. Hopefully we steal tonight like he noted too.
  6. I posted in the game thread last night making me 1 for 1 on the season as well. Hopefully we're not all due for a loss.
  7. We will, just gotta believe, hon.
  8. I've never heard Fred Manfra question the umpire decision on the field. But he just did, so it must have been a blown call. I hope we get a make up later in the game to keep a rally going.
  9. A buddy of mine just posted this video on Facebook. Check out Greg Zaun! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HnlgqqiPA1M
  10. Dang they had a reliever up in the bullpen too. If we could have knocked out Hughes this inning and gotten to their bullpen, could have weakened their bullpen for the rest of the series.
  11. Jones be patient, get your pitch and drive it in the gap!
  12. Yankee I hate the most <img src="http://www.ballen-photos.com/photos/images/brosius-scott-1-nyy.jpg">
  13. Lol at Joe Angel talking about Texeria getting turned on after his slow start last year, when he really meant turned it on.
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